Shirohato Pharmaceuticals

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Shirohato Pharmaceuticals (白鳩医薬品 Shirahato iyakuhin?, lit. "White Dove Pharmaceuticals") was a pharmaceutical company operating in Tokyo.


The company used to be a drug developping and pharmaceutical company which operated many drug stores in Tokyo. It closed around twenty-five years ago due to undergoing bankrupcy. It used to have a drug development team. The status of its former key people and employees is still unknown.

Links to the Black Organization[edit]

A Black Organization member used to work for the company's drug development team: Atsushi Miyano. He was recruited due to having high competencies in the domain and wanting to create new medicine. It is rumored to have been closed by Renya Karasuma and his group to force Miyano in which he had spotted potential to join his group's drug development team using shady methods.

Name origin[edit]

The company's name is an irony as opposed to the Karasuma Group, making it look like a "Black Crow" eating a "White Dove".

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