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| style="vertical-align: top" | [[File:EP52-1.jpg|x115px|thumb|left|Cherry in bloom]]
| style="vertical-align: top" | [[File:EP52-2.jpg|x115px|thumb|left|Waterfall]]
| style="vertical-align: top" | [[File:EP52-2.jpg|x115px|thumb|left|Waterfall]]
| style="vertical-align: top" | [[File:EP52-3.jpg|x115px|thumb|left|Cherry in bloom]]

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Movie 2

Movie 2.jpg

Official trailer
Title: The Fourteenth Target
English Title: The Fourteenth Target
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン 14番目の標的
(Meitantei Konan: Jūyon Banme no Taagetto)
Original airdate: April 18, 1998
English airdate: November 20, 2007
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Eri Kisaki
Midori Kuriyama
Juzo Megure
Ninzaburo Shiratori
Hiroshi Agasa
Sonoko Suzuki
Detective Boys
Shinichi Kudo
Midori Megure
Yusaku Kudo
Presiding judge
Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri (via Conan)
Director: Kenji Kodama
Screenplay: Kazunari Kouchi
Storyboard: Masato Sato
Kou Matsuzono
Kenji Kodama
Producer: Masato Sato
Atsushi Yano (asst.)
Kazuhiko Ishii (asst.)
Animation Director: Masatomo Sudo (chief)
Satoshi Ishino
Masahiko Itojima
Seiji Muta
Kumiko Shishido
Kei Hyoudou
Yoshihiro Shimizu
Yasuo Hoshina
Theme song: Shōjo no Koro ni Modotta Mitai ni
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Detective Conan Movie Novelization

The Fourteenth Target is the 2nd movie in the Detective Conan franchise. It was released in Japan on April 18, 1998.

Characters introduced





At the beginning of the movie, Ran has a dream of her mother, Eri, being shot. Ran later calls Eri and tells her of her dream.

The scene then briefly changes to a scene of a jail, where a man named Jo Murakami holds out a notebook that says, "Beika City, Kogoro Mouri."

Ayumi tries Conan's fortune, which is "A chance for an A (kiss)".

The scene transitions again to the Detective Boys waiting on a bench for Professor Agasa. While waiting, Ayumi tries a love match, and the machine tells her Conan and Ayumi are a perfect match. She then tries Conan's fortune, which is "A chance for an A (kiss)"; when Conan hears this he wonders how old that machine is. Agasa then comes, and takes the Detective Boys to the Tohto[1] Aeronautic Memorial Museum.

On display there, there are many kinds of helicopters and planes. While there, Agasa tries to give a quiz, only to be intercepted by Mitsuhiko. Mitsuhiko's quiz: Three guys, born on New Year's Day, April Fool's, and Children's Day formed a club. What was their club called? The answer: Tonakai (Reindeer). If you add up their birthdays, they become To-na-kai, a kind of audio-visual pun. Once Conan answers the quiz, they see Shishido Eimei taking pictures around the museum. Back at the Mouri Detective Agency, Jo Murakami is shown knocking on the door. When he gets no answer, he leaves.

Ran is shown with Sonoko at the autograph signing of one of the essayist, Minoru Nishina, his books, where she tells him to keep writing "tasty" books. They later go to a café, and Ran mentions the fight that caused Kogoro's and Eri's divorce when she was seven. Ran also mentions that the dinner with Eri is at seven o'clock.

Conan later comes back to the agency to see Kogoro just getting ready. He sees a TV interview on Katsuyoshi Asashi, the owner of the entertainment complex, "Aquacrystal", but Ran turns the TV off and Conan quickly gets ready.

At the dinner at the restaurant, "La Fleur", Eri is shown to be as sharp as ever, predicting that Kogoro would be late because he played mahjong until late. Right after, a professional golfer by the name of Hiroki Tsuji, also an acquaintance of Kogoro's, comes into the restaraunt. Kogoro mentions that Tsuji is participating in the U.S. Open.

