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Detective Conan Anime - Minimum Episodes to Watch

Since The First Episode of Detective Conan Anime that airs on January 8, 1996, we already have hundreds of Detective Conan Anime Episode until now. (Up to episode 657 when this page is made)

For many of Detective Conan Fans, they already watch most or all of those episodes. But watching 650+ Episodes will be too much for many of the some new Fans who just recently found out about the series (Because of their Age / The country they live / Any others reason). Therefore, Some member in Forum.DCTP work together to make a list of Minimum Episode you need to watch to catch up to the current Episode. (The credit goes to everyone who help on this project, but specially for : Chekhov MacGuffin, Jd-, Hopelessidiot, Dark Ren and xpon)

Please Note that some importance episodes were not included because we really compress it and try to make this list as few as we can. Once again, This list is mainly for people who are NEW to Detective Conan. People who want to catch up to the latest eps but dont have time to watch all 650+ eps.