Sayo Ohashi

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Sayo Ohashi

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Japanese name: 大橋 彩代
(Ōhashi Sayo)
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: Mr. Ohashi (father, deceased)
Occupation: Part-time worker
First appearance: Manga: File 765
Anime: Episode 644
Appearances: Chapters: 6
Episodes: 4
Movies: 0
OVAs: 0
Specials: 0
Openings: 0
Closings: 0
Cases solved: 0
Keyhole number: Volume 88
Japanese voice: Akiko Hiramatsu

Sayo Ohashi (大橋 彩代 Ōhashi Sayo?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Sayo Ohashi is a Beika Town Ramen Shop part-time worker. She is an avid ramen eater and usually went to the ramen shop, where she's working, when she was young, before her lawyer father died of an illness. She was an orphan then and lived with other parents. She was really close to him and passed a lot of time with him. After some studies at the university, she went working to Ramen Ogura, her favourite ramen shop, and was hired by the same owner that was there years ago, Katsumasa Ogura. She quickly learned how to make ramen, but even with her low salary, it was hard to keep the shop not closed. The owner of the shopping mall at that time, Tokumori Saizu, was not a really generous man and often threatened them, so the shop could be tore down. He finally died in one of his fake deaths by poisoning. So, Sayo and Katsumasa tore down the building and decided to move their shop in Beika Town, but they kept the same design for memories, which pleased Kogoro, who returned there and met Sayo again.


She is a young japanese lady of average height and has loose brown hair, tied inside a bandana to protect them from the kitchen's products. She has large black eyes and a tan skin, and always wears the same blue shirt.


Sayo is a really nice person and doesn't really become irritable, unless people really mean it, and doesn't like when people talk bad about her father. She gives detailed informations about everybody, when the police asks her, and is always gentle to customers and acquaintances, such as Kogoro and Conan. She is always of good mood, except when Tokumori went in the shop again to disturb them.


Plot overview

Ramen So Good (Manga: 765-767, Anime: 644-645)

Sayo and her head are introduced as the workers at Ramen Ogura, an old shop Kogoro and Conan had came accross on a flyer, since Ran couldn't cook that day because of a sleepover and all the other restaurants in the neighborhood had been closed because of an invitation from the master of Cafe Poirot, including Irohazu Sushi and the cafe itself. They first entered and thought it was an old place, but the talent of Sayo and Ogura's cook were found to be excellent, since they almost died of goodness from its taste. Then, two other clients came: Tokumori Saizu, the building's owner, and Atsushi Taninaka, the neighbor of the place that owns a barbershop. When Saizu was eating, he suddenly falls down since he really died of poisoning, but as Kogoro asked her to call the police, she replies by saying he always does that, but it was revealed her really died. Among the suspects were her, Katsumasa, and Atsushi. We found out the real culprit was Atsushi, because of a trick her used. After the culprit is arrested, Sayo and Ogura decided to move their shop near Mouri Detective Agency.

A Killer in Ramen Ogura (Manga: 928-930, Anime: 827-828)

Masumi and Conan decide to invite Ran and Sonoko to Ramen Ogura, just after they've watched a ramen contest show, but as they were eating, Yumi and Naeko arrive and tell they're investigating a murder that happened near there, and that the killer took some jewels and hid in the shop. Then, they need to find the culprit among the three other customers.

Relationships analysis

Family and friends

Katsumasa Ogura

Katsumasa Ogura is the one who employed Sayo and also an aquaintance of hers since her childhood, since he was the owner when she was young. She likes to tease him and make bets with him when they have nothing to do in the shop, and she really lives close to him. She cooperates with him and obey to his tasks.

Mr. Ohashi

Sayo reminds her father.

He is Sayo's father, who died of an illness when she was young. Since she really liked him, she couldn't relieve herself and was sad of his death, but finally accepted to be raised by aunts and uncles. She decided to keep memory of him by putting a special flower vase on the seat he liked to used when they went to eat ramen, and doesn't like when people are talking bad to him or sitting on his favourite chair.


Conan Edogawa

Sayo knows Conan Edogawa because she saw him in different cases. She likes to serve him ramen and food, and doesn't hesitate to answer his questions.

Different looks

Episode 644
Episode 822

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