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{{people|Kyosuke Senma|Kyosuke Senma manga.jpg|
{{people|Kyosuke Senma|Kyosuke Senma manga.jpg|
* Furuyo's late father
* Furuyo's late father
* Archeologist}}
* Archeologist
* Missing}}
{{people|Watson|Watson manga.jpg|
{{people|Watson|Watson manga.jpg|
* Saguru's pet hawk}}
* Saguru's pet hawk}}

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Volume 30

Volume 30.jpg

Release date: December 18, 2000
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-125500-0
Publisher: Shogakukan
English release date: July 21, 2009
English ISBN: ISBN 1-4215-2198-9
English Publisher: Viz Media
Featured Detective & Keyhole
Detective 30.jpg
John Thorndyke
Keyhole 30.jpg
Saguru Hakuba
Aoyama's death & Conan side images
Aoyama 30.jpg
ConanSide 30.jpg
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Volume 30 was released on December 18, 2000 in Japan.



Police Escort Murder Case

File 296 - Straight Ball Match

While traveling home on the Shinkansen from Osaka, Conan, Ran, and Kogoro ran into Officers Sato and Takagi, who were transporting a criminal. Later, a bomb was found on the train which Officer Sato went to investigate. At that time, while she was in the bathroom with it, Officer Takagi had to take the criminal to the bathroom. And then, he apparently committed suicide but...

File 297 - The Open Closed Room

Conan doesn't believe in the suicide theory and investigates the three men who went to the bathroom, as one of them may be the murderer.

File 298 - Time Trap


  • Kaitou Kid and the Murder

    Characters introduced

    File 299 - The Meeting

    Kogoro has been invited to a detective meeting by an unknown person who sends him money, and who calls himself "the one God shot off, the offshoot of illusions". Kogoro gets enraged as the shortcut the gas station's old man had told them to take actually leads nowhere and is completely muddy from the rain. Suddenly, they emerge on a road, and Conan says the old man didn't lie as they notice not far away the place where Kogoro, Conan and Ran are heading to : the dark and mysterious "Twilight Mansion". Ran is afraid to go there as she believes the old mansion may be Count Dracula's one, but Kogoro replies they're in Japan therefore they might rather meet Yamanba, the mountain's sorceress, than Dracula, and abruptly brakes as they see Yamanba right in the middle of the road. The "Yamanba" is actually an old woman whose car broke down and who asks Kogoro for a lift to Twilight Mansion, where she believes Kogoro goes as well. As Ran asks her dad to go quicker as she really needs to go to the washroom, the old woman asks her why she didn't do it when she was at the gas station, saying that "people who move up the ladder are always those who grasp the opportunities that open up before them, and who don't wait for another ones to come, as it might never be the case again". As Conan asks the old woman to speak her mind, she says Kogoro's car's ashtray is empty, and a cigarette butt seems to have fallen from it not long ago. This means the driver is a heavy smoker and his ashtray was probably full to the brim; if the ashtray is now empty it can only mean it had been emptied very recently, probably at the gas station further down. She adds a gentlmen kindly accepting to give a lift to a poor old lady would never be so ill-mannered as to throw his butts through the window on his daughter's side and in front of her. As Kogoro asks her who she is, she introduces herself as Furuyo Senma, the famous detective who solves mysteries sitting peacefully on a cosy armchair, just by listening to the narrative of the criminal facts. Senma adds she knows Sleeping Kogoro very well by reputation, and takes the ashtray away as she hates cigarette smoke and doesn't want Kogoro to smoke until they've arrived

    As they turn up, Kogoro comments on the spooky and faded mansion which must only belong to a monster. He also marvels at the numerous vintage cars lined up on the parking lot, and puts his hand over an Alfa Romeo, only to be scolded by Harufumi Mogi, a detective who tells him it took him years to acquire it and doesn't want any stranger to touch it. Senma and Mogi know each other, and Mogi seems to be the adventurer kind, as he was shot in Chicago not long ago during work. Mogi says he's too young to settle down and just wants now to eat a quality dinner as promised by their host. Suddenly, they hear Shukuzen Oogami, the "gourmet detective", yelling at Aki Ishihara, the mansion's recently hired maid, that he doesn't accept the cook's absence due to illness as he loves good dinners and only came for that. As the maid tells him she bought all the ingredients though, Oogami says he'll cook the dinner himself instead, being both a cuisine and mystery expert. Ishihara says to Senma's group there are six detectives there - excluding Conan. As Ran thinks Shinichi may have been invited, Ishihara says Shinichi Kudo could not be reached and Heiji Hattori had mid-term exams to prepare and then had to turn the offer down. These two people's desistance allowed for Conan and Ran to come with Mouri.

