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  • ...e moment due to an unexpected situation, and saying the investigation will resume tomorrow as the target didn't show up.</spoiler> shady bits of business. Ed MacKay is hated by most athletes as he keeps writing fake but very well drafted articles about supposed scandals on such or such
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  • ...ople in Japan write a circle instead of a square to save time when quickly writing a name with a square in it. He gives Agasa's name as an example : the "A" i ...ujo was dying and he needed to be quick not to show his killer that he was writing a message, which accounts for why he only wrote the square, and not the cha
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  • come from. One more thing, sensei never said the word "job". Though writing manga is undoubtedly a job for sensei, it seems to be completely different ...o, wasn't it? I like the phrase “sakura snow”, too. I had a lot of fun writing it at the time.<br>
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