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| volume              = 100
| volume              = 100
| image              = No cover.jpg
| image              = No cover.jpg
| releasedate        = 2021
| releasedate        = Fall 2021
| chapters            = 1059-1069
| chapters            = 1059-1069
| isbn                =
| isbn                =

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Volume 100

No cover.jpg

Release date: Fall 2021
Chapters: 1059-1069
Publisher: Shogakukan
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Aoyama's death & Conan side images
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Yusaku Kudo's TV Show Case

File 1059 - Pre-Show Briefing

File 1060 - The Show is About to Begin


  • FBI Serial Murder Case

    File 1061 - The Bloodstained ID

    File 1062 - The Trap at the Street Corner

    File 1063 - Dramatic Pursuit in the Dark of Night

    File 1064 - A Light in the Darkness

    File 1065 - Hunter and Prey

    File 1066 - RUM


  • Shintoist Temple Case

    File 1067 - A Secret Visit to the Shrine

    File 1068 - Wanted Criminal Investigation

    File 1069 - Snowman


  • Trivia


    Settings featured in this volume:


    Haido Shrine

    The Haido Shrine appearing from File 1067 onwards is based on the Shibuya Hikawa Shrine, which in real life is located in the Higashi district of Shibuya in Tokyo. Gosho Aoyama personally visited the place to shoot the reference photos.[1]

    Namikaze Park

    The Namikaze Park (なみかぜ公園, "Wave Wind Park") Subaru Okiya and Conan Edogawa to help Andre Camel is modeled after the real Umikaze Park (うみかぜ公園, "Sea Wind Park").


    Umibotaru, the place Andre Camel gets confronted with the Black Organization on, is directly based on Umihotaru, an artificial island on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line, which connects the Chiba and Kanagawa Prefectures. Umihotaru connects an underwater tunnel and a bridge, offering parking space for people crossing the Aqua-Line.


    Umizarujima ("Sea Monkey Island") is based on Sarushima ("Monkey Island"), an actual island inside Tokyo Bay, also located off the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture and used as an artillery battery in the past, like Yusaku Kudo explained. There also actually was a fire on the real island a while ago, similar to the one in the manga, destroying several of the facilities at the beach.

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    1. ^ AC Hints (January 18th, 2021) Pic 1:"I went to a nearby temple as--->"
      Pic 2:"First prayers of the year as well to take references-->"
      Pic 3:"It was pretty empty and silent but--->"
      Pic 4:"My lottery was "pretty good luck"!"
      Translation by Spimer.
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