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Relationship analysis

Shinichi and Ran

Ran Mouri is Shinichi's childhood friend and canonical love interest. They have known each other since kindergarten [1] and have been playmates since, which caused some censure from Ran’s mother, Eri Kisaki.They are very close to each other; as they have always been together since their childhood years all the way to their second year of high school. Both Ran and Shinichi have somewhat of a love-hate relationship before Shinichi 'disappeared'. However when Ran meets Conan (who is Shinichi, although she's unaware of this fact), she tells him that she has been in love with Shinichi for a long time- probably since they first met, which of course causes Shinichi/Conan to blush.

Conan (Shinichi) is currently living with Ran and her father, Kogoro Mouri in his detective agency. Since living with them, 'Conan' has solved many cases in Kogoro’s place without him noticing, making ‘Sleeping Kogoro’ a household name. Shinichi has been able to have a great deal of affectionate moments with Ran since becoming Conan. This includes hugging, holding hands, sitting in her lap (etc.), even sleeping in the same bed and having a bath together once which causes Shinichi/Conan to have a nose bleed. While still as Conan, Shinichi is able to keep other guys away from Ran, as seen in episode 6 when he tells a guy to never go near her and at the end discovered the chocolate that Ran had made for the guy was only a chocolate for celebrating Friendship.

Shinichi has confessed to Ran (although non-canonical) in the 4th movie 'Captured In Her Eyes' which she mistook as his attempt to get her memory back. Canonicaly, he has confessed to her twice. In the Desperate rival arc, he solved a case but was unable to propose to her due to him turning back into Conan.[2] In the London arc, Shinichi chased Ran after she said "If you're a detective, you should at the very least,be able to deduce what's in my heart!" in which he replied " In the heart of a woman of whom one likes, how can someone accurately deduct that?".[3]When Shinichi went missing Ran was worried sick (so much that she couldn't even sleep) and was on the verge of going to the police. After many events in the manga, Shinichi decides to give Ran his cell phone number for her to call when she wants to speak to him, and, as Conan, uses his bow tie to mimic his real voice and reassure her he's fine, despite the fact that she may be endangered due to having contact with him.

Shinichi doesn't dare tell Ran he's Conan as, until the Black Organisation is stopped, she could be in danger if she knew the truth (though Ran has almost caught on several times throughout the series.) Despite their obstacles, it is quite obvious that throughout the series Ran and Shinichi (Conan) have a relationship that started as childhood friends but developed into true love.[4]

Ran is also very close to Shinichi's current alter ego, Conan Edogawa. It is even likely that Ran unconsciously knows that Conan actually is Shinichi, even though she seems reluctant to follow that notion. For instance, she has revealed to everyone's startlement that Conan shares the same blood type with her, even though up to this point she had no actual knowledge of this fact.[5]

Shinichi/Conan and Ran moments


Movie 1 : The Time-Bombed Skyscraper

Considering May 4th is Shinichi's birthday, Ran went out with Sonoko to buy him a gift. On the phone, she asked Shinichi(Conan) what color he prefer most: red or blue, and Shinichi answered red which excites Ran. She planned on inviting Shinichi for a movie the night before his birthday, and with Moriya Teiji knowing about this, he decided to bomb the whole place aiming for Shinichi. Inside the movie hall, Ran was trapped inside the collapsing building due to the numerous bombs placed, which alerted Conan and hurriedly went inside to try to save her. He called to the telephone inside the main lobby where Ran is, using Shinichi's voice and asked Ran if there's anything suspicious inside. She found a bomb and Conan instructed her to disconnect the wires, which left them with the red and blue wire. Seeing they weren't in the manual, Conan came into conclusion that she should cut the red one, which is Ran's favorite color. Ran hesitates of cutting the wire, but Conan responds by saying "Don't worry, I'll stay here until you cut it. If we die, we die together." Very few seconds were remaining until midnight and a rescuer dragged Conan away, only the time when he realized he instructed Ran to cut the wire that will detonate the bomb. What's strange is the bomb didn't go off even when time's up, and Conan discovered Ran has cut the blue wire. At the end when Conan asked why, Ran told him that color red is her and Shinichi's lucky color and cutting the red wire means cutting off their relationship.