During a dinner, Ran shows a suprising amount of knowledge about wine, knowing what the grape badge (a mark of a sommelier) was for, what the tastevin around the sommelier's neck is what its for. Conan is shown enjoying the dinner, but Ran later notices that Conan's mouth is dirty, and tries to clean him up. At the moment, Conan remembers his fortune "A chance for a kiss" and blushes. However, Kogoro uses his cloth to clean Conan up, which gets Conan angry. Kogoro and Eri show suprisingly good chemistry during the dinner, and during the converstation Eri mentions 10 years ago when Kogoro and Eri came to this restaraunt. But then, Kogoro suddenly notices Peter Ford, a newscaster, near Towako Okano. When Kogoro expresses anger, believing that Ford was flirting with Okano, Eri mistakenly thinks that Kogoro loves Okano, and leaves.

A week later, Megure is shown shot by an arrow while jogging along with his wife.

Attempted Murder

Movie2 Case1.jpg

Location: Park
Victim: Inspector Megure
Injury: Arrow shot wound
Suspects: Unknown culprit
During Megure morning jogging through the park he is shot by an arrow in his stomach! Fortunately he is quickly sent to hospital and recovered. A western sword was also found at the scene.

Kogoro, the Detective Boys, and Ran come to visit Megure in the hospital. Shiratori tells them that the arrow was shot with a crossbow, and a western sword was found at the scene.

Later, Eri is shown at her office, and her assistant gives her a package with Zigoba chocolates inside. Eri eats one, but suddenly falls unconscious, poisoned by agricultural chemicals.

Attempted Murder

Movie2 Case2.jpg

Location: Kisaki's office
Victim: Eri Kisaki
Injury: Poison
Suspects: Unknown culprit
Eri receives her favorite chocolates from Midori Kuriyama, believing it to be from Kogoro, and eats one of it. However, the chocolates are poisoned and Midori quickly calls for the ambulance in time, saving Eri's life.

However, Eri is not in danger, as she was quickly rushed into the hospital. On the chocolate box, there is a paper flower that seems familiar to Conan.

Conan is later shown with Professor Agasa, the latter fixing up Conan's skateboard, when suddenly the front door is shattered with a rock. When Agasa goes to investigate what happened, he is shot by a mysterious person on a motorcycle.

Attempted Murder

Movie2 Case3.jpg

Location: Agasa's house
Victim: Professor Agasa
Injury: Arrow shot wound
Suspects: Unknown culprit
Professor Agasa was shot in the back by an arrow similar to Megure's case when he was lured outside the house. Fortunately, the damage is not fatal.

When the man flees, Conan gives chase on his skateboard, but quickly loses him at a fork. He contacts the Detective Boys to look for a bike, where the Detective Boys give the man's approximate location. When the person sees Conan, he suddenly sharply turns and rides up and down a stairway. Conan tries to give chase, but is distracted by a falling old woman, and loses the person. When Conan returns to the house, he finds a mysterious object, and finally realizes the connection between the sword, the flower, and the strange object, as well as the victims.

The sword is held by the King of Spades In addition, Megure's first name, Juzo, can be read as 13.

The sword, flower, and the strange object are objects held by the King, Queen, and Jack of playing cards. In addition, Megure's first name, Juzo, can be read as 13. Kisaki in English means Queen. Agasa's last name Hiroshi's last character, shi, is a combination of 10 and 1. Megure comes into the room, and tells that Jo Murakami may be the culprit of the serial killing. Kogoro also mentions that it wouldn't be strange if Murakami has a grudge, giving that he arrested the latter before. When Shiratori tries to give specifics, Megure suddenly cuts him off. Kogoro then mentions that he knows someone with ten, or "tou" in her name, Towako. The police quickly rush and place Towako under protection. When Ran and Conan later asks Shiratori what he was going to say, he mentions that Murakami tried to escape arrest, and held Ran's mother as hostage.

