Over Drive

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Movie 14 Theme


Original title: Over Drive
Movie: 14
Official Video
CD Info
Release date: April 14, 2010
CDs: 1
Tracks: 3
Original Cost: 1,050円
1,260円 (limited ed.)
CD Number: GZCA-7156
GZCA-7155 (limited ed.)
Record Label: GIZA Studio
Oricon chart peak: 3
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Over Drive is GARNET CROW's 31st single, an alternate version of which is the ending theme to The Lost Ship in the Sky.

Song info

Over Drive is GARNET CROW's highest-charting single to date, and has since become a staple of their live shows. In an interview, singer Yuri Nakamura told that the themes she was asked to write the song around involved "blue sky", "refreshing wind", "floating" and "up-tempo tune", so that the song would be very closely linked with the feel of the film. Eventually, she came up with five different songs. The stress of the hard work made her feel somewhat depressed, but eventually felt good as "Over Drive" became developed. She went on to explain that of all the tie-up songs she has written, this was the most detailed and specific request. The lyrics were to be simplified to allow young children to be able to better understand and sing along with the song. To aid this, some of the more difficult English words were changed to katakana. Yuri also jokingly said that if anyone were to leave the cinema during the credits, she would block the exit.

When asked if she would consider writing another movie theme like that, Yuri declined, because the experience is a very stressful one. However, guitarist Hitoshi Okamoto disagreed, so it is unknown if GARNET CROW will have another movie tie-up in the future.

The version of the song released on the single is not the same as the one in the movie- the film version is known as "Over Drive (theater version)" and was released only on the regular edition of the band's eighth album, "parallel universe". This arrangement is notable due to the fact that it begins with an acapella line, instead of an instrumental introduction.


CD info

CD Track Listing

# Song Title Romaji Translation Time
1 Over Drive Over Drive Over Drive 4:23
2 la-la-la それから1・2・3 la-la-la Sore Kara 1・2・3 la-la-la And 1-2-3 4:46
3 Over Drive -Instrumental- Over Drive -Instrumental- Over Drive -Instrumental- 4:23


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