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{{char|Inspector Yuminaga}}
{{char|Inspector Yuminaga}}
{{char|Soshi Okita|EP263_Okita|display=Soshi Okita}}
{{char|Soshi Okita|EP263_Okita|display=Soshi Okita}}
{{char|Miwako Sato}}

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Volume 93

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Release date:
Publisher: Shogakukan
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Aoyama's death & Conan side images
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Murder inside Café Poirot Case

File 982 - Meeting at Café Poirot

File 983 - Solution of the Mystery at Café Poirot


  • Eri Kisaki Abduction Case

    File 984 - Eri Multiplies

    Ran tries to convince Kogoro to go to a movie date with Eri. Meanwhile, Eri was kidnapped by three mysterious individuals who claim to be members of "Eri Kisaki's Victims Club". She managed to escape and hid from the criminal while trying to call for help. Using of one of the criminal's phone, she sends a message to Ran while the criminals try to sabotage her's plan.

    File 985 - Eri Can't Escape

    With Conan's help, Ran and Kogoro figures out which messages are send by the real Eri.

    File 986 - Eri's SOS


  • Burning Tent Murder Case

    File 987 - Tip-Off

    Kuroda is sitting at his desk looking at the details of the Case from 17 years ago. Rumi takes the Detective Boys camping.

    File 988 - Violation

    Haibara and Conan have a suspicion that Rumi-sensei cannot see through her right eye.

    File 989 - Buzzer Beater


  • Kendo Tournament Murder Case

    File 990 - Today I Settle the Score


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