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Haibara remebering Elena's tapes. The tape for her 18th birthday revealed the existence of "Silver Bullet". Tape's contents were revealed between two flashbacks.

"Silver Bullet" is the name given to a mysterious drug created by Elena Miyano and Atsushi Miyano for the Black Organization.


In a tape left for Shiho[1], Elena reveals she had been working on "a truly terrifying drug" the Miyano parents called the Silver Bullet.[2] It was something incredible enough that Elena said they were "putting their hopes on it",[3] and Elena's lab mates had taken to calling it "a dream drug". It was important enough that Elena and Atsushi had to leave behind Shiho and Akemi in order to complete the drug.[3]

After thinking about this message left by Elena, Ai Haibara expresses her resentment that she had only later realized that the drug was something that should have never been made.[3]

The research related to Silver Bullet may have partially or wholly destroyed by a fire which destroyed much of the Miyanos' research and apparently took their lives.[4] If some of it survived, it's possible that Shiho Miyano may have incorporated it into one of her modern projects. At the current time, it is still unstated how Silver Bullet, APTX 4869, and any other research projects the Black Organization are related to one another.


Shiho, won't you regret what you are about to do? If so, I'm totally on your side! Well, it will be you nineteenth birthday next time. Bye-bye, honey. Oh yes, maybe it's about time I told you... The truth is, your mom is making a truly terrifying drug at the moment. My lab mates are getting really excited about it, they say it's like a dream drug. Your dad and I are putting all our hopes on it and calling it the Silver Bullet! But in order to complete the drug, your dad and I will have to leave you and your sister. Please understand, Shiho.

— Part of Elena's message on Shiho's 18th tape.[5]


"Silver Bullet" and "APTX 4869" are two names for the same project

See also: APTX 4869

It is unclear whether Silver Bullet is the Miyano parents' personal nickname for what is currently called APTX 4869, or if it was a closely related project they developed in parallel. Whatever the case, the Miyanos' Silver Bullet drug and Shiho's APTX 4869 are probably closely linked if not the same in-development drug.

Haibara took over her parents' research after they died by reconstructing their work from surviving fragments after a lab fire which supposedly killed her parents.[6] One of these projects was the APTX 4869 project. The proof some version of APTX 4869 existed in the Miyano parents' time lies in a death list which includes the name of a man killed with the drug 17 years prior to the current timeline. Because Shiho had to reconstruct her parents' research from the fragments that survived, intentionally or unintentionally, it's possible that some of what the Miyanos called the Silver Bullet became incorporated into Shiho's modern version of APTX 4869.

Regardless of what the parents' version of APTX 4869 was intended for, those characters who know about the shrinking side effect of Shiho's modern version of APTX 4869 have a tendency to compare it to the Miyanos' research. After watching Haibara shrink, Pisco, who knew about the project the Miyanos worked on, commented that Shiho's parents would be proud of the progress Shiho had made on the drug.[7] During her recollection of the tapes, Haibara was holding and considering the antidote to APTX 4869. She then regrets that she didn't understand the drug was something that should have never been made, strongly implying she had worked on the same drug as well.[3] Lastly, Vermouth, who opposed the Miyanos' research seems to have transposed her distaste onto Shiho's research and Shiho herself.[8]

It is also notable that Vermouth has been a part of the Black Organization long enough to have heard the Miyanos use the name "Silver Bullet",[9] and may have given Conan the same nickname in reference to his deaged state caused by the drug.

During the conversation, where Conan and Haibara discuss APTX 4869 and it's connection to Kohji Haneda's death, Haibara thought 'what they (the organization) wanted me to make, was another drug'. Its possible that the 'other drug' was the intended result of the APTX 4869 research, and maybe that drug had the name 'Silver Bullet'.

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