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== Cover in other countries ==
== Cover in other countries ==
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Volume 93

Volume 93.jpg

Release date: July 18, 2017[1]
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-09-127671-1[1]
Publisher: Shogakukan
Featured Detective & Keyhole
Detective 93.jpg
Richard Castle
Keyhole 93.jpg
Takeshi Onimaru
Aoyama's death & Conan side images
Aoyama 93.jpg
ConanSide 93.jpg
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Volume 93 was released on July 18, 2017.[1]



Murder inside Café Poirot Case

File 982 - Meeting at Café Poirot

File 983 - Solution of the Mystery at Café Poirot


Eri Kisaki Abduction Case

File 984 - Eri Multiplies

Ran tries to convince Kogoro to go to a movie date with Eri. Meanwhile, Eri was kidnapped by three mysterious individuals who claim to be members of "Eri Kisaki's Victims Club". She managed to escape and hid from the criminal while trying to call for help. Using of one of the criminal's phone, she sends a message to Ran while the criminals try to sabotage her's plan.

File 985 - Eri Can't Escape

With Conan's help, Ran and Kogoro figures out which messages are send by the real Eri.

File 986 - Eri's SOS


Burning Tent Murder Case

File 987 - Tip-Off

Kuroda is sitting at his desk looking at the details of the Case from 17 years ago, thinking deeply about Kohji Haneda and Rumi Wakasa. Shiratori advises him to take a holiday and go camping for a few days. Rumi takes the Detective Boys camping as well. They end up talking with some other campers, who are members of a basketball team. One of them, Danno, had a recent irreversible eye injury and now wears a prosthetic eye, frightening Conan and Haibara who try to figure out if Rumi has a prosthetic eye as well and could be Rum. Urushibara, one of the campers they meet, suddenly starts speaking and acting in a very obnoxious manner to his friends, and shuts himself away in their tent. Soon after, a fire starts in the tent and he gets burned to death. They try to put it out and save Urushibara, to no avail. As they call the police and Inspector Yuminaga turns up, they are surprised to find in a nearby teepee tent another camper, who is revealed to be Kuroda.

File 988 - Violation

Kuroda says he saw everything from his tent and can certify the victim's three friends are the only ones who came to the tent before it burned. Rumi and Kuroda seem to know each other and start speaking to one another in a cold and fearless manner. Kuroda also keeps an eye on Conan who tries to investigate the case with Yuminaga, who knows him well (Vol. 39, 60 and 61). Haibara and Conan have a suspicion that Rumi-sensei cannot see through her right eye. Rumi seems out of sorts when Kuroda is around, though she gives Conan a few clues to solve the case.

File 989 - Buzzer Beater


Kendo Tournament Murder Case

Characters introduced

File 990 - Today I Settle the Score

Conan, Ran and Kazuha came to Toto Stadium, Tokyo, to watch Heiji's important kendo competition. As Heiji wins a fight with verve, his rival follows him closely behind : Soshi Okita, Shinichi's lookalike he met during a previous case ("Naniwa Murder Case", Vol. 31). Heiji says to himself he can't but get even with Okita today, he has to win, for Kazuha. The competition pauses for lunch time, and Ran says she'll go to the bathroom before they all go and eat in a diner. Since too many people are queuing in front of the bathroom, Ran asks if therer's another one, and is told to go and have a try at the north entrance's one. Meanwhile, Momiji and Iori are on the phone, Iori informing Momiji of Heiji's high rankings in the competition, while Momiji asks him if everything is ready for the "little party" after Heiji's victory. Iori adds Heiji may confront Okita and another kendo practitioner, "as strong as a demon".

In a garden, Shido Nukitani, a kendo match referee, swallows some digestion medicine as a Kyoto Senshin kendo student comes up to him. Nukitani says he expected someone to come along, as this garden serves as a training pitch for kendo fighters during pauses, and adds "he'd better not to do it for now, and not to damage the place". Suddenly, the kendo student grabs his sabre and slits Nukitani's thorat in one blow, in a flash, without him being just able to react. The murderer then turns around in fear as an old man sitting on a bench behind him says he heard a voice and asks if there's anyone around that could tell him what's happening. The murderer realises the old man is blind and spares his life, leaving the place.

Ran and Conan notice the bathroom which is exactly in the garden where the old man is. They find the corpse of Nukitani and Conan says the murder is recent and the killer must not be far. They see the old man on the bench, who tells them he's been blind for three years now. He came in the garden to hear the sounds of kendo fights, that remind him of the time when he was a young kendo practitioner. Conan tells him he probably heard the culprit, and the man replies the murderer said something like "the cutter is covered in blood, I can't use it anymore, bring me a new one". He adds the criminal was speaking with a woman but he didn't heard her words. He says the killer was probably phoning her. The man tells Conan actually the murderer didn't leave the place and went directly to the bathroom. Two other people went to the bathroom as well, but neither them nor the culprit went out of it.