Hostage Situation (Past)

Movie 2 Eri Case.jpg

Location: Beika Police Station
Hostage: Eri Kisaki
Culprit: Jo Murakami

Despite standard training, Kogoro opens fire on a captor, and eventually left the force.

Conan mentions that although Kogoro did shoot Eri, he questions if that was the whole truth, and hangs up.

When Conan calls Ran as Shinichi later, she asks him if he would shoot on a captor. Conan mentions that although Kogoro did shoot Eri, he questions if that was the whole truth, and hangs up. At the agency, Conan later sees another person with ten in his name, Hiroki Tsuji. Megure, Kogoro, and Shiratori quickly rush to Tsuji's location, along with Ran and Conan. Tsuji refuses to cancel the trip, but allows Megure and Mouri to escort him to Tohto[1] Airport. Conan is later shown to have snuck on the helicopter.

During the flight, Tsuji suddenly suffers sun glare.

Attempted Murder

Movie2 Case4.jpg

Location: Helicopter flying in the sky
Victim: Hiroki Tsuji
Age: 36 Years old
Injury: Helicopter Crash
Suspects: Jo Murakami
Somebody replaced Tsuji's eye-drop with a chemical that prevent his eyes from opening to the sun! With Kogoro, Megure and the weaken Tsuji's cooperation, Conan is able to direct them to land at Teitan Elementary

Conan attempts to land the helicopter at Teitan Elementary. In addition, Conan contacts the Detective Boys, who attempt to evacuate everyone in the schoolyard. However, the helicopter hits a downdraft, causing it to crash. The helicopter later explodes due to a gas leak.

The eye drops that Tsuji used turned out to be mydriatic medicine, making Tsuji's pupils dilate and cause him to be blinded by the sun. Because mydriatic medicine takes from 10 days to two weeks, Tsuji ends up unable to participate in the U.S. Open. Kogoro mentions that he knows no one with nine in their name, but he knows an eight, Kohei Sawaki. Megure, Kogoro, Conan, and Ran visit Kohei Sawaki at his residence. Sawaki turns out to have a somewhat large collection of wine in his apartment, and while Conan is walking, he notices some damage on the floor. Sawaki mentions that he dropped a wine bottle there. Sawaki mentions that he will be going to Aquacrystal, to have a meeting with the owner Asahi about the restraunt over there. At the moment, Shiratori then notices there is a nine in Asahi.

The Aquacrystal

Conan and Ran follow Megure and Kogoro over to Aquacrystal, where they meet Osani Nana-san (seven), Nishina Minoru (two), Shishido Eimei (six), Peter Ford (Four) - Last name (Ford) has phonetic similarity to "four." They ride the monorail over to the main complex. Once they get to the restaraunt, they notice that Shiratori Ninzaburo has a three. Ran mentions that Shinichi is one.

Osani then challenges Minoru Nishina, saying the restaraunt Nishina recommended was terrible. Osani gives Nishina a blind tasting challenge, where Nishina incorrectly deducts Chambertin. Sawaki then correctly deducts the wine, saying it was a Beaujolais Moulin-a-Vent.

Conan gets some juice for Ran, and suprisingly Kogoro takes the other juice instead of drinking beer. When Conan goes and gets some more juice, he notices Sawaki tasting some chili powder.

When the crew later browses the wine chamber, Sawaki narrowly dodges a booby trap apparently setup by Murakami.

Attempted Murder

Movie2 Case5.jpg

Location: Aquacrystal wine cellar
Victim: Kohei Sawaki
Age: 36 Years old
Attack Types: Shooting
Suspects: Jo Murakami
Sawaki dodged the arrow and he's safe.

The police realize that Asahi may be already dead. While the crew tries to leave, Nana notices the drowned body of Asahi, and the entrance to the restaraunt is locked.


