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* Abducts Ayumi}}
* Abducts Ayumi}}
{{people|Gisuke Hatoyama|Gisuke Hatoyama manga.jpg|
{{people|Gisuke Hatoyama|Gisuke Hatoyama manga.jpg|
* Deceased
* Victim (Hanged)
* Umisuke's brother}}
* Umisuke's brother}}

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Volume 99

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Release date: 2020
Chapters: 1048-1058
Publisher: Shogakukan
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Aoyama's death & Conan side images
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Sisters' Birthday Party Murder Case

File 1048 - Why Are You Crying...?

File 1049 - It's Unbelievable!

Vermouth feeds Mary the drug with her mouth directly, which is created by her sister. Mary then jumps into the river due to the effect of the drug being very instant. After that Mary shrinked tries to go back to Sera.

File 1050 - Apprentice & Wizard


  • Trapped at Hatoyama Farm

    File 1051 - The Eerie Farm

    Conan, Haibara, the Detective Boys, Kobayashi, and Rumi go to Hatoyama Farm to pick up chicken, somehow they meet up with Amuro, who is going to the farm with another purpose.

    File 1052 -

    File 1053 -


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