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{{Char|Hiroshi Agasa|display=Hiroshi Agasa (background) }}
{{Char|Chugo Nishiya|display=Chugo Nishiya (flashback)}}
{{Char|Chugo Nishiya|display=Chugo Nishiya (flashback)}}
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{{Char|Chotaro Shinki|display=Chotaro Shinki (flashback)}}
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Episode 779-783

TV Episode 779-783.jpg

Title: 779: A Scarlet Prologue
780: A Scarlet Pursuit
781: A Scarlet Intersection
782: A Scarlet Return
783: A Scarlet Truth
Japanese title: 緋色の序章
(Hiiro no Joshō)
(Hiiro no Tsuikyū)
(Hiiro no Kōsaku)
(Hiiro no Kikan)
(Hiiro no Shinsō)
Original airdate: May 30, 2015 (A Scarlet Prologue)
June 6, 2015 (A Scarlet Pursuit)
June 13 , 2015 (A Scarlet Intersection)
June 20, 2015 (A Scarlet Return)
June 27, 2015 (A Scarlet Truth)
Broadcast rating: 7.4% (779)
8.1% (780)
8.5% (781)
6.6% (782)
9.4% (783)
Manga case: #258%
Season: 24
Manga source: Volume 84: Files 9-11 (891-893) ~
Volume 85: File 1-5 (894-898)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Tooru Amuro
Jodie Starling
Andre Camel
Shuichi Akai
Hidemi Hondou
Inspector Megure
Wataru Takagi
Rikumichi Kusuda
Ai Haibara
Shiho Miyano
Detective Boys
Sumiko Kobayashi
Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Subaru Okiya
Yusaku Kudo
Yukiko Kudo
Azusa Enomoto
James Black
Scar Akai
Professor Agasa
Chugo Nishiya
Chotaro Shinki
Case solved by: Conan Edogawa
Tooru Amuro
Next Conan's Hint: Answer sheet (A Scarlet Prologue)
Flower circle (A Scarlet Pursuit)
Rikumichi Kusuda (A Scarlet Intersection)
Raiha Pass (A Scarlet Return)
Macademy Awards (A Scarlet Truth)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Organizer: 779 Umesaburo Sagawa, Yasuichiro Yamamoto
780 Umesaburo Sagawa, Yasuichiro Yamamoto
781 Nobuharu Kamanaka
782 Nobuharu Kamanaka
783 Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Storyboard: 779 Umesaburo Sagawa, Yasuichiro Yamamoto
780 Umesaburo Sagawa, Yasuichiro Yamamoto
781 Nobuharu Kamanaka
782 Nobuharu Kamanaka
783 Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Episode director: 779 Minoru Tozawa
780 Takanori Yano
781Nobuharu Kamanaka
782 Akira Yoshimura
783 Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Animation director: 779 Masatomo Sudo (supervisor), Seiji Muta (supervisor), Keiko Sasaki
780 Masatomo Sudo (supervisor), Seiji Muta (supervisor), Akio Kawamura
781 Masatomo Sudo (supervisor), Seiji Muta (supervisor), Kenichi Otomo, Tomoko Fukunaga
782 Masatomo Sudo (supervisor), Seiji Muta (supervisor), Nobuyuki Iwai
783 Masatomo Sudo (supervisor), Seiji Muta (supervisor), Hajime Kamegaki (mechanical supervisor), Nariyuki Takahashi, Chiemi Hironaka, Nobuyuki Iwai (asst.), Kenichi Otomo (asst.), Akio Kawamura (asst.), Hirobi Muranaka (asst.)
Opening song: WE GO
Closing song: Kimi e no Uso
Prev episode: « The Missing Angel in a Mirage
Next episode: Welcome to Orihime Club »
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Former title is "Bourbon vs. FBI: Scarlet Prologue".





A Scarlet Prologue

This episode begins with a flashback outside Haido Central Hospital, where Tooru Amuro obtains information from Detective Takagi regarding Rikumichi Kusuda and deduces that Rikumichi was shot by a gun.

At the present, Natsuko Shibuya, a teacher at Haido Elementary School, receives a call from Jodie Starling while grading math tests at night. Natsuko tells Jodie she needed to meet with some parents soon after. After the conversation, Andre Camel asks Jodie about Natusko, and Jodie tells him that Natusko was her acquaintance. Natsuko was involved in a case while studying abroad in America, and Jodie helped her out. Jodie also reveals that she was able to go undercover in Japan as an English teacher because Natsuko taught her Japanese.