Movie 2 : The Fourteenth Target

Inside the Aquarium-like building, a bomb goes off which blows the whole aquarium up. Considering it's in the middle of the sea, water enters the building which leads to drown some of the people targeted. On the surface, Conan noticed Ran was nowhere in sight, so he suspected Ran was in the bottom of the water. He grabbed an empty bottle for air and dived in, and discovers Ran was indeed in the bottom, her foot stuck in a car model which was drowning her. Conan quickly placed the mouth of the bottle into hers to allow her to breathe, and Ran thought it was Shinichi who saved her. When she came to her senses, she realized it was Conan. Conan's foot gets stuck in the car too, and thus he was unable to hold on much longer and fainted. Ran then 'kissed' Conan, resulting to a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When Conan wakes, Ran then fainted, so he makes use of Ran's sacrifice that very moment and he managed to remove the car using his belt suspenders. When finally in the surface, Ran thanks Conan, into which Conan blushes.

When the culprit was finally figured out, he grabbed into the weak Ran as hostage and dragged her up in the heliport of the sinking building. The culprit called unto Conan to bring him Shiratori's gun, and even he hesitated, Conan deliberately obeyed. But seeing the scene was exactly when Eri's been held hostage and Kogoro was in decision, Conan understood why he shot Eri's leg. He did the same then, in which he slightly shot Ran's leg in order for the culprit to let go. In the end, Ran also realizes why Kogoro shot Eri's leg is because to save her, not to threaten her. She thought that if Shinichi was in the case, he'll do the same as Conan did. Meanwhile, Conan understood the meaning of the video game he played earlier that he will get to kiss someone, and that was Ran during the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Movie 3 : The Last Wizard of the Century

When Conan, Heiji and the others went to see their fortunes while on Osaka, Ran's fortune says "Your true love will come to you.", which obviously means Shinichi. Conan's fortune then says "A secret will be revealed", thinking Ran would discover his secret. Throughout the movie, Ran was suspecting the Conan is Shinichi. Conan has given out hints unintentionally, like saying his birthday was May 4th(Shinichi's birthday). When inside the cave of the Russian Mansion, the culprit then aimed on Ran's right eye and Conan came into rescue. Due to this, Ran saw Shinichi's image on Conan and there she confirmed Conan really is Shinichi. At the end, when Ran is tending to Kaito Kid's dove, she gets teary-eyed and begged for Conan to tell her the truth. When Conan was now inclined to reveal the truth, there stood Shinichi in the doorway, saying he took a break on his case to visit Ran. Seeing Shinichi was all wet due to the rain, Ran went upstairs to get him clothes. Shinichi then went outside to leave, and there Conan suspects he was actually Kaito Kid who stopped Conan from telling the truth to Ran, saying he saved him just like how he saved his dove. When Kid finally disappeared, Ran gets angry because Shinichi never says goodbyes to her. But due to Kid's appearance as Shinichi, she was finally convinced that Shinichi and Conan were two different people.

Movie 4 : Captured in Her Eyes

The first part of the movie shows the day when Shinichi gets shrunk, in Tropical Land. Before the roller coaster case, Shinichi brought Ran into a plain court in the middle of the park, which was actually a fountain and sprouts after 2 hours. He insisted this is his gift for Ran winning the karate championship, and they had a toast.

During a wedding reception, Ran witnessed Sato got shot multiple times and happen to see the culprit's face. Due to shock and belief she's the one who did it, she fainted. When she woke up, everyone discovered she has an amnesia, which worried Conan the most. Suspecting that the culprit was coming after her because of the fact she saw his face, Conan gets over-protective of Ran. There are times that the culprit tried to kill Ran by pushing her in the railway with a train fast approaching, but Conan always comes into rescue.

When Ran and family decided to go to Tropical Land in order to gain memories, they refused to tell Conan(who was busy solving the case). Shinichi's image keep appearing in Ran's mind, but still doesn't remember who he is. When they thought they have captured the culprit, Kogoro and Takagi(who was protecting Ran) left, leaving the real culprit still targeting her. When Conan discovers about it, the culprit was in the threshold of killing even those innocent people, so he tried his best to save her and bring her to a deserted place inside the park to avoid these killings. When Ran asks why did Conan keeps protecting her, Conan didn't hesitate to reply "Because I love you. I love you more than anyone else in this world.", which confuses Ran. In the end, when Ran's memories have returned, she told Conan that she weren't suited for him because she's older. As Conan tried to counter, Ran thought he must've said such things to help her return her memories back, because of the time Eri told them how Kogoro proposed to her, saying the same things Conan said.

