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Magic Kaito setting for MK only locations. This might overlap too much with the setting page, but merges can happen later.


Kuroba House

Kuroba House

Behind a painting of Toichi there is a secret passage to a large secret basement where Kid props, costumes, and gadgets are hidden.

In the 1412 anime series, the painting of Toichi is located in Kaito's room and Nakamori's house is next door to Kuroba's.

Nakamori House

Nakamori House

In the 1412 anime series, Kuroba's house is next door to Nakamori's.

Akako's House

Akako's House

Akako's home is a richly furnished western style mansion on a large piece of property.

Metropolitan Police Division 2 Ekoda Headquarters

Division 2 headquarters (Ekoda?)

A separate building from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Station, Division 2 operates out of these premises at least some of the time.

Exoda High School

Ekoda High school

Ekoda High School (江古田高校 Ekoda Kōkō?) is the high school of Kaito, Aoko, Akako, and Saguru. Ekoda High's winter uniform consists of a midnight blue gakuran for the boys and a navy blue sailor outfit with a red ribbon for the girls. It's also the same school that some of the characters from Yaiba (Sayaka, Yaiba) attend.

Hakuba Labs

Hakuba Family Laboratory


Recurring minor locations


Bridge between Kaito's house and school

Between the Kuroba house and Exoda High School is a river channel bordered by levees. Aoko and Kuroba walk along the riverside on the way to and from their high school. There is a bridge which crosses it. Various characters relax and reflect at the levee, especially when troubled.

Blue Parrot Pool Bar

A billiards parlor and bar owned by Konosuke Jii. It first appears in Magic Kaito in Ch 13 Hustler vs. Magician. Later the parlor appears in Detective Conan with a different appearance in Ch 853 A Detective Encounters a Case in a Bar, and has a bartender named Yuzuki Fukui.