Meanwhile, Tooru Amuro and Vermouth are inside a white car, waiting for Natsuko, who is actually his client and can potentially help him deduce the truth behind Shuichi Akai's death. Suddenly, they hear the sound of someone falling, and he sees a silhouette of another person on top of the stairs of Haido Park. They get off the car, only to see Natusko fainting at the bottom of the stairs; in other words, the person on top of the stairs was the culprit that attacked her.

Attempted Murder

EP779-783 Case.jpg

Location: Haido Elementary School
Victim: Natsuko Shibuya
Suspects: Yoshiharu Sugamoto, Akiyo Ueno, and Fumiyuki Kandachi

The next day, after school, Conan boards Jodie's car to warn her and the FBI to not leak out any information regarding the death of Rikumichi, since Tooru Amuro is conducting his own investigation. Conan also wanted to tell her something else about him, but she gets interrupted by a call. On the phone, Takagi tells her that Natusko is severely injured and that she needs to head to the crime scene right away. The police already called Andre out before she arrived at Haido Park, since last night she had to call Natsuko with his phone because hers was out of power.

While they were investigating the crime, the police mention they knew Natsuko was a teacher. Conan asks them how they knew, and Takagi tells him that inside her bag were a bunch of graded answer sheets. From this Conan deduces that Natsuko was not attacked at Haido Park, but actually at school; teachers are not supposed to bring graded sheets home, as that would leak out the students' personal information. Even if teachers bring the tests home, none of the tests should be graded. They immediately head to Haido Elementary School to investigate further.

The police search up Natsuko's call history again and found three suspects: Yoshiharu Sugamoto, Akiyo Ueno, and Fumiyuki Kandachi. From the luminol reaction on Natusko's desk, they conclude she in fact was attacked at school. While the police were questioning the suspects, Tooru Amuro comes into the teacher's office, which completely surprised Conan. After finding out that Jodie and Andre were FBI agents, Amuro begins to insult the FBI. This enraged Andre Camel, not just because of the insult, but also because in the past Amuro tried to do something bad to Shuichi Akai. Jodie manages to quell his rage so that Amuro would not know the FBI is aware that Amuro is a Black Organization member. Inspector Megure and Detective Takagi learn that Amuro was the one who reported Natusko's incident, is investigating her stalker, and is acting as her bodyguard.

A Scarlet Pursuit

Inspector Megure and Detective Takagi question the three suspects again, this time in further detail. After this, they, Jodie, Andre, Amuro, and Conan examine the picture containing Natsuko's graded tests. Amuro and Conan immediately figure out who the culprit is.

Before the case is solved, Amuro taunts the two FBI agents once again, and he tells them: "I wish you'd get out... of my Japan." Conan notices that strange line and pulls Amuro to a corner, asking if Amuro is an enemy of the bad guys (referring to the Black Organization), but Amuro tells him he got the wrong idea.

At this point, Conan seems to know Amuro's real identity: he is actually a member of the Security Police. However, Conan is concerned that if he actually gets the wrong idea, Akai's faked death plan will be revealed to the Black Organization. Conan does know that there is still one piece of information Amuro does not know about, and that Amuro will do anything to obtain it.

As Amuro solves the case, Conan suddenly wonders why the FBI agents and a Black Organization member somehow met up at the same crime scene. He pulls Jodie and Andre over and asks them a few questions. Jodie tells him that last night Natsuko sent an email to her asking whether they can go drinking, but Natsuko told her during the call that she does not recall sending such an email. Conan figures out what is going on, but before he can tell Jodie, Amuro, who knew what he was doing, interrupts them. Amuro and Conan proceed to reveal the culprit.

A Scarlet Intersection

Andre meets up with Jodie and Conan only to realize that the Jodie he talked to previously was Vermouth. Because Andre leaked out the fact that Rikumichi shot himself, Amuro now knows that Akai indeed faked his death.

Back at the hospital, Conan explained to Andre and Jodie that they had completely fallen for Amuro and Vermouth's plan. The plan went as follows:

At one point, Amuro took Natsuko's phone and sent an email to Jodie asking if they can go drinking. This was fairly easy because Natusko was Amuro's client. The purpose of sending that message is to force Jodie to use Andre's phone to call Natsuko at night, as Amuro predicted Jodie's phone would be dead by then. That way, both Andre and Jodie will be called to the crime scene after the police examine Natusko's call history. While they were outside investigating, Vermouth easily would have a chance to secretly take pictures of Jodie and prepare a perfect disguise. Even if Kandachi did not attack Natsuko, Amuro and Vermouth would try to injure her outside, and the result would be the same.

