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{{char|Yusaku Kudo}}
{{char|Yusaku Kudo}}
{{char|Yukiko Kudo}}
{{char|Yukiko Kudo}}
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{{char|Gin|display=Gin (background)}}
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Volume 98

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Release date: Spring 2020
Chapters: 1037-1047
Publisher: Shogakukan
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Aoyama's death & Conan side images
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Antique Facet Case

File 1037 - The Stream of Time...

Conan suspects that Mary is a member of SIS ("Secret Intelligence Service").

File 1038 - Show, Don't Hide


  • Lover Code Case

    File 1039 - Momiji's Challenge

    File 1040 - From Your Footbowl Loving Mother

    File 1041 - Brothers Reuniting After Thirty Years

    File 1042 - The Jingisukan of Memories


  • Shogi Player Serial Murder Case

    File 1043 - The Meijin's Beard

    File 1044 - The Meijin's Eyes

    File 1045 - The Meijin's Hand

    File 1046 - The Meijin's Winning Hand


  • New Case

    File 1047 -


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