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Rum arc topics
Main interest Renya KarasumaRumCase from 17 years ago
Potential suspects Hyoue KurodaRumi WakasaKanenori Wakita
Connections Kohji HanedaAsakaAmanda HughesTsutomu Akai
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Cases of interest The Scarlet ReturnThree First DiscoverersThe Detective Boys in a GroveJust Like a 17 Years Old Crime SceneSoul Detective Murder CaseThe Stage of BetrayalBurning Tent Murder Case

This template meant to be put on the bottom of pages related to the rum arc. This template is mainly supposed to be useful while the arc is in progress to link related topics and keep suspect lists updated. Most importantly, it should acquire new categories as various points of interest and lines of inquiry by Conan develop. It may not be useful after the reveal. Mark spoilers to the RUM arc please.