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=== Whistling Killer Case (Manga: [[Volume 64|670-673]], Anime: [[The Scar that Evokes the Past|534-535]]) ===
=== Whistling Killer Case (Manga: [[Volume 64|670-673]], Anime: [[The Scar that Evokes the Past|534-535]]) ===
Sato and Takagi had agreed on going out to a spa as soon as a difficult case (involving a serial killer whose cases are about to caducate) that they were working on (alongside Megure, Shiratori, and Matsumoto) was resolved. Takagi gets very fired up and decides to work harder than usual; their seniors, however, see it as a terrible signal since officers who behave like that often end up dying in the line of duty, which greatly worries Sato. This bad omen almost becomes true when Takagi ends up being shot, with only a mahjong tile he carried in his pocket saving him from death. Sato is greatly relieved when he survives, and they ''finally'' can share a kiss.
Sato and Takagi had agreed on going out to a spa as soon as a difficult case (involving a serial killer whose cases are about to caducate) that they were working on (alongside Megure, Shiratori, and Matsumoto) was resolved. Takagi gets very fired up and decides to work harder than usual; their seniors, however, see it as a terrible signal since officers who behave like that often end up dying in the line of duty, which greatly worries Sato. This bad omen almost becomes true when Takagi ends up being shot, with only a mahjong tile he carried in his pocket saving him from death. Sato is greatly relieved when he survives, and they ''finally'' can share a kiss.
=== White Day Murder Case (Manga: [[Volume 69|725-727]], Anime: [[White Day of Betrayal |608-609]]) ===
=== The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (Manga: [[Volume 76|804]]-[[Volume 77|808]], Anime: [[The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love|681-683]]) ===
=== The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (Manga: [[Volume 76|804]]-[[Volume 77|808]], Anime: [[The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love|681-683]]) ===

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Miwako Sato

Miwako Sato Profile.png

Japanese name: 佐藤 美和子
(Satō Miwako)
English name: Detective Simone
Age: 28[1]
Gender: Female
Date of birth: April
Relatives: Masayoshi Sato (father, deceased)
Mrs. Sato (mother)
Occupation: Police Detective (Assistant Inspector)
Nicknames: Sato (Megure)
Sato-san (Takagi), (Kazunobu Chiba), (Naeko)
Miwako (Yumi)
Miwako-san (Shiratori)
First appearance: Manga: File 190
Anime: Episode 130
Appearances: Chapters: 121
Chapters: 2
Chapters: 2
Episodes: 115
Movies: 17
OVAs: 3
Specials: 11
Openings: 34
Closings: 7
Keyhole number: Volume 21
Japanese voice: Atsuko Yuya
English voice: Kate Oxley (FUNimation)
Katelyn Gault (Bang Zoom!)
Drama actor: Natsuhi Ueno

Miwako Sato (佐藤 美和子 Satō Miwako?), also known as Detective Simone in the Funimation dub, is a police assistant inspector and detective in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.



Miwako and her last moment with her father.

Eighteen years ago, when she was still at elementary school, Miwako lost her father, Masayoshi Sato, in a traffic accident as he was about to deliver a bank robber to the police - an event that marked her life. She eventually became a police officer on her own and now works alongside Inspector Megure, Ninzaburo Shiratori, Kazunobu Chiba, and especially Wataru Takagi in the Tokyo police district. Since joining the police force, her natural attractiveness has made practically every male police officer vie for her attention and scorns anyone who gets too close with to, always trying to interfere in any growing relationship.

Sato first met Conan and the Detective Boys during a blackmail case against Nichiuri TV.[2] In a subsequent case which dealt with a cunning murder of a banker's wife by her husband, she became impressed with Conan's intellect and deductionary ability and has since come to trust his judgements implicitly.[3] Eventually, the case of her father's death was also resolved with Takagi's help, which helped fanning the spark of affection she was feeling for him at the time.[4] Although Sato generally follows order from Megure, at one point she secretly asks Takagi investigate a case and not reports to the police department on their whereabouts, which almost leads to their fatality.

Sato's first love interest was Jinpei Matsuda, whom she only got to know briefly due to his death in a bomb explosion. Although she denied it at first, she finally acknowledged her feelings for Takagi. Nonetheless, for a very long time, each time they were about to take their relationship to the very next step, something got in the way (mostly in the shape of Miwako's best friend, Yumi), until Sato and Takagi - mostly undisturbed (thanks to the help of Conan and the Detective Boys for creating a makeshift reason for the interlopers to leave) - shared their very first kiss when Takagi was hospitalized in the course of a hard case.[5]Then had their second kiss (and third) when Takagi survived a bombing accident.[6]


Sato is considered one of the most dangerous members of the police, being not at all afraid to get tangled with dangerous men in fights, which she almost always wins. She has a strong sense of justice, and hates criminals who take lives for an idiotic reason. She does have a softer personality, in which she is very friendly with the Detective Boys, and especially Conan, whom she considers is a big help in difficult cases. When in action, however, Sato can be quite reckless and daring, which has earned her the title 'The Silver Witch' among car racers on Mount Fuyuna due to her driving style.[7]. Sato can also get highly emotional if cases involve people close to her, like Takagi and Matsuda.

