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== Gallery ==
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Episode 775-776

TV Episode 775-776.jpg

Title: The Manipulated Great Detective
Japanese title: あやつられた名探偵
(Ayatsurareta Meitantei)
Original airdate: April 25, 2015 (Part 1)
May 2, 2015 (Part 2)
Broadcast rating: 6,90%
Filler case: #237
Season: 24
Manga source: TV Original
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri
Ran Mouri
Juzo Megure
Wataru Takagi
Miwako Sato
Kazunobu Chiba
Sonoko Suzuki
Case solved by: Conan Edogawa
Kogoro Mouri
Next Conan's Hint: Infiltration (Part 1)
Power outage (Part 2)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Junichi Miyashita
Storyboard: Shigenori Kageyama
Episode director: 775 Makiko Hayase
776 Keiya Saito
Animation director: 775 Seiji Muta (supervisor), Akane Imada, Yui Ushinohama (asst.), Nozomi Sakamoto (asst.), Yui Kinoshita (asst.)
776 Seiji Muta (supervisor), Akio Kawamura
Opening song: WE GO
Closing song: Kimi e no Uso
Prev episode: « Munch's Missing Scream
Next episode: Detective Boys vs. Elderly Detective League »
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Part 1

Kogoro Mouri is asked to infiltrate a robber group. However, his identity is discovered by Mr. Head, the boss of the group. Mr. Head requests Kogoro to find the one who killed his son among the group members. If he doesn't do it or if he calls the police, then Ran will be killed.

That evening, Takagi and Satou pose as a wealthy couple to infiltrate an illegal casino with Megure and the rest waiting outside as attacking force. Unfortunately, the casino is also the same one that the robber group targets for their loots.


EP775 Case.jpg

Location: Casino
Culprits: Mr. Eyes, Mr. Nose, Mr. Mouth, and Mr. Moustache

Conan quickly follows the robbers and Kogoro through the sewer system, using shortcut to get ahead of them. After reaching the exit, he hides in Miss Lip's car. Soon enough, the robbers and Kogoro exit the tunnel and get on the car and drive off as they're chased by the police. Using her ungodly driving skill, Miss Lip successfully causes all the police cars, among them Megure and Chiba, to crash. She also notice that the car's back weight strange, and cause the robbers to discover Conan hiding in it. Meanwhile at the agency, Ran receives a call from the police, with someone spying on her from afar.

Part 2

As the group reaches their hideout, they find that it is made to resemble the crime scene where Mr. Pimple, a.k.a. Mr. Head's son, was killed. All of them, including Kogoro and Conan, is locked inside, until the culprit is revealed.

Murder (Past)

EP775 Case2.jpg

Location: Underground Casino
Victim: Mr. Pimple
Age: 18 years old
Time: One Year ago
Cause of death: Gunshot Wound
Suspects: Mr. Nose, Mr. Mouth, Mr. Eyes, and Miss Lip


  • Resolution


    • The robbers' car is a 1990 Purple Cadillac Brougham. The license plate number is 新宿 378, ま 95-82 (Shinjuku 378, Ma 95-82).
    • The suspect car is a 2002 Black BMW 3 [E46]. The license plate number is 新宿 330, は 82-04 (Shinjuku 330, Ha 82-04).


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan El gran detectiu, entre l'espasa i la paret

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