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Revision as of 02:51, 29 January 2013 by Maurice (talk | contribs) (Removed citation parameters which are now obsolete (due to incompatibility with latest Citation extension). Citations are to be put directly at the bottom in references like on Mune ga Dokidoki)

Creates a table with lyrics of a song in Japanese and/or English.


The following is a list of required or optional parameters:

| japanese              =    (Optional) Japanese lyrics
| japanese-citation     =    (Obsolete) Citation to the Japanese lyrics
| romaji                =    (Optional) Romaji lyrics
| romaji-citation       =    (Obsolete) Citation to the Romaji lyrics
| english               =    (Optional) English Lyrics
| english-citation      =    (Obsolete) Citation to the English lyrics
| english-dub           =    (Optional) FUNimation English Lyrics
| english-dub-citation  =    (Obsolete) Citation to the FUNimation English Lyrics
| kanji                 =    (Obsolete) Same as japanese
| kanji-citation        =    (Obsolete) Same as japanese-citation