Her favorite hobbies are going to the karaoke, attending all-you-can-eat buffets, and going out to eat ramen. She dislikes expensive restaurants.

She appears to be traumatized of Ferris Wheels most likely because of Matsuda, as seen during her date with Takagi in Tropical Land. [8].


Sato is a fairly tall and slender woman of fair complexion. She has short brown hair reaching just past her nape with strands framing the sides of her face and blue eyes. Apart from hair color, she is noted to have a striking resemblance to Sumiko Kobayashi, even similar hairstyles. She is well-recognized as a beautiful woman of curvaceous and well-endow built. She is commonly seen wearing a light blue short skirt, dark blue shirt, blue jacket, black leggings, and low black heels.


Physical Prowess

Greatly belying her feminine form, Sato knows to be very fierce fighter, effortlessly taking down criminals much larger than her. She has advanced prowess in jujitsu and wrestling maneuvers, often ending the confrontation in a single move. She is also quite strong, having once crushed her cellphone in her hand during a fit of anger.


Sato is proficient in guns, being able to aim accurately even in very difficult situations.


Sato is a strong and sometimes a reckless driver. She owns a Mazda RX-7.


Plot overview

Stadium Bomber Case (Manga: 189-191, Anime: 130-131)

Miwako's first appearance was in episode 130, and in manga file 190, where she is seen trying to arrest the culprit's accomplice along with other police officers, but failed.

Treadmill Murder Case (Manga: 208-210, Anime: 146-147)

This case is the very beginning of the long and enduring love story between Miwako Sato and her fellow police officer, Wataru Takagi.

One night, Sato and her best friend Yumi Miyamoto from the traffic department have a drink together. In her drunken state, Sato unknowingly reveals to Yumi the person that she has feelings for. However, when she wakes up, she doesn't remember the exact details of what she has told her friend. The next day, Sato arrives at the Police Headquarters and meets up with detective Takagi, who is talking to the Detective Boys at the time. She asks Takagi who the children are, only to be mistaken by them that she is his girlfriend. However, both of them deny this. She also wonders if Takagi has heard anything from Yumi, without knowing that her friend has already told the police officer about what happened the previous night, saying that the person whom Sato likes is "someone from the first investigation division".

Later, the bank manager from a recent bank robbery case comes to see the police. During his phone call to his wife, everyone hears her sudden scream. Sato immediately drives Takagi, Conan and the manager to their house, only to discover the wife's stabbed body instead. The person to be in charge of this murder case is Inspector Ninzaburo Shiratori, a police officer who has just been promoted recently. Sato sarcastically congratulates Shiratori on his rapid promotion, and jokingly comments that he may as well consider her "a possible wedding match", without knowing that this statement has raised a major misunderstanding from Takagi, who thinks that she really has affection for the new police inspector.

With the help from Conan, the trick and the identity of the killer are uncovered, and the case goes to an end. When all is done, Shiratori invites Sato to have dinner with him at a restaurant that he knows, but she turns down the offer, saying that French cuisine isn't her favorite. She instead invites Takagi to go out and eat ramen together. Just as the misunderstanding earlier is about to be cleared and Takagi finally has the chance to be with Sato, a drunken Megure suddenly appears and suggests to them to go out for a drink with him at a bar. Sato immediately approves of the idea despite the other invitation to Takagi, thus raising another serious misconception: Detective Sato has special feelings for Inspector Megure.

Innocent Suspect Case (Manga: 231-233, Anime: 156-157)

In the course of chasing down Higashida, a suspect in a murder case, Sato corners him in a public bathroom and manages to cuff him to herself to end any further escape attempts. However, she soon discovers that she has accidentally cuffed them around a toilet pipe, meaning neither of them were going anywhere. When Higashida protests his innocence, and that he has to catch a plane the next day to attend his daughter's wedding, Sato relies on Takagi and the Detective Boys to find the true culprit without alerting headquarters to the embarrassing situation - headquarters, meanwhile, launches a hunt for the apparently missing Higashida, Sato and Takagi. While Takagi and the Detective Boys are able to unveil the true culprit, proving Higashida innocent, they also discover that the building that Sato is trapped in is due to be demolished by Agasa using the Tropical Rainbow device, an experimental bomb that detonates with a multicoloured explosion. Conan manages to subdue Agasa before he hits the button using his power shoes, and Sato is cut free - though naturally the embarrassing situation was found out. Sato also finds herself having to explain to Takagi that she only sees Megure as a father figure - much to Takagi's relief.

