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{| class="userboxitem" cellspacing="0" style="background: #{{{2|8A4B08}}}; border-color: #ccccaa;"
{{UserBox|{{{1|Takagi and Sato.jpg}}}|100px|text= This user's favorite couple is '''[[Wataru Takagi and Miwako Sato|<span style="color: #FAAC58;">Wataru and Miwako</span>]]'''|background=8A4B08|border=ccccaa|color=DF7401}}<noinclude>[[Category:User favorite couple tags]] [[Category:User templates]]</noinclude>
! [[Image:{{{1|Takagi and Sato.jpg}}}|100px]]
| style="color: #FFFFFF;" | This user's favorite couple is '''<span style="color: #0B3861;">Takagi and Sato</span>'''
[[Category:Favorite couple]]

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Takagi and Sato.jpg This user's favorite couple is Wataru and Miwako