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{{appellations|Conan Edogawa|Samizu Kichiemon}}
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{{appellations|Jirokichi Suzuki|Samizu Kichiemon}}
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Samizu Kichiemon

Samizu Kichiemon Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 三水 吉右衛門
(Samizu Kichiemon)
Age: unknown (deceased)
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown (~Bakumatsu Era)
First appearance: Manga: File 475
Anime: Episode 394
Appearances: Chapters: 14
Episodes: 9
Keyhole number: Volume 68

Samizu Kichiemon (三水 吉右衛門?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


He is a long-deceased doll maker who worked during the Bakumatsu era, he is better known for his elaborate and often dangerous mechanical contraptions used to guard jewels and other precious items. His works and the protected items are frequently targeted by Kaitou Kid or acquired by Jirokichi Suzuki as bait.

Plot overview[edit]

Strange Mansion Adventure (Manga: 475-478, Anime: 394-396)[edit]

Kichiemon built a strange mansion full of deadly traps and a riddle which reveals the location of a diamond. The house was built over an underground hot spring. The traps he included are a set of stairs which turn into a slippery slide leading to a pit of spikes, a ladder whose rungs fold down and open a trap door over a pit when weight is put on them, swinging blades triggered by pressure on the floor, and a trap which floods the surrounding area with a great quantity of water if the diamond trigger is removed. The mansion also included a primitive elevator.

The Iron Tanuki (Manga: 674-676, Anime: 537-538)[edit]

Kichiemon built a large walk in safe. It has many dials which must be turned correctly lest the safe cracker be split in half by a giant axe or impaled by darts.

The Haunted Warehouse (Manga: 690-692, Anime: 571-572)[edit]

Kichiemon built a warehouse with a false roof which lowers to the floor if the beads of an abacus-like instrument are placed to form the kanji for "Samizu". The warehouse included a false window and trick steps to hide the greater size of the interior and the extra space in the roof.

Kirin's Horn (Manga: 712-715, Anime: 585-587)[edit]

Kichiemon built a temple with a central pillar that opens to reveal a kirin statue with a valuable horn. In the four corners of the temple room are pedestals for the four seasonal gods: Seiryu, Suzaku, Byakko, and Genbu. Using a set of four keys or leaning on the pedestals in a certain order will cause the central column to open.

Luna Memoria (Manga: 963-965, Anime: 887-888)[edit]

Conan, Ran, Haibara, Professor Agasa, Kogoro, and Subaru are invited to Jirokichi's art museum by Sonoko to see a moonstone that was hidden in a trick box by Samizu. All of them and many guests try to force it open until Conan did after thorough efforts. Since it took all this time, he compared it as a mini-iron Tanuki.



He is shown to have a rather humorous side, as is shown during the Iron Tanuki case where a little doll held a fan that said, "You lose!", making both Kid and Conan twitch. Later in the Luna Memoria case a puzzle box he created would stab people's fingers and then show a similar fan that said, "Punishment".

Different looks[edit]

Episode 394
Episode 537

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