    Ishihara says she has never met her boss, the host, she was hired after a mysterious job interview. She had come for the interview as usual, waiting with heaps of other candidates as it was a golden and very well-paid job opportunity, and she saw every candidate leaving the interview room in disappointment, systematically failing. When it was her turn at last, she entered and just saw a computer with a list of instructions and people to invite. Suddenly, a message was displayed on the computer saying she was taken on. She only exchanged mails with her boss afterwards concerning the other steps and preparations of the evening. Senma's interest seems aroused by the story, so is Mogi's, who adds he got excited when he noticed the old blood splatters on the entrance door. Another detective, a woman called Ikumi Soda, tells them there are blood splatters scattered here and there in the whole mansion, walls, floor, items, etc. Someone tried to wipe them out, the blood may belong to one or two people at least. Soda is dressed in forensic lab's clothes, spraying luminol over the blood stains to bring them out, because she's a former police investigator, as a young detective named Saguru Hakuba says. Hakuba's tamed hawk named Watson has developed a taste for blood due to Hakuba's bringing him everywhere on crime scenes during his murder investigations back in England. Hakuba adds he came back to his native country to check if the legend was true, that they are in a house where a massacre happened 40 years ago, and they're probably the first ones to open this well-hidden mansion's doors again after the events.

    Ishihara then takes Senma's group to their respective rooms and suggests the other guests should go and relax in the lounge, while the dinner is being prepared. Mogi and Hakuba are playing snooker - Hakuba is very skilled at it - while Senma and Kogoro are playing chess, and Ran, Conan and Soda are playing cards. Ran shows the worthy cards sequence she got, and Conan comments to himself she's still such a jammy beggar. But Soda tells her she cheated as there are six cards in her hand : the jack card is stuck to another card...with blood. Mogi says the mansion's objects stayed in the same state as they were during the bloody massacre, for 40 years, which gives Ran goose bumps and she starts with surprise as Ishihara abruptly enters the lounge to invite them to the dining room, where the host is waiting for them - they all look forward to it, except Ran.

    The host is already sitting, wearing a frightening phantom's hood with only two eye slits. He invites them to sit down where they wish, as Oogami tells Ishihara to bring the dishes in the order he told her previously. The host says he invited all of them because he wants them to find the hidden treasure of his mansion, the millions he hoarded during his whole long life. He wants them to search it at the risk of their own lives. All of a sudden, all the cars on the parking lot explode and burn, so does the only bridge connecting the mansion to the rest of the world. The host says he cut off their retreat to play some time with them, and to reverse the chased-chaser roles : he tells them there's no phone in the mansion neither any mobile phone network around. It's a dead or alive game : only one person can be told how to escape Twilight Mansion, the one who will retrieve the treasure, and get the half of it as a reward too.

    Mogi takes off the host's hood in anger, who is revealed to be a mannequin with a loudspeaker fixed to it. As the host tells them to enjoy the last dinner of their existence, Mouri asks who he really is and all five detectives are surprised he didn't get earlier their host's identity: "the one God shot off, the offshoot of illusions". Offshoot means a non-desired child, whether human or animal. Illusions have to do with sorcerers, wizards, manipulators, ghosts or even demons. "God shot off" means this child stands alone in the darkness and is a crime expert. In the Bible's New Testament, the "shot off" or rejected ones are the lost sheep, and a sheep's or a goat's child is called a kid, therefore Kid the Phantom Thief, Hakuba's rival, the one detectives would love to catch, the elusive one who uses tricks and is never caught by the police, even called supernatural, and wearing "innocent" white clothes in the dark, is their host.