Movie 5 : Countdown to Heaven

When the Twin Towers' Tower A was on fire, Conan, Ran and company were left in the 60th floor and wait for their turn for the elevator. When it's their turn already, Conan noticed Gin was aiming for Sonoko(who he mistook for Shiho) in a building apart from them. Gin misses, but he hits the controls that manipulates the elevator, which made it stop. They managed to get out, but they were stuck in the floor where the fire's coming. Sonoko and the others managed to get to Tower B, leaving Ran and Conan in Tower A because the bridges were bombed (by the Black Organization). Seeing there's no way to get out, and Conan's suffocating in the smoke, Ran decides to go 'bungee jumping' to the lower floors to escape. But Ran was shivering--this will be the first time she'll do it. But she says this isn't the right time for her to die yet, because she promised she'll wait for Shinichi until he comes back. Conan agrees, convincing her she could do it. They jumped and managed to escape the raging fire, and this amazes Conan.

When Conan discovered the Detective Boys were still stuck and the culprit was still in the 6oth floor, he returned there to save them. He then discovers there were numerous bombs planted on the said floor and risked to use a car model to escape from it. He called unto Inspector Megure and Ran took the phone, worried about him, but Conan responds by "Don't worry, I'll come back to you.", saying he'll fulfill his promise that he will not die and he will return to Ran.

Movie 6 : Phantom of the Baker Street

Throughout the whole game, Ran keeps thinking about Shinichi, knowing they were inside Shinichi's dreamland: Old-Century London. Mixed characters were also in the game, including Shinichi's famous idol Sherlock Holmes and London's serial killer Jack the Ripper. Ran recalls something that Shinichi said to her while in Tropical Land, something that will play a big role in solving the case. When only Conan and Ran were left to save the other children trapped in the game, Ran sacrificed herself by jumping in a cliff from the train which kills Jack the Ripper as well, remembering the thing Shinichi told her. Conan was very affected by what Ran did, but thinking giving up will not be the solution, he and the remaining character(who is actually the Noah's Ark) managed to stop the running train and therefore saving everyone who were 'Game Over'. At the end, Conan asked why Ran did such reckless thing, and Ran replied by saying Shinichi's words to her.

Movie 7 : Crossroad of the Ancient Capital

This movie is mostly about Heiji's first love, but there's also a little moment of Shinichi and Ran. At one part of the movie, Conan looks at the full moon and smiles, which confuses Heiji and causes him to ask him what's wrong. Conan recalls a memory of when Shinichi and Ran were supposed to meet for a date, and he ended up forgetting which caused him to be two hours late. However, when he decided to find Ran at their promised place, Ran's expression was relieved, rather than angry. This causes Heiji to suggest that that was the moment he realized Ran was his true love, in which he says no, and looks at Ran while thinking, "I knew she wasn't /just/ my childhood friend way before that." Later, Ran's running toward a temple, and some guards came walking in her direction. Then, some one grabbed Ran and covered her mouth, whispering," Don't move!" Ran did so and after it was revealed that it was Shinichi who grabbed her. Ran exclaims his name in relief, in which he smiles and says, "You have the same expression...Like last time." When he decided to knock her out with his wristwatch –causing her to fall into his arms– he was already beginning to turn back into Conan, and he hugged her to him tightly.

Movie 8 : The Magician of the Silver Sky

Conan talking to Ran as Shinichi to assist her

While trying to land a pilot-less plane, Ran, at the steering controls, feels the burden of being responsible for the lives of the many passengers aboard. Conan, noticing her fragile state of emotions, asks Sonoko to take his place as the co-pilot saying he has to go to the washroom. After leaving the cockpit, Conan uses the communication system to speak to her (through her headphones) as Shinichi claiming he'll protect her and guide her into performing a safe landing. And quite unexpectedly, Ran instead gets mad at him for being like an eclipse: one minute he's there, the next he's gone. She goes on to say that there are moments she wished he was there and not always pretending to go away for a while but never come back. After bursting into tears, she eventually lets out a: "I love you Shinichi".[6]

But after the landing, when Conan once again calls her as Shinichi, she tells him how she was misled by Kaitou Kid pretending to be him and that "her secret wasn't out" after all. Shinichi, feigning ignorance, asks for more information. But she replies that this is a secret between the Kid and her and that he should use his detective skills to pierce the mystery all by himself.[6]

Movie 9 : Strategy Above the Depths

Conan, Ran, Sonoko and the Detective Boys decided to play hide-and-seek in the midst of the voyage of the ship Aphrodite. Ran, considering very good in this game, was very difficult to be found. Conan compliments her by saying "Since we were kids, Ran has an unusual amount of stamina." After the case of the missing Sonoko, Ran tells her a story of her and Shinichi's childhood regarding the Hide-and-Seek game. When they were in first grade, Ran was always been very difficult to find during the game, and states that only Shinichi can find her. Like the time she was stuck in a storage in their school's gym and everyone gives up to find her, only Shinichi was the one who knows where she is. Ran states that Shinichi was always looking after her, and Shinichi blushed, opposing he was blushing only because of the sunset.

