Turbo Engine Skates

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Turbo Engine Skates

Turbo Engine Skates Profile.jpg

Japanese name: ターボエンジンスケート
Romaji name: Tāboenjin sukēto
Created by: Unknown
Used by: Kaitou Kid
First appearance: Manga: Magic Kaito Volume 2 - Chapter 4
Anime: Magic Kaito Special 4
Appearances: Chapters: 1
Chapters: 1
Specials: 1
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The Turbo Engine Skates is one of the many gadgets used by Kaito Kuroba during his heists as the Kaitou Kid.


A set of super fast roller-skates Kid can easily attach on to his shoes for a quick getaway. They are worn by attaching them to a normal pair of shoes, then pulling a special lever, which powers the shoes up.

Plot overview

Kid first uses them in the Emperor's Gold Seal heist to escape from the police. He easily manages to ride up stairwells with them and to walk on a tightrope.

In Detective Conan, the gadget appears for the first time when Kid uses them to escape during the Siren Splash heist. He uses them to garner enough speed to counter the winds in the Fuujin Road, a mechanical tunnel designed by Jirokichi Suzuki and Seria Andou.


  • Kid isn't the first of Gosho Aoyama's characters to use Turbo Engine Skates. Kaito Lupin from Nonchalant Lupin (the prototype for Magic Kaito) had a pair as well which he uses to aid in his escape from the Kikuchi Church with Aoko Holmes.

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