Sho Hayami

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Sho Hayami

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Gender: Male
Date of birth: August 2, 1958
Place of birth: Hyogo, Japan
Voice of: Takaaki Morofushi

Sho Hayami (速水 奨 Hayami Shō?), born August 2, 1958 in Hyogo as Yasushi Ohama (大濱 靖 Ōhama Yasushi?), is a Japanese voice actor. He is married to voice actor Rei Igarashi.

In Detective Conan, he voices Takaaki Morofushi.

Other roles in Detective Conan

Other notable roles


  • Assassination Classroom : Gakuhō Asano
  • Dragon Ball Z : Zarbon
  • Fate/Zero : Tokiomi Tohsaka
  • Radiant : Narration
  • Tokyo Ghoul : Kōsuke Hōji
  • Many other roles including Gintama, Digimon, Machine Robo, Mobile Suit Gundam, Macross, etc.


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