Volume 79

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Volume 79

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Publisher: Shogakukan
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The Blush Mermaid

Heist Info

File 829 - Mimicry

File 830 - Shedding Skin

Conan finally deduces where the Blush Mermaid is. He decides to use "Sleeping Kogoro" to show everyone his explanation but he gets shook by Ran and the needle hits Sonoko whom Conan now has to use. Through her, he explains that the jewel never went anywhere but it was just made to vanish. He asks Kogoro to drop his lighter in the tank and to his surprise, it gets stuck on the plate of the tank which has a magnet. Kogoro and Nakamori question that how can the jewel get attracted to the magnet as gold and diamonds do not attract magnets. Conan solves this confusion by revealing that because the diamonds were synthetic. There is a solvent of iron mixed and not only that, apart from the magnet there is also glue and turtle feed on the plate which is why the turtle got stuck. As for where the turtle is Conan reveals that Jirokichi has it. When Nakamori questions him on why did he take his own jewel Conan explains that Jirokichi removed it and kept it with himself after he found a card from Kaitou Kid near his foot which threatened him to take the jewel and keep it with himself if he doesn't want anybody to know that he spent a fortune to buy it from an Italian actress.

Unexpected Murder

File 831 - Locked Room Murder on the Surface

File 832 - It Takes Two to Do the Job of One

File 833 - Sensei's Trick


Vampire's Mansion

File 834 - The Vampire's Mansion

File 835 - Count Dracula

File 836 - Ghost Photography

File 837 - Foreign Torture Room

File 838 - Half of the Bizarre Phenomenon

File 839 - To Each Their Own Motive


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