The Locked Room in the Sky: Shinichi Kudo's First Case

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Episode 162

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Title: The Locked Room in the Sky: Shinichi Kudo's First Case
Japanese title: 空飛ぶ密室 工藤新一最初の事件
(Soratobu Misshitsu Kudō Shin'ichi Saisho no Jiken)
Original airdate: September 27, 1999
Season: 6
Manga source: Volume 21: Files 4-7 (204-207)
Cast: Shinichi Kudo
Conan Edogawa
Ran Mouri
Inspector Megure
Wataru Takagi
Kogoro Mouri
Detective Boys
Case solved by: Shinichi Kudo
Next Conan's Hint: One-yen coin
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Kenji Kodama
Organizer: Kenji Kodama
Masato Sato
Storyboard: Kenji Kodama
Masato Sato
Episode director: Masato Sato
Animation director: Mari Tominaga
Miwa Oshima (assistant)
Opening song: Girigiri chop
Closing song: Free Magic
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In Tokyo International Airport, Conan and the group are going to take a trip to Okinawa by taking a plane called 747 jet, a 70.7 meter passenger plane. Kogoro is annoyed by taking the kids along. Agasa won a trip to Okinawa and gave the tickets to Kogoro, Ran, Conan, and the Detective Boys. Unfortunately, Agasa can't come along because he has a cold and Haibara is going to take care of him. Later, the plane went up to the sky and Ayumi is telling Conan to look through the window to see a great view. But Conan is sleeping and Ran tells Ayumi to not wake him up. When Ran takes Conan's glasses off of his face, she smiled. It reminds her of the face of Shinichi sleeping. Ran falls asleep and dreams about being in the plane called Luna Airliners with Shinichi going to Los Angeles.

In the plane going to Los Angeles, it started when Ran is still taking a nap. Until sudden, the company employee named Tsuneo Ukai is telling the photographer named Kazuhiro Otaka to not smoke in the non smoking area. Otaka said sorry to Ukai and spits smoke at him in a rude way. Next to him is another photographer named Tsugumi Amano, also his girlfriend, and she tells him to cut it out. Otaka then tells Amano to lighten up because he will be rich by selling the negatives to the newspaper office in Los Angeles. Another photographer named Chizuru Tachikawa mentions about the negatives if they are real or not. She also mentions that the congressman from America might have come to Japan to spread rumors. It would be embarrassing if they caught a wrong person by taking a picture. Otaka tells them that he already sent two pictures and they confirmed it's the right person. After the conversation, Otaka sees Saginuma, another photographer, that he's sleeping. Of course, Otaka takes a nap too by putting a mask on to cover his eyes. Another man who's in front of Otaka is the freelance journalist, Edward Crowe and he's just looking at Otaka.

Amano called the stewardess to bring her medicine because she's kind of sick right now. Ukai just stood up and went through the plane until the stewardess asks him if there is a problem. Ukai is not comfortable sitting in a plane. Meanwhile, Amano is still getting sick and Tachikawa then switches seat with her. The stewardess arrives with the medicine and gives it to Tachikawa that she will give it to Amano to take the medicine. They notice that Otaka is missing from his seat. He must've used the restroom.

Later, the drunk passenger is knocking on the restroom door for telling the person who's using the restroom to hurry up. The stewardess asks the drunk passenger is there a problem and the drunk passenger says that he knocks on the door but no one is answering. The stewardess unlocks the door and opens it. They found the dead body of Kazuhiro Otaka.


EP162 Case.jpg

Location: Luna Airliners restroom
Victim: Kazuhiro Otaka
Cause of death: Suffocation due to cervical spinal cord injury
Suspects: Tsuneo Ukai, Tsugumi Amano, Chizuru Tachikawa, Noboru Saginuma, and Edward Crowe