    File 300 - Tragedy

    Conan casts a glance at everyone around the table who got tense as they heard Kid's name, and he believes Kid is in the mansion, probably disguised as usual as one of the people around. But Conan thinks to himself there's a faint probability Kid escapes as there are 7 excellent detectives around the table. As Kogoro is amazed to hear Kid is the mysterious host, the detectives tell him the phantom thief wants to test their unrivalled abilities : their lives in exchange of all the riches he stole and hoarded up to now. Kid must be spying on them right now as the detectives noticed hidden cameras here and there in the mansion. Ishihara comes in with the five-star dinner, and Senma comments on the fact it's not Ishihara's boss who told her to serve the guests in such order, to which Ishihara replies actually it is Hakuba (or Oogami ?) who had asked her to serve people clockwise. Senma thinks there's something fishy as the host said it would be their last dinner. Oogami tells her not to worry about anything as he did prepare dinner and assures them food hasn't been poisoned. Hakuba says they should be careful though as the table had been laid beforehand and each one of them sat in front of the card mentioning their name, implying Kid may be trying to play a bad prank on them. Hakuba suggests they all wipe their respective cutlery and glasses with a handkerchief before beginning to eat. Mogi rather suggests they all switch places at random by drawing straws. He answers Kogoro's fear that someone may be poisoned and die all the same saying if this is the case he'll just have to think about how short life is and cry about it in a cosy coffin. As they enjoy their delicious and high-quality dishes, they wonder if their imagination is not getting a little too far. Suddenly, the host's mannequin resumes his speech and asks them if the dinner was to their liking.

    Renya Karasuma

    He then explains them why he decided to splurge on this mansion where the game is now occurring. He asks them to have a look at the enigmatic crest showing a freaky crow, on and under their tableware, just as the ones they might have noticed in various places of the mansion. It is the crest of Renya Karasuma, an ominous crow-like billionaire who mysteriously vanished into thin air some 40-50 years ago. As the name Karasuma seems to trigger the attention, the host takes over saying Twilight Mansion was Renya's personified nest he had had built for himself, this mansion where, 40 years ago, a bloodcurdling tragedy occurred, during a stormy night, explaining the numerous blood traces in the dwelling. The guests listen to the host with some certain excitement, and Oogami bites his nails. Forty years ago, as the mansion was still shining with magnificence, several famous VIPs, tycoons, powerful politicians and financiers from Japan and the whole world had come to Twilight Mansion to officially take part to a commemoration evening about Renya Karasuma who had died recently of old age, at 99. But in fact the evening was actually meant to be a three-day illegal auction sale during which not less than 300 pieces of valuable artwork Karausma had collected during his whole life were to be flogged. On the second day's night, right in the middle of the sale, two mysterious soaking-wet men knocked at the mansion's door. They tried to speak through their cold-shivering lips, saying they got lost in the storm, and saw a light in the mountain coming right from the mansion. They ask the auctioneer if they may stay at the mansion and shelter themselves for a moment while waiting out the storm. The auctioneer accepted to let them in as the two men sold him a mysterious plant leaf. They told him how to smoke it and time flying by the auctioneer got more relaxed and agreed to give both men shelter. The guests did the same and smoke the leaves the two men would sell them, and the whole room got filled with thick smoke. The plant leaves were actually marijuana, and accordingly, very soon, everyone started hallucinating, believing they had seen demons and that the other guests wanted to steal the pieces they had bought. Then, people started to run, to cry, to scream, some even mutilated themselves with ink pens, all the while grinning drearily. Not long after, the auction sale turned into a very hellish slaughter during which eveyone grabbed the collection daggers, swords and sabres to kill each other. At the end of the night, the two men had been missing, so were the 300 pieces of the sale, and 8 corpses were found in all the mansion, along with dozens of unconscious people. As Kogoro aks why has nobody ever heard of such a nighmarish case, Oogami tells him it was probably due to the victims' fame end reputation, the horror of the scene and the fact that the auction sale was completely illegal. Some were even powerful and feared politicians and mafiosi. Nobody knew who had killed who, besides. The case was hushed up not to cause irrevocable consequences, and none actually ever found why and how such a scene had took place. Mogi says the two men knew about this and had therefore come up with a very well-thought plan.

    The host says he wants the 10 people around to play again the slaughter scene in the mansion, to kill each other for the lure of profit. He says he'll give them a clue : "The night when the two travellers gazed at the sky, the demon went down the castle, and the king ran away with his treasure, the princess shed her tears into the Holy Grail and beseeched forgiveness, and the knight drew his own blood until the very last drop of it". This enigma originated from the tragedy, something the host tried hard to invent. Soda comments on the fact the blood-bath won't take place as none will ever play ball. The host replies they will as they're actually, all of them, already under the influence of the spell he cast. He says when one of them will let out the first cry, the war for treasure will begin, until only one person will eventually find it and go up to the central tower's fourth floor, using the room's computer to let the host know, and the latter will hold to his promise and give the winner half of his treasure along with the way out of the mansion.

