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=== Resolution ===
=== Resolution ===
<spoiler>The culprit is '''Akiko Mizutani'''.</spoiler>
<spoiler>The culprit is '''Akiko Mizutani'''. The motion was that Akiko was going to sell her husband's books behind his back for pocket money while he was in the hospital. But, when Sawada found out the true value of the books, he realized that Akiko tried to cheat him. Sawada threatened to tell Tamaki everything if Akiko didn't give him more. Akiko even admits that even if she paid Sawada a fair share, he might of continued to blackmail her and she would end up with less money for herself. Akiko framed her husband because if he had just sold the books, she wouldn't resorted to the theft. So, Akiko deliberately hid the paper in the books when she had Sawada take them to be appraised, this way he'd immediately realize that he was the thief. She figured that they would get into a fight, then bring Sawada to the park to make the call.</spoiler>
== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==
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== In other languages ==
== In other languages ==
{{BeginTable EpLang}}
{{BeginTable EpLang}}
{{EpLangItem|flag=Thailand|Thai|ร้านหนังสือเก่าแก่ที่ได้ยินเสียงนกหวีด|An Old Bookstore Where You Can Hear a Whistle}}
{{EpLangItem|flag=Thailand|Thai|ร้านหนังสือเก่าแก่ที่ได้ยินเสียงนกหวีด 2|An Old Bookstore Where You Can Hear a Whistle 2}}

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Episode 951

TV Episode 951.jpg

Title: The Whistling Bookstore 2
Japanese title: 汽笛の聞こえる古書店2
(Kiteki no Kikoeru Kosho-ten Tsū)
Broadcast rating: 6.8%
Filler case: #321
Original airdate: August 17, 2019
Season: 27
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Ai Haibara
Detective Boys
Hiroshi Agasa
Juzo Megure
Wataru Takagi
Kazunobu Chiba
Yujiro Tamaki
Ichiro Tamaki
Michiko Yoshikawa
Case solved by: Hiroshi Agasa (via Conan)
Next Conan's Hint: Rare book
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Yuki Nozuka
Storyboard: Hiroaki Takagi
Episode director: Masahiro Takada
Animation director: Seiji Muta, Nobuyuki Iwai and Masatomo Sudo (Supervisors)
Kenichi Otomo and Nanae Yonemoto
Character Design: Hiroshi Ogawa (Design works)
Nobuyuki Iwai
Opening song: ANSWER
Closing song: Kimi to Koi no Mama de Owarenai Itsumo Yume no Mama ja Irarenai
Prev episode: « The Radio Questions and Concerns Show
Next episode: The Unsolved Cocktail Case »
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The Whistling Bookstore 2 (汽笛の聞こえる古書店2 Kiteki no Kikoeru Kosho-ten Tsū?) is the 951st episode of the Detective Conan anime.






Ep951 Case.png

Location: Steam train park
Victim: Ryosuke Sawada
Age: 35 years old
Time: 7 PM
Cause of death: Blow to the head
Suspects: Yujiro Tamaki
After they fought in the bookstore café, Sawada went out and was found dead later with a bloody rock nearby. Since Yujiro has Sawada's blood on him, he is the prime suspect.





In other languages[edit]

Language Title Translation
Flag of Thailand Thai ร้านหนังสือเก่าแก่ที่ได้ยินเสียงนกหวีด 2 An Old Bookstore Where You Can Hear a Whistle 2

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