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Episode 507-508

TV Episode 507-508.jpg

Title: The Blind Spot in the Karaoke Box
Japanese title: カラオケボックスの死角
(Karaoke Bokkusu no Shikaku)
Original airdate: June 30, 2008 (Part 1)
July 7, 2008 (Part 2)
Season: 17
Manga source: Volume 59: File 11 (619) ~
Volume 60: File 2 (620-621)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Eisuke Hondou
Sonoko Suzuki
Ran Mouri
Inspector Megure
Wataru Takagi
Detective Chiba
Officer Tome
Ai Haibara
Detective Boys
Shinichi Kudo
Case solved by: Sonoko Suzuki (via Conan)
Next Conan's Hint: Suspects' shoes (Part 1)
Diary (Part 2)
Director: Koujin Ochi
Storyboard: 507 Hidetoshi Namura
508 Yoshihisa Matsumoto
Episode director: 507 Masahiro Hosoda
508 Shigeru Yamazaki
Animation director: 507 Noriyoshi Yamazaki
508 Masaki Abe, Nobuyuki Iwai
Opening song: Ichibyōgoto ni Love for you
Closing song: Summer Memories
Prev episode: « Lawyer Eri Kisaki's Testimony
Next episode: Conan vs. Double Code Mystery »
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Part 1

Eisuke returns to school and Ran and Sonoko take him to karaoke to celebrate his return. Conan notices that there is a strange man following them and presumes he is an FBI agent sent to keep an eye on Eisuke. While there, Eisuke disappears to the bathroom for a suspiciously long time, and returns with a horrified expression. Shortly after the strange man is found dead from repeated beatings to the head with a blunt weapon.


EP507-508 Case.jpg

Location: Karaoke Box
Victim: Tatsumi Moniwa
Cause of death: Blunt force trauma
Suspects: Kyota Honma, Konji Arimoto, Kunio Tamai, and Eisuke Hondou

Conan suspects Eisuke to be the murderer due to his strange behavior after returning from the bathroom. However, Eisuke explains that the reason he was so horrified was that while he was heading back to their karaoke room, he stumbled into the wrong room and found two men kissing. The other man whom he saw kissing is revealed to be a woman who looks masculine since she is a body builder. The police decide to interrogate the four suspects, including Eisuke, for the murder.

Part 2

The police search the rooms of the four suspects for the blunt weapon used to murder Tatsumi Moniwa. The pictures on Moniwa's cameras were developed revealing pictures of Sonoko. Conan realizes that the man is not an FBI but a stalker who was targeting Sonoko.


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