The Screaming Operation Room

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Episode 625-626

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Title: The Screaming Operation Room
Japanese title: 絶叫手術室
(Zekkyō Operūmu)
Original airdate: July 23, 2011 (Part 1)
July 30, 2011 (Part 2)
Season: 20
Manga source: Volume 72: Files 5-7 (756-758)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Ran Mouri
Sonoko Suzuki
Kogoro Mouri
Wataru Takagi
Inspector Megure
Case solved by: Sonoko Suzuki (via Conan)
Next Conan's Hint: Pedicure (Part 1)
Rain (Part 2)
Director: Koujin Ochi
Organizer: Shigenori Kageyama
Storyboard: Shigenori Kageyama
Episode director: 625 Tomomi Ikeda
626 Kouichirou Kuroda
Animation director: 625 Yumiko Ishii, Kana Miyai, Aki Kumata
626 Michitaka Yamamoto, Kiyotoshi Aoi
Opening song: Don't Wanna Lie
Closing song: Tsukiyo no Itazura no Mahō
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Part 1

Sonoko and Ran clutching Conan in fear in a haunted house.

When Kogoro goes to his alma mater for a "speech", Ran, Sonoko, and Conan end up going with him. Sonsaku Tsujiei, a 4th year student at Beika University, wants Kogoro to look at the haunted house and evaluate its accuracy. When Kogoro takes too long during his speech, Conan, Ran, and Sonoko decide to check out the haunted house themselves. Tsujiei and Kiichi Hachiya (a colleague) escort them into the haunted house only to later play tricks to scare them.

Suicide (Past)

EP625-626 Gallery 10.jpg

Location: Beika University
Victim: Hashiguchi
Cause of death: Poison
Suspects: Sonsaku Tsujiei, Kiichi Hachiya, Anna Tadami, and Mutsumi Suguri
When Tsujiei and Hachiya talk about Hashiguchi commited suicide by poison. He's dead

Meanwhile, Sonoko has been pressuring Ran to properly confess to Shinichi about her feelings towards him. Before they're about to go in, Tadami told them, "Be prepared to feast your eyes upon the manner of my death". Sonoko told Ran that it's going to be all right and she knows it's all fake. Ran told Sonoko she got scared too. Sonoko then said she didn't expected that she would get scared. That's the whole point of haunted houses. When they are in the "Operating Room", Anna Tadami, the victim, is playing the patient during the operation and is convulsing on the operating table. When the trick is over, everyone realizes that Tadami hadn't finished her part. When they try to get her to wake up, Conan realizes she has been poisoned by cyanide.


EP625-626 Case.jpg

Location: Beika University
Victim: Anna Tadami
Cause of death: Potassium cyanide poisoning
Suspects: Sonsaku Tsujiei, Kiichi Hachiya, and Mutsumi Suguri
When Tsujiei and Hachiya tried to wake her up, she isn't breathing. Could this be suicide by taking a poison?

The police have arrived at the scene. The police conclude it to be suicide after finding a cyanide capsule in her mouth and her past obsession with death. However, Conan points out that marks on the victim's face revealed an unknown assailant forced Tadami to bite into the capsule allowing the police to consider the possibility of murder.

Part 2

Conan notices that the blood on the bedsheet is in a thin line.


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