Pandora Gem

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Kid testing a gem to see if it is Pandora (OVA 10)

The Pandora Gem (パンドラ Pandora Gem?) is the target of both the Kaitou Kid and Snake. It is supposed to grant its possessor immortality.


Plot Overview

Magic Kaito

Detective Conan

The Pandora Gem has never been mentioned by name in Detective Conan. However, the Kaitou Kid has made it clear that he is 'looking for something,' and in several instances is shown to hold the gems he steals up to the moonlight before returning them as 'not what I'm looking for.'

In his investigation of the Black Organization, Conan discovers the phone number of Anokata. However, Ai Haibara discourages him from telephoning the number, calling it a "Pandora's Box."


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