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  1. Episode number
  2. Episode title
  3. link = Linked article (defaults to episode title)
  4. part = Part number (optional)
  5. note = Note text (optional)
  6. inside-bracket = (optional)



{{appear ep|1|Roller Coaster Murder Case}}

Episode 1: Roller Coaster Murder Case


{{appear ep|759|The Romance Novel with the Unexpected Conclusion|part=1}}

Episode 759: The Romance Novel with the Unexpected Conclusion (Part 1)

link= and note=[edit]

{{appear ep|783|The Scarlet Truth|link=The Scarlet Return|note=Flashback}}

Episode 783: The Scarlet Truth (Note: Flashback)


{{appear ep|701|The Jet-Black Mystery Train|inside-bracket=Departure}}

Episode 701: The Jet-Black Mystery Train (Departure)