    All of a sudden, Mogi stands up and starts screaming in pain as if he had been poisoned, laughing and telling the host he hates scavenger hunts, and will try his way alone through the mountains and woods until he finds someone to help him out. As he says so, Oogami abruptly stands up and yells in pain, collapsing on the floor. Mogi says he mimicked his joke and tells him to cut it out, but Hakuba bends over Oogami and confirms his death. It seems that Oogami was poisoned by cyanide. Senma checks the tea he was drinking right before his death with a bronze coin but notes there is no oxidization reaction to cyanide and then says he must have been poisoned by something else. The host then says the die is cast, that Oogami rang the beginning of the game, and he wishes them good luck, hoping they'll stay alive as long as possible. Mogi gets infuriated and grabs the mannequin by its collar, making its head fall down, and revealing audio record tapes whose player is connected to a timer. As Ishihara says the times when she had to bring the dinner were scheduled to a T as well, the detectives deduce the murderer had planned everything, using the audio tape as a timing, and had targeted Oogami from the very beginning, as he had used his voice to record his name and say he was killed. To do so, the murderer must have made sure everything would go as the tape says and that Oogami would die just before the announcement, therefore he's probably one of them.

    File 301 - Murder

    Conan explains the murderer is probably one of them as he perfectly knew the moment the tape record would tell about Oogami's death, which means the killer had dinner with them all the while choosing the perfect moment to prepare his/her trick and poison Oogami with cyanide in broad daylight, with the best of private eyes next to him/her. He had probably prepared the record and his/her ploy way beforehand, and had to make sure everything would work properly. The poison seems to be neither in the tea, neither in Oogami's cup, neither in the tea which was in his cup. As Ran wonders why Kaito Kid murders people, since it's not the way he usually works, Ishihara starts biting her nails and Hakuba replies he finds it weird as well, and Mogi adds that action precedes desire. He suggests they all go and check if their cars really have exploded, as it may well have been a smokescreen too, and perhaps some cars didn't blow up. Conan notes Oogami has bitten his left hand's thumb nail before dying.

    Every car has exploded indeed, and Hakuba tells people he isn't the owner of the burning Mercedes car since his butler gave him a lift to the mansion with his own car. Then it’s probably the mysterious host’s car, the first one on the car park early in the morning. Ishihara remembers her boss had told her to park her car behind the mansion, in front of the back gate. Everyone rush there and they are happy to find the maid’s car hasn’t exploded. Soda thinks there’s something strange with that car which didn’t blow up. Conan suggests they toss coins to decide who will get in the car to go and check if the bridge has really been blown to pieces, for some guests to remain at the mansion just in case. Senma says it’s a brilliant idea and takes a coin first. They flip for it and Mouri, Senma and Mogi get tails and drive to the bridge. Further down the mountain, Conan spots an abandoned car over which roof he notices a huge white X-shaped cross. Conan turns around to Hakuba who smirks mysteriously while Soda suggests everyone come back into the mansion.

    Mogi and Mouri watch astounded at the bridge which was completely blown to smithereens. They ask Senma to switch on the car’s parking lights to check out for something, commenting on the fact the killer will probably not call it quits. Suddenly, the car blows up and falls into the gulch, crushing futher down with Senma inside. Mogi smiles in conceit. They run back to the mansion and tell everyone about Senma’s death. Kogoro suggests they split into two groups in order to search the mansion and find the host or a way or another to escape the place. As Hakuba seems to be probably feeding his pet hawk in his room at the moment, Mogi, Kogoro and Conan go on their way while Soda teams up with Ishihara and Ran. Watson, Hakuba’s pet hawk, is actually not being fed and stands over the mansion’s roof with a mysterious package wrapped around his leg.

    The three boys find a beautiful piano in a room and Kogoro remarks it’s got some recent scratches on its side, done maybe by Hakuba’s hawk. They find a sheet of paper stuck between the piano’s keys : it is an old parchment-like sheet of paper, used for calligraphy, on which the host’s enigma was printed, implying someone probably needed to have it mass duplicated for some reason, and therefore even used paper intended for calligraphy, to hand them out to as many people as possible, since there weren’t any copy machines some 40-50 years ago, when Karasuma still owned Twilight Mansion. Mogi then comments on the fact the host’s treasure hunt is actually another one’s idea, and he/she may have used this easy-to-see-through story and enigma to "bring some spice" to the evening. Conan remarks a side of the piano is drenched with luminol, which means Soda has probably sprayed some of her chemical on it not long ago. Mogi asks Kogoro to switch off the light and they indeed see something glowing in the dark (just as how luminol works).

    File 302 - Sting

    Mogi apologises to dead Kogoro, saying one can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. He then lights a cigarette and suddenly drops dead, poisoned, wondering how he came to be killed by cyanide.


