Sunset Manor

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Sunset Manor

The Sunset Manor (黄昏の館 Tasogare no yakata?) is a huge western-style manor house in the isolated mountains of Matsumoto, six miles from a lonely gas station.[1] According to Kogoro, it looks more like Dracula's Castle, and up close even more like a haunted house. It once belonged to the multi-millionaire Renya Karasuma, who inherited it from his mother. It was brought two years ago by Shukuzen Ogami, who search for the treasure until Furuyo Senma killed him. It's a Golden Manor, made of gold and painted black, and since Karasuma is a crow-like man, personified his nest.

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  1. ^ Anime original information. The place is on the invitation, an Inaka Village improperly 2 kilometers from Okuno Dam, in the distant Shizuoka Prefecture.
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