When the ship was in the threshold of sinking, Ran returns to her hiding place to find the 'medal' the Detective Boys made for her, but suddenly gets stuck. Conan however returned to the sinking ship too, saying he had this uneasy feeling that if he doesn't come back, he will lose something(someone) very important to him. Mistaking it for the unsolved case, Haibara thought it was something related to Ran. After the case was solved, Conan's uneasy feeling still hasn't left him, and he suddenly thought of Ran. There he discovered Ran was still left behind the ship, and he and Kogoro tried to find her. Knowing information of Ran's hiding place, he suspected she was hidden in one of the floors of the ship. He managed to save her, but when the rescue helicopter off-balanced, Conan was kicked back to the ship. Ran then saved him, by the 'medal' the Detective Boys made. In the end, Sonoko never thought Conan can also find Ran, knowing only Shinichi can do so.

Movie 10 : The Detective Eyes' Requiem

The client discovered that one of the detectives he hired was Shinichi Kudo because of his fingerprints. He threatens that if Shinichi (Conan) doesn't solve the case, he will detonate the bombs placed on his friends' IDs including Ran's. Conan, using Shinichi's voice, begged the client to release Ran and the other's IDs, promising he will definitely solve the case. The client asks how much it is to suffer just to save the one he loved, knowing Shinichi and Ran's relationship. Conan left Ran to Haibara's care, warning her everything that can make the bomb detonate. In the end, Ran and the others never discovered all about the case and the bombs, but it was all because of Conan that everyone were saved. Heiji even teased him that Conan will heal his fracture best if Ran carries him.

Movie 11 : Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure

Conan heard from Haibara that she saw a speedboat with some bloody person over it in which the both of them thought may be Ran. Conan, obviously worried, hurriedly gets to the hospital and discovered it wasn't Ran after all, which he sighed in relief.

When Ran and Sonoko were kidnapped by the treasure hunters and were brought to the cave where Anne and Mary's 'treasures' were, Conan decided to solve the case and save them himself. Ran and Sonoko managed to fight with the treasure hunters by performing Anne Bonnie and Mary Read's style of fighting, but were stopped when one of the hunters had a gun and aimed it to Ran. Conan managed to arrive on time and kicked a soccer ball towards the hunter, knocking him out. But a sudden earthquake occurred, which leads the cave to slowly collapse and they get stuck. Conan thought of an idea to use the methane gas surrounding them to create an explosion to escape themselves from the cave. Conan gave Ran and Sonoko Dr. Agasa's mini oxygen tank to allow them to breathe, but when Ran asked Conan how about him, Conan lied he has a spare one. Ran suddenly thought of a memory of Shinichi. When Conan managed to have the cave explode, he wasn't able to breathe due to the gas and water and leads him unconscious. Then he realized he can breathe, when he woke up and realized Ran allows him to use the oxygen tank instead of her. After they were rescued, Conan asks Ran how'd she knew he was lying, and Ran replied of the memory she had with Shinichi, when Shinichi lied he had a spare umbrella and gave Ran his. Ran just saw that face in Conan's, and that made Conan blush.

Movie 12 : Full Score of Fear

When the concert hall's outer poles were being bombed, Conan first thought of Ran being safe. Around with Reiko Akiniwa, inside the helicopter along with Officers Takagi and Satou, Conan asked if Ran is safe. They haven't been able to contact anyone inside the concert hall because of the restriction of cell phones, but Reiko confirmed everyone inside were still safe considering the whole building is sound and bulletproof. When they all managed to enter the concert hall, Conan stares at Ran saying "Wait for me, Ran." Knowing it'll only be a few minutes before the interior of the hall explodes, Conan managed to solve the case with the help of Reiko. Reiko however interfered with the Maestro's piano by singing the song "Amazing Grace", in which Ran remembered the time she and Shinichi were walking home from school and they heard the similar song and voice.[7] Ran realizes it was Reiko after all. In the end, when everyone were saved, Ran heard a distant playing of violin of the song "Amazing Grace" and finds it. Expecting she'll find Shinichi, she instead found Conan holding a violin and saying Shinichi did come but left after playing the instrument. When Conan asked how'd Ran knew it was Shinichi playing the violin, Ran replied by saying "Because Shinichi have a weird way of playing the violin". Afterwards Conan was seen playing the violin again, trying to find out what 'weird way' Ran is referring to.