They would then call to tell Jodie that Natusko is in critical condition, thus bringing her and Andre to the hospital and separating them. When Jodie and Conan charged toward Natusko's room, Amuro provoked Andre by calling him a lowly investigator. That way, when Vermouth, who is dressed up as Jodie, pulls Andre away, he would lower his guard and accidentally leak out information regarding Rikumichi Kusuda.

When Andre told Jodie and Conan that he leaked out the fact that Rikumichi shot himself, Conan was in complete shock (to the point where he did not notice Jodie calling out his name multiple times), because he knows that Amuro completely figured out Akai's faked death. As Amuro and Vermouth were driving, he explains to her that Akai is still alive, but she finds that idea ridiculous, since Akai's "death" was recorded by a camera attached to Kir. He tells her that once he finds a lead, he can find Akai in less than a day.

The next day, the Detective Boys find out that Conan is not coming to school because he had a cold, according to Haibara. However, she knows that Conan is up to something because she saw him talking to Professor Agasa privately. Towards evening, Ran was in the middle of cooking dinner when she wanted to ask Conan when the Macademy Awards start. Unfortunately, Kogoro tells her that he went to eat dinner at the professor's house. When Kogoro asks her why she wants to watch them, she tells him that it is because Yusaku Kudo was nominated for Best Original Script.

At night, Subaru Okiya is in Shinichi's house, watching the Macademy Awards and having some tea. Someone rings the doorbell and tells Subaru that it was from delivery; however, when he opens the door, Amuro appears before his eyes. While they talk, Amuro's colleagues are waiting right outside the front gate.

Meanwhile, Jodie and Andre are driving toward Raiha Pass, the place where Akai "died". Jodie thinks they might find something there because she noticed Conan's strange behavior while investigating Natsuko's incident and his shock from earlier in this episode. They do not notice that someone is sitting in the back of the car...

A Scarlet Return

Subaru Okiya invites Tooru Amuro into Shinichi's house for some tea and Amuro begins to explain Akai's faked death trick. Meanwhile, Jodie and Andre, on their way to Raiha Pass, also realize that Akai's death was faked. In reality, the one who planned all of this was not Akai, but actually Conan.

Later, Jodie and Andre realize they were being followed, so he sped up the car. As they discussed where Akai might be, Jodie guesses that Akai was most likely Subaru because they both talk about the odds being 50/50 (in other words, their styles of speech were similar). Amuro also comes to that conclusion, after a bit of research, and informs Subaru that his colleagues are currently trying to capture the two FBI agents. Amuro then tells Subaru to remove his mask and reveal his true identity, which Amuro seems certain that it is Shuichi Akai. As Jodie and Andre attempt to escape, they see a barricade of cars up ahead. Andre somehow makes it through by clipping the right side of the car onto a mountain slope, making the car tip and roll forward on two wheels.

After Subaru removes the mask, Amuro is not satisfied and tells him to remove his entire disguise, leaving Subaru confused. Just then, at Mouri Detective Agency, Ran sees on television that Yusaku Kudo won the award for Best Original Script; sadly, Kogoro sits in front of the TV getting drunk and sleeping.

Andre made it past the barricade, but he damaged the car's right tire in the process; as a result, Amuro's colleagues have a second chance to capture him and Jodie. Back at Shinichi's house, Amuro notices that there are ten surveillance cameras in the house. It turns out that Conan is hiding in a room in that house, observing Amuro carefully. Amuro's colleagues are getting closer and closer to Jodie and Andre's car, but he could not speed up any further. Amuro tells Subaru to take off his choker voice changer, since he thinks that Akai is using it to act out a completely different man. However, when he removed Subaru's turtleneck, he was surprised to see it was not there.

Amuro's colleagues are now right beside Jodie and Andre's car. Just when everything seems over, someone in the back tells Andre to open the roof of the car. They are shocked to see that the one sitting in the back was actually Shuichi Akai. Even Amuro's colleagues could not believe it, so they pull back and call Amuro to tell him that Akai is actually in that car.