Movie2 Case6.jpg

Location: Aquacrystal aquarium
Victim: Katsuyoshi Asahi
Age: 61 Years old
Cause of death: Drowning
Suspects: Jo Murakami
As the group is able to leave Aquacrystal, Nana screams at Asahi's body that is floating in the water! A card nine of spade is found on his chest.

The emergency exit is blocked with cement, leaving no way of escape. The rest spread out to look for alternate exits, Nana stays behind with Ran and Conan. When Conan tries to look too, he puts down the juice can and tries to run. However, Ran catchs him. But then, the power cuts, which sends Nana into a panic. When the lights come back on, Nana is found stabbed.


Movie2 Case7.jpg

Location: Aquacrystal restaurant
Victim: Nana Osanai
Age: 21 Years old
Cause of death: Stab wound
Suspects: Eimei Shishido, Minoru Nishina, Kohei Sawaki, and Peter Ford
During the blackout, someone stabbed Nana in the back with a knife! However, something is not right as this time both seven and joker of spade are found, the culpri is right-handed, and also the cork kept by Nana is missing.

When Conan notes the culprit grabbed Nana with the right hand, he realizes Murakami is not the culprit as Murakami is left-handed.

Conan goes and gets some mineral water for everyone. While everyone drinks, Conan mentions he found the true culprit. At that moment, the lights go off by an explosion. Another explosion causes the restaraunt to flood. Kogoro saves Nishina, who is a hopeless swimmer, and Conan notices everyone but Ran made it.

Explosion - Attempted Murder

Movie 2 Explosion.jpg

Location: Aquacrystal
Victims: Conan Edogawa, Ran Mouri, Kogoro Mouri, Ninzaburo Shiratori, Juzo Megure, Eimei Shishido, Minoru Nishina, Kohei Sawaki, and Peter Ford
Age: 45 Years old (Shishido), 37 Years old (Nishina), 36 Years old (Sawaki) & 40 Years old (Ford)
Suspects: Eimei Shishido, Minoru Nishina, Kohei Sawaki and Peter Ford
Shortly later, a bomb explodes and brings in the ocean water! With quick thinking, the group are able to escape to the outside by swimming into the ocean. However, Ran is still trapped inside!

It's shown Ran was caught on the car, so Conan goes bail her out. When Conan tries to save her, however, he ends up getting his leg stuck and goes out. However, Ran gives the oxygen that Conan had given to her in the form of a kiss, then passes out. Conan quickly uses the elastic suspenders to move the car, and save both himself and Ran.

Conan knocks out Kogoro and starts deducing.

The crew later finds another exit due to the flooding. When Sawaki tries to give CPR to Nishina, Conan, using Kogoro's voice, insists that Shiratori do the CPR instead. While CPR is given, Conan knocks out and starts deducing through Kogoro.