The stewardess screams and wakes up all the passengers in the plane. Another stewardess makes an announcement saying that there is sick person onboard. Suddenly, Inspector Megure from Tokyo Metropolitan Police happens to be the passenger onboard and asks the stewardess is there a sick person. Ran heard the people saying they found the dead body in the restroom. Ran is about to tell the person next to her that something horrible happens but he's gone. Inspector Megure was surprised that he met Ran. Ran asks Inspector Megure that if it's true that there's a dead body in the restroom. Megure tells Ran not to worry and he will handle the investigation. Then, the stewardess takes Megure where the dead body was found. Suddenly, a strange boy deduces that the cause of death is probably nerve damage. The weapon is pointed but has no blade, like a ice pick. But before he was killed, someone made him take something that put him to sleep. He knows the culprit is still on the plane. Inspector Megure angrily asks who he is and the strange boy reveals himself as, "Shinichi Kudo" the detective. Megure remembers Yusaku Kudo as his friend and hardly recognizes Shinichi when he was a young boy. He is happy to see him but angrily got him out of the crime scene because it is an official police investigation. Then, Megure asks the stewardess that if he could borrow the camera from someone for taking a picture of the crime scene. The stewardess said that Shinichi already took the pictures and already returned the camera to someone else. Shinichi deduces that from the appearance of the corpse, and the hardening of the chin, he has been dead for one or two hours. There are three things that Shinichi cannot understand: First, there are some bloodstains on the wall, but there are no stains on the back of victim's clothes. Second, to the right of the death causing injury, there is a scratch made by smoothing else. Third is the corpse's left side pocket. The inside is soaking wet, but the victim's hand is dry. Even if someone did put a wet hand in the pocket, it still shouldn't get that wet. Megure sees that but until sudden, he pushes Shinichi to go away and he'll handle the case. Megure asks the stewardess to go wake the police officer up next to his empty seat to help him investigate. Ran tells Shinichi to stop being so professional or else he'll get in trouble. Takagi had arrived at the crime scene and starts investigating with Megure. The cause of death is suffocation after a spinal nerve was damaged. The weapon the culprit used is something like an ice pick. From the hardness and texture of the body, he died one or two hours ago. They found the bottle and a handkerchief in the trash. It looks like the culprit probably soaked the handkerchief with chloroform from the bottle. So the victim died in his sleep. The stewardess were surprised that they made the same deduction like Shinichi. Takagi wonders of who he is and Megure explains that he's Yusaku Kudo's son. He told Takagi that in the past, whenever he gets stuck on cases, his friend Yusaku always solved for him. He remembered Shinichi as a little kid who used to follow his father to the crime scenes. He was so good at analyzing the crime scenes so quickly. Takagi became really impressed after hearing that, and wonders if they could ask for his help, but until sudden, Megure calls Takagi an idiot in a big fuss because he doesn't want any help from an amateur.

Next, Megure and Takagi decided to find some eyewitnesses but of course Shinichi interrupts again that he's the only witness who saw everything. He thinks it's four suspects. The ones that went to the bathroom, besides the victim. He doesn't remember how long each one took, but he can recognize them. Since his seat is in the back, he was watching them the whole time. No one from the smoking area went toward the bathroom, so he's pretty sure of it.

Megure asks Shinichi who the four suspects are and Shinichi shows it to him. Two women next to the victim's empty seat named Tsugumi Amano and Chizuru Tachikawa. The man sitting next to the aisle is Tsuneo Ukai and the man named Edward Crowe in the front. The four people are sitting very close to each other. Tachikawa and Amano are wondering what's going on.

When they showed four people including Saginuma to the victim, Amano cries over his death. Tachikawa asks why would Otaka be murdered. Megure is about to explain but Ukai mentions that it's because of the negatives. He would sell them to the newspapers for a lot of money. But there were no negatives in Otaka's possession. Saginuma asks that he was murdered with a sharp object jabbed into his neck. Megure confirms that is correct which means this culprit was professional. Saginuma, Otaka, Amano, and Tachikawa are just photographer friends who are on vacation. He thinks Megure have the wrong suspects but actually they are confirmed to be suspects by Shinichi. Someone with enough medical and drug knowledge, as well as the right weapon, anyone of them including Saginuma could have done it.

Megure now asks each five people exactly what happened when they went to the restroom. Amano said that she wasn't feeling well, so she went to the restroom to throw up. When she came back, Otaka was still in his seat. After that, she asked the flight attendant for air sickness medicine. The flight attendant can vouch for her. She remembered what happened very clearly. Megure asks the flight attendant is it true and the flight attendant said yes that she remembered Otaka was sleeping very soundly at that time. Ukai saw them too, from across the aisle. Ukai said that Amano looked like that she was asking the flight attendant for medication. The flight attendant gave her some. Shortly after, he left to go the restroom. It took about five minutes. Megure said that Ukai should have been sitting next to the victim, with the aisle between Ukai. Ukai said he was uncomfortable, so he walked around for a bit. When the flight attendant came back with the medicine and water, Otaka already left his seat. It took less than a minute. Tachikawa went to the bathroom too, a whole after Tsugumi had taken the medicine. It had been about twenty minutes. Since Otaka hadn't come back yet, she went to check on him. At that time, he was still alive. She knocked and asked, "Is anything wrong?" Suddenly, Otaka answered back by knocking. Tachikawa is sure of it because she had already tried the three other restrooms. Nobody was in any of them. Next for Edward, Shinichi asks him in English saying when did he go the toilet. Edward said he doesn't remember when he did, unfortunately. Until sudden, Shinichi coughs because Edward has a very strong cologne. Suddenly, Saginuma wonders how long is the police going to keep up with the pointless questioning. The one who has the weapon is the culprit so he thinks the police search the other four because he said as for him, he was asleep the entire time so he never left his seat. Until sudden, Ukai calls Saginuma a liar because he knows that he left his seat that's behind Otaka's. Saginuma got confused and Megure asks what is he saying. Ukai said that Otaka was in his seat before he left the restroom. At that time, Saginuma wasn't in his seat. Saginuma asks Ukai that what is he talking about because he was so sure that he was asleep the entire time. He also said that the other four had gone to the restroom and points at Shinichi that he saw it too. Since all five of them are suspects, the police are going to do a body search in the restrooms. Also they must inspect their luggages to find the murder weapon.

