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| english-isbn        =  
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| detective          = Rena Sasaki
| detective          = Riko Rinda
| keyhole            = [[Rumi Wakasa]]
| keyhole            = [[Rumi Wakasa]]
| prev-volume        = Volume 90
| prev-volume        = Volume 90

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Volume 91

Volume 91.jpg

Release date: December 16, 2016[1]
Chapters: 960-970
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-09-127430-4[1]
Publisher: Shogakukan
Featured Detective & Keyhole
Detective 91.jpg
Riko Rinda
Keyhole 91.jpg
Rumi Wakasa
Aoyama's death & Conan side images
Aoyama 91.jpg
ConanSide 91.jpg
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Next volume: Volume 92 »
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Volume 91 was released on December 16, 2016.[1]



Curse of the Nue

Characters introduced

File 960 - The Nue's Scars

Heiji and Conan tell the others about Someji's murder in the woods, near the pond, and ask them to call the police. They all go back to their rooms waiting for them, and the two detectives wonder if the monster they saw really exists. As they learn more interesting things about Charles Abel and what happened some years ago, they hear the Nue's cry once again and another blaze is set, as if by magic, in front of their eyes. As everyone open their windows to see what's going on, Tanzawa suddenly yells in pain, collapsing in his room. Conan and Heiji rush to his room and thrust it open, finding Tanzawa died of mysterious poisoning, probably from the Nue's venomous snake-like tail.

File 961 - The Revealed Fangs of the Nue

The police turn up and actually Yokomizo, and not Yamamura, was called to intervene, as the place is closer to Shizuoka than Gunma. Though, Heiji and Conan are disappointed to note he's just as superstitious and stupid as Yamamura at the end of the day. They expound him on the events and the police try hard to investigate "real" murders, while everything just shows they've been committed by a non-human being. Looking at Charles Abel's former dog, and finding some very relevant clues here and there, Conan and Heiji deduce who the killer really is.

File 962 - The Sad Legend of the Nue


Kaitou Kid and the Luna Memoria

Heist Info

File 963 - Tree God

File 964 - Approach

File 965 - Diary


The Old Warehouse of Teitan Elementary School

Characters introduced

File 966 - Scytale Cipher

A new teacher is introduced in the detective boy's class. She seems nice, but is rather clumsy. During break she approach the detective boys and ask them to help her finds limestones in an abandon building. But instead they finds the remains of a skeleton and a headband with strange characters. The police concludes that it's a thief who had an accident around ten years ago, but the headmaster tells of a robbery nearby the school, where the owner was killed and a lot of gold was stolen.

File 967 - Impossible to Decode!?

Conan explains the code is actually ciphered as a "scytale" : when writing a code horizontally on a strip of paper wound around a cylindric object, and then unwinding it, that makes the code unreadable to others. Conan tries it however in any direction but fails to decipher the code. Hopefully, thanks to Haibara's hint at the class's time schedule, Conan finds out the truth, as Rumi Wakasa strangely and quietly observes him.

File 968 - Wakasa-sensei's Secret


Fitting Room Murder Case

File 969 - Swimsuits at the Dressing Room ♡

Ran, Sonoko and Sera are out buying swim suits. Sera picks one that triggers fracture memories in Conan. A man saying 'It's scary. Like being possessed by something'. A woman saying 'Possessed by a shirigami'. A man asking 'Who are you?'. And a girl with snaggletooth saying 'A wizard'.

File 970 - The Message Left by the Fingers


Cover in other countries

Rep. of China (Taiwan)

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