  • Resolution

    Translation changes


    • The names of the characters in the Funimation Dub are:
    • Jo Murakami - J.T Morono
    • Eimei Shishido - Emilio Cantore
    • Minoru Nishina - Mason Norfolk
    • Nana Osanai - Nina Oliver
    • Katsuyoshi Asahi - Chris Ashton
    • Hiroki Tsuji - Henry Tish
    • Kohei Sawaki - Kevin Simms
    • Towako Okano - Tammy Diez
    • Due to the name changes in the Funimation Dub, the clues for each target (Aside from Jo Murakami) were changed to the following:
    • Juzo Megure (First name means 13) - Joseph Meguire (Whole name is made up of 13 letters)
    • Eri Kisaki (Last name means Queen) - Eva Kaden (First name means Queen in some other languages)
    • Hiroshi Agasa (Shi is a combination of 10 and 1) - Hershel Agasa (Has 11 patents on inventions)
    • Hiroki Tsuji (His name contains the kanji for 10) - Henry Tish (He is ranked as the 10th best golfer in the world)
    • Towako Okano (She was suspected as the target's name contains the kanji for 10) - Tammy Diez (She was suspected as the target's last name is the number 10 in Spanish)
    • Katsuyoshi Asahi (His name contains the kanji for 9) - Chris Ashton (He owns 9 buildings)
    • Kohei Sawaki (His name contains the kanji for 8) - Kevin Simms (He went to a culinary school with an 8 year program)
    • Nana Osanai (First name is a Japanese reading of 7) - Nina Oliver (She was a model since the age of 7)
    • Eimei Shishido (His name contains the kanji for 6) - Emilio Cantore (He has 6 children)
    • Kogoro Mouri (His name contains the kanji for 5) - Richard Moore (His last name has 5 letters)
    • Peter Ford (Last name is phonetically similar to 4) - Peter Ford (His last name has 4 letters)
    • Ninzaburo Shiratori (His name contains the kanji for 3) - Inspector Santos (He is the 3rd child of 3 siblings, each born 3 years apart)
    • Minoru Nishina (His name contains the kanji for 2) - Mason Norfolk (He wrote two books)
    • Shinichi Kudo (His name contains the kanji for 1) - Jimmy Kudo (Only child and number 1 at many things)
    • In this movie, as well as all subsequent movies released by Funimation, the Japanese on-screen captions were replaced with English captions.


    • When everyone spread out to find an exit from Aquacrystal, there is a brief instant where the culprit draws out the dagger that will later be used to stab Nana Osanai. At that moment, the watchers can actually see who the killer is basing on the vague reflection of that person's face and hair on the blade (open spoiler box to see image).
    • In 2015, the out-of-print english language dub of Movie 2 was selling on websites at prices of over $100 USD on amazon and ebay.
    • Many anime version paintings in the Sunset Manor are from this movie, although with an inverted orientation: in the dining room, the one with cherry in bloom from The Mist Goblin Legend Murder Case at the French Restaurant "La Fleur", and the one with a beach woman in Aquacrystal restaurant, but both divided into two; in the piano room, the one with a castle at Kohei Sawaki's apartment. Those with trees foliage and a beach woman in the dining room appeared at the apartment building front entrance from The Historical Actor Murder Case, as correct orientation but respectively with cherry blossom petals and cut out the woman. In The Shaking Restaurant, the past scene when Aiko Morimura, a girl on Hachijou Island, looked at the sea waiting for her lover's return, is just like that painting with a beach woman.
    • Osanai Nana the Modelist Drive 2002 Red BMW Z3 [E36/7]. The license plate number is 新宿57, な •3 71 (Shinjuku 57, Na • 3 71).
    • Peter Ford Car Is 1994 Purple Ford Mustang [SN95].
    • Eimei Shishido The Photographer Drive In 1996 Green Jeep Cherokee XJ [XJ]. The license plate number is 新宿 831, と 44-10 (Shinjuku 34, To 44-10).
    • Minoru Nishina the Essayist Drive Pearl White Jaguar XJ (X300).
    • Hiroki Tsuji car drive is a 1990 Red Porsche 911 Carrera [964].
    • Ninzaburo Shiratori car is a White Renault 9 Phase 3 Sedan.


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Arabic Arabic الهدف الرابع عشر The Fourteenth Target
    Flag of Republic of China Chinese 第十四號獵物 The Fourteenth Prey
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan La catorzena víctima The Fourteenth Victim
    Flag of China Chinese 第十四个目标 The Fourteenth Target
    Flag of France French La Quatorzième Cible The Fourteenth Target
    Flag of Galicia Galician A décimo cuarta vítima The Fourteenth Victim
    Flag of Germany German Das 14. Ziel The Fourteenth Target
    Flag of Italy Italian L'asso di picche The Ace of Spades
    Flag of Iran Persian هفدهمین هدف The Fourteenth Target
    Flag of Spain Spanish La décimocuarta víctima The Fourteenth Victim
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Mục tiêu thứ 14 The Fourteenth Target

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