Volume 26

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Volume 26

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Release date: February 18, 2000
Chapters: 254-263
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-125496-9
Publisher: Shogakukan
English release date: November 18, 2008
English ISBN: ISBN 1-4215-1678-0
English Publisher: Viz Media
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Inspector Samejima
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Chris Vineyard
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Volume 26 was released on February 18, 2000 in Japan.



Cave Murder Case

Gadgets introduced

File 254 - An Infatuated Heart

Conan is eventually saved thanks to Ran's blood donation. He wonders how Ran discovered the truth and what he should do. Heiji and Kazuha come to visit Conan at the hospital, and Heiji suggests Shinichi should tell Ran the whole truth, as she's waiting only for it. During the night, Haibara sneaks into Conan's room and takes aim at him with a gun.

School Play Murder Case

File 255 - The Intruder's Sudden Arrival

Haibara tells Conan she was actually spotted by the Organisation after the hotel case with Pisco, and she made a deal with them : her life spared in exchange for Shinichi's and all his relatives' death. Eventually, Haibara shoots...a bunch of flowers at Conan, mocking him but telling him the possibility that there could have been another Black Organisation member at the party that night. She talks about Ran's discovery but doesn't really recommend that Shinichi should tell Ran the truth. She suggests either that solution, or to remain silent, or... The day after, Conan seems back up and about, though with a little cold, and insists to attend Ran's school play in which she will headline. A strange man strongly resembling Shinichi sits in the audience, smirking, being attentively watched by Conan. Kogoro and Kazuha came as well, and a group of friends, all of them working at Beika Hospital, are having a drink, waiting for the play to begin. During the play, as Ran is on stage, dressed as a princess, Sonoko tells Dr. Araide, who is supposed to play the knight charming, to prepare to enter the stage, but is flabbergasted as the knight isn't Araide. As the unknown knight and Ran are about to kiss each other, one of the hospital employees screams out in pain and drops dead.

File 256 - Concealed Truth

The victim, Kohei Kamata, died after swallowing cyanide, probably put in his drink. His comrades from the hospital are suspected one after the other, along with Ayako, a girl from Ran's high school who was serving drinks at the refreshment. She is the hospital's president's daughter and had recently broke off her engagement with Kohei. She served him coke instead of iced coffee, hoping he would come to see her while changing drinks. Mai, Kohei's friend, had proposed to fetch drinks before the beginning of the play, and she gave all of them to her other comrades Yota and Yumemi, sitting next to Kohei.

File 257 - Revival Under the Threat of Death

Shinichi astounds everyone, Ran in first, and sheds light on the case.


  • Elevator Murder Case

    File 258 - Momentary Rest

    To his great surprise, Shinichi didn't shrink, and was merely taken to the sickroom. It is revealed that Conan was actually Haibara in disguise, wearing a voice-changing mask to speak with Conan's voice. She tells Shinichi that though she doesn't understand why the prototypical antidote she made out of some baikal and gave him at the hospital lasted longer than usual, Shinichi should be very careful and tell Ran the truth before something bad could happen. Shinichi says he want to enjoy some time with Ran first, and invites the latter to a dinner in a five-star restaurant. Shinichi tries to tell something very important to Ran but remains shy and hesitant. When he eventually takes the plunge, people start screaming and saying someone was murdered in an elevator.

    Translation changes

    File 259 - A Tranquil Time

    Ran allows Shinichi to rush to the elevator as she observes he's having great trouble keeping his concentration and forgetting the hustle and bustle around them. Shinichi promises to come back as quickly as possible. The victim, Taiji Tatsumi, a famous game company president, was shot in the head while in the elevator, after he had left his employees to go home. Shinichi doesn't believe in the mugging theory and starts suspecting Satoru Ooba, probably the next heir to the president's company after his wedding with Sakurako, the president's daughter. Shinichi tries to confound Satoru while Ran is told by a waitress that some twenty years ago, a high school couple was sitting at the same table Ran and Shinichi currently are, and that the man proposed to the woman in front of everyone. But Ran doesn't believe Shinichi could do such a thing. Meanwhile, Shinichi feels increasingly feverish and his heart bangs against his chest, meaning that he'll soon become Conan again.

    File 260 - The Memorable Place

    Shinichi tries to put up with the intense pain while disclosing the truth.


  • Music Box Case

    File 261 - Touching the Music Strings!?

    Some time after the "comeback of Shinichi", Conan asks Haibara for some more antidotes, as he would like to meet Ran again in his adult form to tell her the whole truth. Haibara refuses and says it's too late, and it could be dangerous for Conan to swallow another prototype that could kill him. Haibara and the Detective Boys seem delighted to see Conan again, though the Boys are completely ignorant of who Conan really is. Conan looks with dejection at Mouri's agency and complains about how he'll still have to play that game with Ran and Kogoro for the moment.

    In the stairs, he hears the music of "Haru Yo Koi" ("Oh Spring, Come") and when entering the agency he sees Ran, Kogoro and a client named Haruna listening carefully to a music box. Haruna Yuki, the young fine arts student, explains she had difficulties to make friends at university therefore she sent a mail at random with her messager asking if the receiver would like to befriend her. A man named Shugo then became her new messager friend and he and Haruna proposed to meet each other some day. But on d-day Haruna found none except a bag with a music box and a messager, probably Shugo's one, and thought Shugo wanted to end the relationship by offering her a present. But suddenly Haruna received some other mails on her messager, from an unknown person, calling her a liar, a thief, etc. to the point Haruna went to see Kogoro and wondered if she hadn't done a mistake when she took away the bag with the box. Conan and Ran help Kogoro to figure out the three notes that sound weird in the tune : ACA. Conan points out that this may be a message from Shugo to Haruna, as the music mechanism has got missing pieces right on these three notes' location. He suggests Kogoro calls Inspector Takagi who can easily get the identity of Shugo's messager former owner, by investigating telephone lines. Takagi tells them that the messager's mails originate from the Ogata family, whom Takagi got in touch with, and they agreed to meet Haruna to explain to her.

    Haruna and co turn up at the Ogata's and Haruna is cheerfully welcomed by Shiro, the younger son, but quite reticently by the others, Minoru first, the older son, who believes Haruna came to steal the family's treasure : four old hand-made stamps worth 200 million yens. Haruna and co are invited to stay for dinner and the night, and they learn that Shugo Ogata is actually the family's late grandfather, who was ill and felt really lonely, and accepted to chat with Haruna, whose name and character were the same as his late wife, the family's grandmother. Yet, Shugo passed away recently. Haruna still wonders who is sending her abusing mails. During the night, Ran sees a spooky shady figure looking like a bent old man with a stick, moving stealthily in front of her room, and she screams. When everybody rush over to ask what happened and check the rooms to see if an intruder really sneaked into the house, a huge noise of something heavy falling catches their attention and they hurry to the grandparents' room where it came from, to find Minoru severely injured by a koto, probably beaten in the dark by the stranger Ran saw. Haruna is terrified as she receives on her messager a mail from Shugo saying he was waiting for her.

    File 262 - The Vanishing Sound

    Minoru is actually alive and the Ogata call the police who search for the intruder but finds none. Ran believes it was Shugo but nobody seems to believe her ghost stories, Conan in first, who thinks it has to do with one of the family members, especially as it happened in the grandfather's room where the family's treasure supposedly is. After a deep investigation, Conan eventually finds out what happened.

    File 263 - Spring Has Come?


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