Movie 13 : The Raven Chaser

When Irish's in the verge of harassing Conan, Ran comes into rescue. Irish brought a gun and aimed at her, but Ran is convinced she could dodge the bullet because she remembers Shinichi saying something regarding this. Irish did targeted Ran and fortunately, she was able to dodge it, and the both of them have their 'karate showdown'. When Ran is winning, she suddenly gets bothered because of Irish's disguise wearing out, and he used this as an opportunity to beat Ran. When he is about to hit her one last time, Conan, using Shinichi's voice, yelled "Hang in there, Ran!" and lured Irish away from her. After the confrontation with the Black Organization and everything were solved, Ran was being tended and Conan approached her. He asks if she's okay, and that Shinichi suddenly remembered he has another case to attend to that's why he left. Ran seems to be fine with it, because she was used to Shinichi suddenly leaving without telling her.

Movie 14 : The Lost Ship in the Sky

Mostly in the movie, it was Kaito Kid who cares for Ran the most. While Conan was busy investigating the case regarding the Red Siamese Cats, Kid always watches over Ran. Ran, meanwhile, finds out that Kaito Kid is onboard with them and is disguising as one of the staff, but in order to get away, he convinces Ran he was actually Shinichi all the time. He overheard Conan's story that Ran mistaken an airship with a UFO when they were kids, and used it to trick Ran. She believes him however, but still gets confused. When the bacteria was slowly infecting some aboard the airship, Kid suspects that Ran was infected too. When the leader of the terrorists discovered Conan disarmed all the bombs they set up, he didn't hesitate to throw Conan aboard the ship. Ran tries to save him, but Kaito (disguised) jumped to save him instead. Ran sighed in relief when they witnessed Kaito Kid was able to catch up with Conan, thinking he was still Shinichi.

When Kaito Kid and Conan managed to get back the airship using Officers Takagi and Satou's helicopter, Kid warned Conan that Ran might be infected with the deadly bacteria released by the terrorists, and Conan puts that in mind. When he arrived again inside, he saw Ran being dragged by a terrorist inside the room infected the most of the bacteria, when she discovered she was infected herself. Conan suspects this, and realized there wasn't any deadly bacteria at all, but just skin rashes. When Conan discovered the real leader was still out there, and managed to escape from him, Kaito Kid arrived to where everyone is and untied Ran first. Ran witnessed Kid grabbed the Jewel of the Lady Sky, and still cannot believe Shinichi could do such thing.

In the end, Conan finds Ran nowhere in sight and asked Sonoko where she is. Haibara replied she went up to see Kid, much into Conan's shock. However, Ran 'did' came up to see Kid, who was busy checking the jewel. Ran suddenly hugged him, saying "A thief's still a thief, you shouldn't be doing this. Please turn around, Shinichi. Let me see you." Kid, seeing Ran was really motivated to see Shinichi in him, turned around and said, "If you give me the treasure I wanted most, I will turn myself to the police." Ran insisted she has nothing to give him, but what Kid really meant is a kiss. When their two lips were about to touch, Ran suspected Kid was actually not Shinichi, and Conan suddenly came, seeing what they did. Conan gets angry and ran over Kid, who gave his kiss on Ran's hand and admitted he was really a thief, and a thief's job is to steal even a person's heart. Kid managed to escape just before Conan approaches him. He gets curious when Ran says "He did 'that' to me"(hinting Kid tries to sneak over Ran and tries to sexually assault her) and "Shinichi would never do that to me". The film ends with Conan desperately trying to figure out what it was.


