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Miwako Sato

Miwako Sato Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 佐藤 美和子
(Satō Miwako)
English name: Detective Saimone
Age: ~28[1]
Gender: Female
Date of birth: April (unknown date)[2]
Relatives: Masayoshi Sato (father, deceased)
Mother (unnamed)
Occupation: Police Detective
First appearance: Manga: File 190
Anime: Episode 130
Appearances: Chapters: 112
Chapters: 2
Episodes: 109
Movies: 15
OVAs: 3
Specials: 11
Openings: 30
Closings: 7
Keyhole number: Volume 21
Japanese voice: Atsuko Yuya
English voice: Kate Oxley
Drama actor: Natsuhi Ueno

Miwako Sato (佐藤 美和子 Satō Miwako?), also known as Detective Saimone in the Funimation dub, is a police assistant inspector and detective in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Miwako and her last moment with her father

Eighteen years ago, when she was still at elementary school, Miwako lost her father, Masayoshi Sato, in a traffic accident as he was about to deliver a bank robber to the police - an event that marked her life. She eventually became a police officer on her own and now works alongside Inspector Megure, Ninzaburo Shiratori, Detective Chiba, and especially Wataru Takagi in the Tokyo police district.

Sato first met Conan and the Detective Boys during a blackmail case against Nichiuri TV.[3] In a subsequent case which dealt with a cunning murder of a banker's wife by her husband, she became impressed with Conan's intellect and deductionary ability and has since come to trust his judgements implicitly.[4] Eventually, the case of her father's death was also resolved with Takagi's help, which helped fanning the spark of affection she was feeling for him at the time.[5]

Sato's first love interest was Jinpei Matsuda, whom she only got to know briefly due to his death by the hands of a dangerous bomber. Although she denied it at first, she finally acknowledged her feelings for Takagi, which made him the outcast among the other jealous police officers who were interested in her, especially Shiratori. Nonetheless, for a very long time, anytime they were about to take their relationship to the very next step, something got in the way (mostly in the shape of Miwako's best friend, Yumi), until Sato and Takagi - mostly undisturbed (thanks to the help of Conan and the Detective Boys for creating a makeshift reason for the interlopers to leave) - shared their very first kiss when Takagi was hospitalized in the course of a hard case.[6]Then had their second kiss when Takagi survived a bombing accident.[7]


Sato is considered one of the most dangerous members of the police, being not at all afraid to get tangled with dangerous men in fights, which she almost always wins. However, she does have a softer personality, in which she is very friendly with the Detective Boys, and especially Conan, whom she considers is a big help in difficult cases. When in action, however, Sato can be quite reckless and daring, which has earned her the title 'The Silver Witch' among car racers on Mount Fuyuna due to her driving style.[8]

Her favorite hobbies are going to the karaoke, attending all-you-can-eat offers, and going out to eat ramen.

Plot overview

Stadium Bomber Case (Manga: 189-191; Anime: 130-131)

Miwako's first appearance was in Episode 130, and in manga File 190, where she is seen trying to arrest the culprit's accomplice along with other police officers, but gradually failed.

Treadmill Murder Case (Manga: 208-210; Anime: 146-147)

This case is the very beginning of the long love story between Miwako Sato and her fellow police officer, Wataru Takagi.

One night, Sato and her friend Yumi Miyamoto from the traffic department have a drink together. In her drunken state, Sato unknowingly reveals to Yumi the person that she has feelings for, however, when she wakes up, she doesn't remember the exact details of what she has told her friend. The next day, Sato arrives at the Police Headquarter and meets up with detective Takagi, who is talking to the Detective Boys at the time. She asks Takagi who the children are, only to be mistaken by them that she is his girlfriend. However, both of them denies that this is true. She also wonders if Takagi has heard anything from Yumi, without knowing that her friend has already told the police officer about what happened the previous night, saying that the person whom Sato likes is "someone from the first investigation division".

Later, the bank manager from a recent bank robbery case comes to see the police. During his phone call to his wife, everyone hears her sudden scream. Sato immediately drives Takagi, Conan and the manager to their house, only to discover the wife's stabbed body instead. The person to be in charge of this murder case is Inspector Ninzaburo Shiratori, a police officer who has just been promoted recently. Sato sarcastically congratulates Shiratori on his rapid promotion, and jokingly comments that he may as well consider her "a possible wedding match", without knowing that this statement has raised a major misunderstanding from Takagi, who thinks that she really has affection for the new police inspector.

With the help from Conan, the trick and the identity of the killer are uncovered, and the case goes to an end. When all works are done, Shiratori invites Sato to have dinner with him at a restaurant that he knows but she turns down the offer, saying that French cuisine isn't her favorite. She instead invites Takagi to go out and eat ramen together. Just as the misunderstanding earlier is about to be cleared and Takagi finally has the chance to be with Sato, a drunken Megure suddenly appears and suggests them go out for a drink with him at a bar. Sato immediately approves of the idea despite the other invitation to Takagi, thus raises another serious misconception: Detective Sato has special feelings for Inspector Megure.

Innocent Suspect Case (Manga: 231-233; Anime: 156-157)

Sato's Father Case (Manga: 267-269; Anime: 205-206)

Police Escort Murder Case (Manga: 296-298; Anime: 240-241)

Sato's Omiai Case (Manga: 328-330; Anime: 253-254)

In these episodes, Sato and Takagi's feelings for each other are explored. Sato chose randomly and incidentally Shiratori for her omiai. Meanwhile, Sato realized her feeling for Takagi. Before Her and Shiratori can kiss, Conan stopped them with Araide's help.

