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{{Gadgets Appearances|
{{Gadgets Appearances|
{{Gadget|Voice-Changing Bowtie}}
{{Gadget|Voice-Changing Bowtie}}
{{Gadget|Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes}}
{{Gadget|Stun-Gun Wristwatch}}
{{Gadget|Stun-Gun Wristwatch}}
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* 31 years old
* 31 years old
* Actor
* Actor
* Akira Nagumo's son
* Role of the daughter´s husband
* Role of the daughter´s husband}}
* Akira Nagumo's son}}
{{People|Ruri Ujo|Ruri_Ujo.jpg|
{{People|Ruri Ujo|Ruri_Ujo.jpg|
* 37 years old
* 37 years old
* Actress
* Actress
* Kogoro Mouri's Childhood Friend
* Role of the old widow
* Role of the old widow}}
* Kogoro Mouri's childhood friend}}

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Episode 305-306

TV Episode 305-306.jpg

Title: The Unseen Suspect
Japanese title: 見えない容疑者
(Mienai Yōgisha)
Original airdate: January 13, 2003 (Part 1)
January 20, 2003 (Part 2)
Season: 11
Manga source: Volume 37: Files 2-4 (374-376)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri
Sango Yokomizo
Eri Kisaki
Jugo Yokomizo
Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri
Conan Edogawa
Next Conan's Hint: Lighter (Part 1)
Shogi, Chess, and Go (Part 2)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Organizer: Chika Ichimaru
Storyboard: Chika Ichimaru
Episode director: 305 Hideki Hiroshima
306 Yoshio Suzuki
Animation director: 305 Masaki Kudo
306 Izumi Shimura
Opening song: I can't stop my love for you♥
Closing song: Overture
Prev episode: « The Trembling Police Headquarters: 12 Million Hostages
Next episode: The Dark Footprint »
List of episodes





Part 1

Kogoro Mouri was invited to make an introduction in an episode of a popular detective TV serial. The star of the show revealed himself to be very disagreeable with the rest of the cast, one of whom, Ruri Amaki turned out to be a fellow classmate of Kogoro when they were children. Ruri revealed to Ran and Conan who were present that she, Kogoro, and Kisaki, were classmates since kindergarten. Ran and Conan learned that the brainy Kisaki and the underachiever Kogoro seemed inexplicably drawn to each other, to quarrel. As the other classmates suspected, time showed that the arguments were intended to disguise their mutual attraction. The star challenged Kogoro to solve the mystery of the murder scene being filmed. To prevent Kogoro from embarrassing himself, Conan used the tranquilizer dart on Kogoro and cracked the puzzle with the clues present. During a break in the filming, the star was discovered with his throat slit, with Ruri over the body and her hands bloody.


EP305-306 Case.jpg

Location: Mansion
Victim: Yoshiki Kazami
Cause of death: Slit wound on the throat
Suspects: Kasumi Namihara, Akira Nagumo, Nobuharu Nagumo, and Ruri Ujo
When Kogoro heard the scream from the mansion, he went there, and found the dead body.

Part 2

During a break in the filming, the star was discovered with his throat slit, with Ruri over the body and her hands bloody. No murder weapon could be found. The immediate suspects were members of the cast, including Ruri and the Nagumo father-son.


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