Episode 1

When Ran asks Shinichi "But wouldn't you just want one girlfriend" he looks at her with a sort of a romantic look in his wyes but then he gets caught by her, asking "Why are you looking at me like that?" Then at tropical land when they were waiting in line for the mystery ride, Shinichi spots a couple on the side, kissing, and he himself imagines him and Ran holding each other in their arms and confessing their love. During the ride, when they are to ascending to the top, Ran holds Shinichi's hand as they fell down. After Shinichi solved the case, he leaves Ran to find out what those men dressed in black were up to and leaves her in the middle of tropical land.[8]

Episode 101

On the final scene after the ending song, the senpai confessed to Ran and Sonoko that she was the one who confessed to Shinichi but got rejected. She even spread lies about him so that Shinichi would notice her, but it seems he doesn't care at all. Sonoko asked what charasteristic of Shinichi appealed her and she replied, "Let's see... I didn't really notice it at first. I just thought he was an extraordinary rookie, making the team and becoming mid-fielder in his first year. Then one day, I shared a lemon pie I had made with the soccer club. Everyone said it was really good, but only he said...'Huh? This tastes like crap'." Ran apologized and said, "He just had a weird sense of taste." The senpai told her, "No. It actually tasted bad back then. When I asked the others later, they told me they were just being polite. So, I was mad and I baked a lemon pie everyday...for three months, until he told me it's good. And before I knew it, I was the manager of the soccer club and madly in love with him. Although a certain person here succeeded on her first try." She looked at Ran and Ran asked, "Huh?" She added, "Did you know? I was being mean and gave you the wrong baking instructions." Ran got surprised and said, "What? Why?" She replied, "Jeez. Do you want me to spell it out for you? Do you want to know what he said after I confessed?" Conan's blushing and said, "Um, hey! " Sonoko covered his mouth and demand him to shut up. The senpai continued, "He said shyly, 'Ah, sorry, senpai. I already have someone I've liked since I was little. She's strong-willed and stubborn but cries a lot. She's weird like that.' What do you think?" Sonoko asked," H-Hey, Ran. Isn't that..." Ran said, "I don't remember anyone like that." Sonoko and Conan sighed. This episode means that Shinichi's first love is Ran.

Episode 139

Conan and Kogoro leave Ran and Sonoko together with the the Magic lovers club members. While they're heading back home they listen to the radio and heard the news that related to the club. They hastily went back but they saw the bridge's burning. Conan thought that even the mansion was burning so even though he has a flu he fastly ran to the bridge and shouting," Ran!" Ran heard it and when she goes outside the house, Conan was there on the floor lying down. She thought Conan died luckily, he wasn't. Then Conan said before he losse consciousness," Hurry! Ran! run" After many minutes later Ran didn't leave the room where Conan had his rest.

Episodes 188-193: The Desperate Revival Series

During the arc, Conan changes back into Shinichi to preserve his identity. He first solves the case at the high school play, where they almost kissed, then takes Ran to a date at an expensive restaurant in attempt to propose to her. Unfortunately, a case occurs at the restaraunt and Shinichi goes off to solve it. Afterwards, the antidote wears off. When Conan tries to explain that Shinichi left, and Ran tries to shut him out, Conan says that Shinichi said to "Wait for me. Even if I die, I'll find a way back to you."

With that, Ran's mood improves, but wonders what Shinichi was going to ask her. Conan blushes and remembers his father proposing to his mother in that restaurant.

Episode 162: The sealed chamber in the sky

In this episode, Shinichi cannot fall asleep because Ran slept on his shoulder.

Episode 286-288: Kudo Shinichi's New York Case

When Ran loses her handkerchief, Shinichi goes after it. Ran later worries that Shinichi may have been killed by the serial killer, and later finds the serial killer. Shinichi catches Ran after she faints, and carries her away. At the end of the episode, Ran admits it was the time she finally fell in love with Shinichi.

Episode 376

In this episode Conan tries his best to save Ran.

Episode 521

In most of these few episodes, Shinichi was disguised by a criminal who hated him and mistaken him for wrongly solving a murder many years before. During one part, Ran falls off a cliff while searching for Shiragami so he could help bring Shinichi's memories back. Conan, already back in his Shinichi form, disguised as Shiragami to remain hidden and solve the case, saved Ran and helped bandage her up. Later, when the case is solved, and Haibara gave him an antidote so he can remain Shinichi for a bit longer, Ran was about to confess her feelings to him and he to her. However, due to another sudden case, Shinichi had to leave and asked Ran to wait a bit longer, saying, "I'm sure the question you wanted to ask is the same is mine." When he is turning back to Conan, Ran holds his hand and refuses to let him leave again. She was knocked out by his wristwatch, and was still holding his hand -Shinichi now as Conan- when she woke up.

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