Later, the police couldn't find a murder weapon by searching the five people's bodies and luggages. No one had anything like an ice pick and what's more, the suspicious areas of the plane were all searched too. There was nothing to be find. Shinichi thinks this is very interesting. Since the weapon can't be found on the plane, it must be because the culprit hid it well. That must be the culprit's final trump card. Shinichi knows that he can find the card right in the culprit's hand before the plane lands.

Shinichi tells Megure to do a search again. Since the weapon cannot be found on the plane, it must still be on the culprit, so they start searching again. First is Tachikawa's baggage. There's passport, wallet, handkerchief, make-up, tissues, tickets, sunglasses, camera, a notebook, and a pen. No weapon but Shinichi asks about the ball point pen that did they take it apart. Takagi did took apart of the ball point pen. Now for Amano, she has passport, wallet, towel, a wool cap, make-up, a camera, handkerchief, a sewing set, and some motion sickness medicine as well. The only things that can be considered a weapon are the scissors and needles inside the sewing set. Neither of those would do the job. Next for Ukai, he has passport, tickets, wallet, handkerchief, electric razor, towel, and a shaving cream. Now for Edward, they were about to check his briefcase. Shinichi notice that there's a strong cologne near his neck, but not on his wrist. In Edward's briefcase, it has passport, wallet, handkerchief, tickets, towel, newspaper, two novels, glasses, a sewing set, an American Express bank card, and a checkbook. Megure is about to ask Edward about the checkbook but he can't speak English fluently. Shinichi asks him instead. Edward said he was about to buy some art objects at the auction in Japan but nothing caught his eyes. Last one is Saginuma, he has passport, wallet, handkerchief, camera, negatives, a wristwatch, cigarettes, a lighter, tickets, and motion sickness medicine. He has lots of medicine because he never fail to get sick. When Shinichi checks the negatives, he sees the pictures of American Congressman, Representative Dickson. Tachikawa mentions that those are the same pictures that Otaka took. Saginuma suddenly said those are his negatives not Otaka's. He took the pictures with Otaka at the hotel. Otaka's picture is so much better than his but he wanted to see if the newspaper office would buy all of the photographs at once, including his. After checking their belongings, the police are now going to do a body search in the restroom. The police will search the men and the stewardess will search the women. Shinichi checks out the area where Otaka sits. Judging from the seating arrangement, Saginuma was in the seat behind him. Edward was in front. To Otaka's side was Amano and Tachikawa was by the window. Then, Ukai was to the left. Suddenly, Shinichi found the negative fragment next to Otaka's empty seat. Ran came to Shinichi and told him that the body search is over but the police still can't find the murder weapon. All five people had enough of this and got angry about it. Megure and Takagi already checked everything but except one thing they are going to check. They are going to check Otaka's luggage.

Takagi opens the overhead bin door and asks Amano which luggage is Otaka's. Amano points to the bag so she reaches to get it with her right arm but stops. Amano remembers that Otaka said something strange. About a week ago, he left his bag in the photo studio. The next day, he found the bag had been cut up with a knife. So it's the new bag that Otaka brought currently and Amano reaches to get it with her left arm. In Otaka's bag, there's passport, camera, film case, sunglasses, three packs of cigarettes, wallet, towel, extra film, two magazines, wristwatch, and tickets. Nothing similar to the murder weapon. Takagi checks out Otaka's passport which it says he's from Japan, his date of birth: November 3, 1969, he's male, and Takagi remembers that three years ago, Kazuhiro Otaka won the newspaper's big journalistic photography contest. The picture he won was about the mother handing her baby to the fireman during a big apartment fire.

Shinichi wonders what's wrong with this case. The weapon is missing and everyone saw different things. No one's alibi can be verified. Meanwhile, Ukai is still accusing Saginuma that he's the culprit. He knows that Saginuma is lying about sleeping the whole time. He saw it when Amano was taking medication, Saginuma wasn't in his seat. He points to the stewardess who also saw it. The stewardess confirms it because when she saw Ukai walking around the plane, she went to stop him. So she started talking to Ukai. Then he asked the stewardess to watch Otaka, so she could stop Otaka if he started smoking in the non-smoking area. Megure asks where was Saginuma at that time. The stewardess doesn't think he was in his seat until sudden, Saginuma just went to the stewardess by grabbing her shoulders and asks what is she talking about because he knows he was in his seat. Megure asks the other stewardess that she brought the medicine to Amano and she confirms it. Saginuma asks her that he was asleep in his seat but unfortunately, she can't remember. When Shinichi asks something to the stewardess by whispering, she said yes. Shinichi had finally figured out who the culprit is. If he's right, then everyone's confessions, the negative on the seat, the blood in the bathroom, and Otaka's wet pocket all fits together. But he still couldn't find the weapon. It wasn't found in the people's luggage. Shinichi asks Ran that she's a high school student and obviously she is. He then asks Ran something that's inappropriate by whispering and then Ran said yes that's how the thing are made that way. Shinichi finally found the trump card that the culprit used to killed the victim.


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