Akai tells Andre to keep the car steady for five seconds once they are on a 200 meter long straightway up ahead because he can end this chase. When Jodie asks where Akai has been all this time and why he is in the car, he tells her that everything is going according to Conan's plan.

A Scarlet Truth

Akai takes out a gun and shoots down the front car's tires, causing all of Amuro's colleagues' cars to crash into each other and be rendered useless for further pursuit. However, Akai tells Andre to turn back and drive toward the cars. Back at Shinichi's house, as Amuro got the news that Akai shot the cars down, Yusaku Kudo begins to make his speech upon being rewarded the Best Original Script award. He reveals that the man who inspired him to write "The Scarlet Investigator" was Shuichi Akai. During the speech, Ran was surprised to see Yusaku acting strangely cute.

The FBI agents return to meet up with Amuro's colleagues. Akai borrows a colleague's phone to talk to Amuro, and in exchange he gives them the gun he just fired at them, which turned out to be the one Rikumichi Kusuda used to shoot himself. After all, Amuro's colleagues are better suited to examine that gun than the FBI are. Knowing that Amuro revealed his nickname to be "Zero" to Conan, Akai reveals his real name to be Rei Furuya. Akai had already suspected him as a Black Organization member long before his real name was revealed. Back when Akai was working undercover, Bourbon had attempted to turn him over in order to get into the heart of the organization. Akai tells him that they shouldn't lose sight of the real prey in their hunt, and that he doesn't want Furuya as an enemy. Akai also tells him he still feels sorry for that guy. After the conversation, Amuro and his colleagues, with their identities exposed, stop pursuing the FBI agents.

After Furuya and his colleagues leave, Subaru meets up with Conan. Here, Subaru at that time is revealed to actually be Yusaku Kudo, and the man receiving the Best Original Script award is actually Yukiko Kudo in disguise, wearing a choker voice changer. Conan tells his father that the FBI agent will come back to live in the Kudo's house, as there is someone that person must protect.

The next day, Yukiko comes home to remake the Subaru Okiya disguise. Subaru Okiya was actually Shuichi Akai all along, and Jodie and Andre are shocked to see Akai in disguise. Even though Furuya was fooled, Akai actually does use Professor Agasa's choker voice changer and Yukiko's disguises to become Subaru. After Conan explains to Jodie and Andre how Akai ended up residing in Shinichi's house, Yukiko gives Conan a kiss and leaves to board a flight. Jodie and Andre then learn that James Black knew about Akai's plan already, and Akai explains to them that he had to reveal it because James noticed the coating on Akai's fingers that was used to hide his fingerprints. This was during the time Akai tried to stop James from calling Jodie after learning that he had to head toward Raiha Pass to meet Kir. Akai did not tell Jodie and Andre anything about his faked death plan because he had to make it real; otherwise, the Black Organization will not be convinced that Akai was actually "dead". The Black Organization actually did investigate to confirm Akai's death by using the disguise of Scar Akai. Akai also tells Jodie and Andre that Furuya's hatred of him was deeper than he thought, but before Jodie can tell him to elaborate, someone rings the doorbell.

Conan opens the door and is surprised to see Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko standing outside. Those three kids actually wanted to ask Subaru to solve a mystery for them. As everyone in Shinichi's house tries to solve it, Furuya tells Vermouth that Akai is actually dead. He happens to know a secret regarding Vermouth and the boss of the Black Organization. He also knows that a secret police agent under the codename Scotch used to infiltrate the organization, but he is now dead.

After Akai and Conan solve the mystery for the two FBI agents and the Detective Boys, Akai tells the FBI agents that Kir sent a message to him this morning. The message says "Rum", which happens to be the codename of the boss's close advisor and is higher in position than Gin is. Akai tells them to relay to James that Rum is on the move, while Conan secretly hears their conversation with his earphones.

Later, Conan enters Poirot and calls Furuya a liar. Furuya returns the favor, and they smile at each other.


  • Resolution


    • In April 2015, Episodes 779-780 were going to be Episodes 780-781.
      • The titles "A Scarlet Prologue" and "A Scarlet Pursuit" were "Bourbon vs. FBI: Scarlet Prologue (Part 1/Part 2)" (バーボンvsFBI ~緋色の序章 (前編/後編) Bābon VS FBI: Hiiro no Joshō (Zenpen/Kōhen)?).
      • Episode 779 was "Welcome to Orihime Club". (after Episode 784)


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