Parade Bomber Case (Manga: 366-368; Anime: 301-302)

Serial Bomber Case (Manga: 369-373; Anime: 304)

During this case, she was having many flash backs of her former crush who was killed during a bombing incident. When the bombing started to become more familiar, she became very worried for Takagi. When Takagi and Conan were trapped in an elevator with a mercury lever bomb, Takagi told Sato that he and Conan would have to remain and die with the bomb to get the name of the location of a much bigger bomb. She tried to force her way through police to get to Takagi, but failed. However, the bomb was disabled by Conan at last second. Later after capturing the bomber, she ran after him and attempted to kill him as she was fully taken in with revenge. At the last second before she would have killed him, Takagi tackled Sato and even smacked her in the face to make her regain her senses. Takagi and Sato almost kissed, but the arrival of Inspector Megure broke the moment.

Missing Ring Case (Manga: 404-406; Anime: 358-359)

Takagi's Last Case (Manga: 450-452; Anime: 390-391)

Jewel Robber's Suicide Case (Manga: 484-486; Anime: 401-402)

Group Date Kidnapping Case (Manga: 511-514; Anime: 431-432)

Fake Wedding Case (Manga: 535-537; Anime: 449)

Sato's Ring Case (Manga: 576-578; Anime: 487)

Hammer Man Case (Manga: 625-627; Anime: 530-531)

Whistling Killer Case (Manga: 670-673; Anime: 534-535)

The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (Manga: 804-808; Anime: 681-683)


Takagi is kidnapped by a mysterious man misunderstanding he is Wataru Date who makes his daughter commits suicide. He is bandaged on a plank of wood and there is a bomb under it. Sato saves kidnapped Takagi from killed by a bomb put under him.

Non-canon Appearances

Captured in Her Eyes (Movie 4)

During Captured in Her Eyes, Miwako was a target of a serial killer. She thought she was safe but when she and Ran went to the bathroom, a blackout in the hotel occurred. When a gunman came into the bathroom, she jumped at Ran to protect her, however she was shot several times and put into a coma. This incident caused a large deal of grief on Ran and Takagi, even going as far as to make Ran completely lose her memories. She was given by doctors a 50/50 chance at surviving due to severe wounds. However, she survived.

Relationship analysis

Family & Friends

Wataru Takagi

Sato and Takagi

Miwako started to have feelings for Takagi after seeing the resemblance he has of the deceased Matsuda Jinpei. Their relationship gradually develops as the series continues.

Yumi Miyamoto

File:Miwako and Yumi.png
Miwako and Yumi chatting

Yumi is Miwako's best friend in the headquarter. They are seen together a lot, and Yumi always teases Miwako about her relationship with Takagi.

Inspector Megure

Inspector Megure with Miwako Sato

Inspector Megure is like a father figure to Miwako as she said to Takagi in one of the episodes (although Takagi mistook it as a love interest at first).

Conan Edogawa

File:Conan with Officer Sato.png
Miwako listens to Conan

Miwako seems to admire Conan, like Takagi, usually telling Conan information that are actually forbidden to be leaked to normal citizens.

Ninzaburo Shiratori

Although Shiratori crushes on Sato and attempts to marry her, she views him as a friend. He only gives up after the Detective Boys point him to Kobayashi.

Miwako Sato's mother

Character popularity

  • eBookJapan held a character popularity poll from April 12, 2011 to May 12, 2011 in which readers of Detective Conan (international included) could vote for their favorite character. Sato placed 13th in the poll with 50 votes out of the 5,883 that were cast.[9]
  • In honor of the release of the 800th manga chapter, Shonen Sunday held a popularity poll/contest containing 91 Detective Conan characters to choose from. Sato placed 14th overall with 107 votes.[10]

Name origin

Different looks

Miwako's "Before" Appearance (Episode 146)
Miwako's "After" Appearance (Episode 661)


But kid, remember one thing... The word justice isn't a word you can involve in any occasion... it's something we must hold secretly in our heart.

— To Genta



Sato's RX-7
  • Sato drives a red series 6 Mazda (Ẽfini) RX-7. It used to be white, but she painted it red so it would be more visible in the fog.
  • Sato has a habit of shrieking while drifting without pulling the handbrake as she feels that shrieking helps make it easier. But she finds it embarrassing, though. This habit caused the "Mountain Witch" story to happen, as people reported the the witch would drift using a white FD and scream really loud.
  • Sato is a fan of Lupin III.
  • Sato dislike any type of shining or expensive jewelries. This fact was used by Yumi to trick some of her admirer to by expensive jewels that she seems nice. However, she wears a ghost-expelled ring which she think came from Takagi.
  • A running gag in the series is how whenever she and Takagi go on a date, they are stalked by other police detectives who have crushes on her.
  • In the English Dub, during Captured In Her Eyes, a script error says that Sato died when she was shot. This is false, however, all parts of the movie say she died, until the end of the movie where it says she will survive. Why this is like this is unknown.
  • Sato is bad at drawing.
  • Sato, Takagi and Yumi are the only Police Officers to take Conan seriously, usually treating him as an equal.

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