Shukichi Haneda and Yumi Miyamoto

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The romantic relationship between Shukichi Haneda and Yumi Miyamoto.

Relationship Analysis

Yumi and Shukichi kissed just before a shogi match

Shukichi and Yumi met for the first time while she was still in college, on a train where he overslept and rest his head on Yumi's shoulder, waiting for the stop. But Yumi waited and missed her stop just to wake Shukichi up for his own. After this encounter, they met again and began dating ever since. But in the end they broke up because he was immature and gave her a letter containing a marriage registration, telling Yumi not to open it until he won all seven shogi titles. Stressed because she couldn't open the letter until he won them, Yumi decided to break up with him.

But, after some time, they met again in Chateau Beika Condo, where Shukichi currently lives. Their relationship began to improve when Shukichi rescued Yumi from a kidnapper thanks to the Detective Boys's help, and when Yumi kissed Shukichi as a good luck charm for the "Meijin" match.

Shukichi and Yumi moments


Volume 49: File 505-507/Episode 427-428: Super Secret of the Road to School

  • Yumi briefly mentions to the detective boys during a case in the anime about her college ex boyfriend " To tell you the truth it's next to my ex boyfriend house I dumped him in a bad way so, I don't want him to recognize me" The Detective Boys asked if he was a bad person and she replies " No he was very handsome but he was way too childish" this isn't confirm since Shukichi Haneda has lived in the same condo since when they started dating not a house.

Volume 80: File 847-849/Episode 731-732: The Ex-Boyfriend Living Next to a Crime Scene

  • While patrolling with Yumi, Naeko received a call from her friend Sakurako telling a dead body found in a house she's working at. They rushed to the scene to find out that the neighbor next door is Shukichi, Yumi's ex-boyfriend. He is considered one of the suspects because he knows the code to the mail box where a spare keys is kept. Shukichi overjoyed at seeing Yumi again, while Yumi is feeling awkward and keeps insisting on calling him ex-boyfriend.

Volume 85: File 899-902/Episode 785-786: Taiko Meijin's Match of Love

  • Yumi is kidnapped when Shukichi heads his way to his shogi match for the title of Meijin at Tokiwa Hot Springs. Shukichi left in the middle of his match and took a car ride to Tokyo in order to save Yumi.
  • After rescuing Yumi, Shukichi heads back to finish the match, but suddenly he noticed that Yumi's photo which he carries everywhere as his "good luck charm" is missing. Yumi gives Shukichi a kiss as the good luck charm, and says "it's more effective than a photo". He returns to Yamanashi in time to win his 7th shogi title.

Volume 88: Files 928-930/Episode 828: Ramen So Good, It's to Die For 2

  • A hostess was murdered in front of her house by an unknown assailant. The crime was discovered by Yumi and Naeko who saw the suspect spinning a hose ritualistically. Unfortunately, Shukichi had also been at the restaurant and left just before the three suspects arrived. Yumi confesses that she ran into him that night but didn't mention it because she didn't want him involved.

Volume 89: File 945-947/Episode 849-850: Password for Marriage Registration

Yumi was unaware of Shukichi being a famous shogi player for a long time. She then saw Shukichi on television and figured it out. After realizing that meijins can make 100,000,000 yen in salary, she desperately tries to reclaim an envelope he left for her, which her ornery building manager had seized. In order to get the envelope, Yumi had to uncover the 8 digit password the manager set for her. Eventually, Yumi manages to find the envelope, however, Shukichi lost the Osho match, making the envelope that contains the marriage registration nullified. Yumi rips the letter, but encourages Shukichi to keep following his original plan and to never lose to anyone, calling him "Bald headed Rat", making the latter blush.



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