Conan suggests they call the police and keep an eye on the bathroom, as the murderer may still be armed and has an accomplice. Conan notices Nukitani doesn't show any signs of struggle on his body, implying he probably knew the culprit or knew something that made him drop his guard. Conan is joined by a high school kendo practitioner he thought was Heiji but actually is Okita, who says Nukitani's absence of struggling reminds him of tsujigiris (wanton murders of random passers-by by samurais in the past, when they wanted to try out a new sabre's efficiency). He adds the sabre's blow was deadly, perfect and neat, the work of an expert. Okita introduces himself to Conan, saying he's from Kyoto Senshin kendo club - just like the murderer, something Conan is ignorant of.

File 991 - Hands Off!

Okita introduces himself to Ran who remembers him to be Heiji's rival. Okita starts hitting on Ran, proposing her to come to Kyoto some day and to call him to show her around. Ran is reminded of Shinichi when looking at Okita. The latter tells Conan what he also meant by the murderer being an expert : Nukitani wears kendo referee clothes, and as referees must have an expert level, he was probably killed by a kendo practitioner of the same level as him, or even better. As Ran is once again reminded of Shinichi's investigation skills, Okita makes another move on her but gets hit on the head by Heiji's bokken, who asks him to stand away from his best friend's girl. Heiji had come to train with Okita, knowing he would come in this garden during competition pauses. Okita came to train as well but not to fight Heiji, instead someone even stronger than Heiji.

Takagi and Sato turn up and question Yasuoka, the old man. The two police inspectors prepare to storm the bathroom but suddenly two men and a woman emerge quietly from their respective rooms. Heiji and Conan can't believe none of them is covered in blood at all. Norimura, a kendo referee, rushes to Nukitani as he sees him unconscious and blood-drenched, but is stopped by Okita who tells him he's the n°1 suspect for being a kendo expert. Norimura replies he was never able to defeat Nukitani during competitions, who had an even better level than him. As Okita suggests he could have killed him to revenge, the other suspects Sadamori and Yokote pretend not to know who Nukitani is. Conan says Sadamori lies as the forensic shows her a rather equivocal selfie of her and Nukitani on this latter's phone. Norimura remembers Nukitani told him one of his former students would harass him and had a crush on him, she worked in Japan Self-Defense Forces. Sadamori confesses to having practised kendo for three years at high school as Nukitani was her P.E. teacher. She lied not to be involved in the case, as when she came to the bathroom Nukitani was already dead, and she was too afraid to call police, and went hiding in the ladies'.

Norimura says he was in a hurry and rushed to the bathroom without probably noticing Nukitani. Same thing for Yokote who just didn't want to miss the rest of the competition. As he claims not to know the victim neither kendo, Sadamori calls him a liar and recalls seeing Yokote in a café where she was with Nukitani. Yokote was with his girlfriend bragging about his countless kendo competiton victories with his famous "face attack", and got in a row with Nukitani when the latter asked which competition it was. The girlfriend then got it he was a liar and left the café at once, infuriated. Yokote replies he also heard Sadamori threatening to kill Nukitani if he didn't leave his wife for her. He also reminds Norimura of the row he had with Nukitani after a competition, what Norimura acknowledges, saying he told Nukitani he thought he was refereeing with too much leniency at the moment, to which Nukitani told him harshly to try and defeat him before telling him how to do his work. Sato therefore remarks they all have the ability and motive to murder him.

Ran says the old Yasuoka can recognise the murderer's voice, a rather hoarse one, just like the victim. He says the conversation he heard was before the victim's pain grunt, which means the victim could have been killed by the accomplice. The forensic says Nukitani last phoned to...his wife, who is coming momentarily. Takagi suggets either Nukitani or the murderer deleted the real contact person Nukitani phoned to before the murder. Behind the bathroom, Okita finds out a bloody complete kendo dogi (clothes) and armor, equidistant from both rooms' windows, implying we can't know if a man or a woman threw it away. Okita sees it's a Kyoto Senshin armor and remembers not long ago people reported the mysterious theft of a reservists' armor, serving for everybody, even Norimura, who calls it a spare armor, he used it as well not long ago but didn't steal it.

Given it's impossible to find fingerprints or footprints as it is used by everyone and worn over clothes, Sato tells Takagi to go and cancel the competition. Heiji stops him and asks him to wait another 40 minutes, the remaining time before competition resumes, as he wants to win it to confess his love to Kazuha, and there's still some time then to try and solve the case. Heiji believes he will defeat Okita, and Okita proposes to settle it right now, not to waste any time.

Meanwhile, Kazuha is worrying about Conan's and Ran's whereabouts, as the competition will resume very soon. Not far away, Momiji has arrived in the bleacher and waits for the lunch time to end by having a "little" snack : Iori serves her tea in a royal-like, luxurious set, next to a laid clothed table with many plates and trays of "petits fours" and cupcakes...

File 992 - Your Time Has Come


Cover in other countries



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