  • Genta's Shadow Case

    File 303 - Genta's Misfortune

    Genta has been acting weird at school lately. He is hiding under his futon at home, and doesn't eat his lunch instead of racing to finish first which is worrying his teacher Kobayashi. When he leaves school, Genta climbs over the wall and runs, like he is trying to lose someone. When the Detective Boys confront him, he tells them someone is trying to kill him. Earlier, he had heard the sound of someone's footsteps keeping pace with him in a tunnel. Later he was pushed off a bridge, and a burning car hurtled towards him. As he was telling the Detective Boys this, they reached a place outside a store where Genta likes to play a Yaiba Game machine. A large bolt falls nearby, barely alerting the Detective Boys in time to avoid part of the store's "BAKER" sign hurtling to the ground. Conan examines the support cable, and determines it had been deliberately cut and someone was indeed after Genta's life. They go to a burger restaurant and Genta reveals the man he thinks is trying to kill him is the purse snatcher the police are after. Genta had seen the man sometime earlier, before he was a wanted burglar, but had forgotten where it was. Genta does remember a golden haired man was with him when he saw the thief. Genta also explains that he went to a crime scene where the snatcher struck five days ago and saw his golden-haired witness in the crowd. He took the witness to the police and told them the story, but the witness denied seeing the thief. Genta later gets a mysterious phone call: "If you tell anyone that you saw me, I will kill you!! You, your family, and everybody that you know!" Genta tries to recall where he saw the thief. He remembers the witness sitting beside him, but doesn't remember the thief sitting down. Genta was sleepy at the time. The things he remembers about the thief are that he was holding a cigarette in his left hand, meaning he is left handed. He was also wearing a tee-shirt with a skull and the numbers 202 in digital clock-like numerals. Genta notices one of the customers at the burger place has a similar tee-shirt, only with the numbers 1999 instead. Conan asks the man where he got his shirt, and the man tells him it is from the Bones clothing store. The Detective Boys run to find the place, but unfortunately the criminal had followed them into the restaurant and overheard everything.

    At the shop, the salesperson explains that they sold a variety of shirts like that with different text such as "Escape", "Help", and "1999" because of the doomsday prediction in 2000, but none that say 202. The salesperson doesn't remember anyone unusual either. Genta does remember a few more details about the thief though. The thief was reading a newspaper, the place allowed smoking, and Genta never took his eyes off of him meaning it was a place where it wouldn't be unusual to watch someone without making them uncomfortable. From those clues, Conan realizes the answer.

    File 304 - Genta's Trap

    Conan says Genta saw the murderer in a glasses’ shop. Indeed, the murderer didn’t react at all and didn’t notice Genta was looking at him, since he had taken off his glasses to have them cleaned, and couldn’t see anything without it. Genta says he’s never been in a glasses’ shop in his whole life, and Conan answers he happens to fail at deductions sometimes, though he whispers something into Genta’s ear, while the killer is observing them further back. As Genta still tells Conan he’s made a mistake again, Conan sighs powerlessly and asks Genta to warn his friends if anything ever comes back to his mind. Walking back home on their way, Mitsuhiko, Genta and Ayumi talk about the case again and Genta buys himself some ice cream. He suddenly realises something when wiping the ice on his cheek. Then Genta spots France’s three-color flag above a French restaurant, and asks Ayumi if she isn’t reminded of something when thinking about the blue, white and red colours. Ayumi thinks about Conan’s usual outfit but Genta suggests Conan can’t be the killer, and recalls those three coulours with something spinning amidst. As Mitsuhiko and Ayumi leave Genta alone to go home, the latter is being followed by the murderer, and becomes aware of the truth when looking at his reflection in the mirror of a shopwindow. He rushes to a place located at the sixth floor of a train station’s building, and hardly manages to slip into the lift.


  • Pottery Class Case

    File 305 - On the Bottom...

    Ran, Sonoko, and Conan attend a pottery class. Sonoko wants to make pottery for Makoto, while Ran wants to make some for Shinichi. They meet the workshop's two apprentices, Motoo Mino and Kikuyo Kasama, along with the workshop's owner and Motoo's father-in-law, Muneyuki Mino, who is amazed at Ran and Conan having met the renowned potter Kikuemon (vol. 16). Some time after, Motoo is found strangled to death with a necktie in a closet.

    File 306 - Surrounded by Hints

    Conan knows who the culprit is, to the point of confronting the culprit when they're all alone, but still has no evidence. He tries to find evidence to prove it was him.


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