Sato's Father Case (Manga: 267-269, Anime: 205-206)

It is the last day before the case of Sato's father's death - a murder/robbery - hits the statute of limitations, allowing the culprit to leave scot-free. Sato intends to solve both this case and a serial arson case currently ongoing in the city, promising Takagi a request if they are successful. In the course of investigating, Sato gives Takagi her father's handcuffs to use, being as hers had to be broken to release her during the Innocent Suspect case. However, the arsonist attacks Takagi and uses the cuffs to restrain him to a set of window bars in his final target building. As midnight approaches, Sato - unaware of Takagi's predicament - sits down with the culprit of her father's murder, and once midnight has passed he reveals to her the entire story. At this point, Sato reveals to him that given that time outside Japan does not count towards the statute of limitations, and he had spent time in Italy since the crime, the time limit had been extended some. While the suspect knew this, upon returning to Japan from Italy a flight delay due to bad weather caused his arrival time to fall just after midnight the day after the scheduled time - meaning there are in fact still twenty-four hours in which he could be charged, and he had just given a full confession. He is promptly arrested.

Sato is then informed of Takagi's situation, and returns to the warehouse where the arsonist - subdued by Conan - has struck. Takagi has managed to escape by breaking the window bars off the frame - being unable to bring himself to break Sato's father's handcuffs - and he collapses in Sato's arms, but ultimately survives. Once he has recuperated, he uses his request to ask Sato out on a date - which she doubles with tailing a suspect, to Takagi's annoyance.

Police Escort Murder Case (Manga: 296-298, Anime: 240-241)

Sato's Omiai Case (Manga: 328-330, Anime: 253-254)

Sato randomly picks up a file.

In these episodes, Sato and Takagi's feelings for each other are explored. Sato chose randomly and incidentally landed on Shiratori for her omiai (arranged date). Meanwhile, Sato realized her feelings for Takagi. Before she and Shiratori can kiss, Conan stopped them with Takagi and Dr. Araide's help.

Parade Bomber Case (Manga: 366-368, Anime: 301-302)

Sato and the rest of the department are undercover at the Tokyo Spirits' victory parade, having received a fax alluding to a bombing from three years ago that targeted police. She comes across the Detective Boys and Professor Agasa, and then Takagi, also undercover. However, Sato abruptly slaps him and scolds him, since as a new addition to the Beika police he did not have to be undercover. Privately, she is upset that his diguise makes him resemble an officer who apparently died in the prior case. Takagi returns his disguise to his car, shortly before a bomb explodes underneath the car. Sato attempts to pull him out, suffering burns on her hands, before Miyamoto informs her that Takagi had in fact gotten away. With the help of Conan and the Detective Boys, it is determined that the allusions to the previous case and the bombs are all false flags and this is in fact a robbery targeting the postal service - the police organise a sting and the offenders are taken in.

Later, Sato suggests to Takagi that they should cancel an upcoming date as everyone who Sato cares about, including her father, an old teacher, a club senpai and (though she does not say out loud) the officer that died in the previous bombings, seems to disappear and she would prefer not to live through such pain again. Takagi struggles to reveal his feelings, and ultimately - in front of the Detective Boys, Shiratori, Miyamoto, and a significant portion of the police department - agrees that their relationship should remain professional, much to the audience's chagrin. Though Takagi tries to get her attention as she walks away, Sato merely waves.

The Trembling Police Headquarters: 12 Million Hostages (Manga: 369-373, Anime: 304)

During this case, Sato was having many flash backs of her former crush, Jinpei Matsuda, who was killed during a bombing incident. When the bombing started to involve more familiar police officers (including Shiratori), she became very worried for Takagi. When Takagi and Conan were trapped in an elevator with a mercury lever bomb, Takagi told Sato that he and Conan would have to remain and die with the bomb to get the name of the location of a much bigger bomb. She tried to force her way through police to get to Takagi, but failed. However, the bomb was disabled by Conan at the last second. Later after apprehending the bomber, she chased and attempted to kill him, being fully taken in with the impulse of revenge. At the last moment before she would have killed him, Takagi tackled Sato and even smacked her in the face to make her regain her senses. Takagi and Sato then almost kissed, but the arrival of Inspector Megure broke the moment.

Missing Ring Case (Manga: 404-406, Anime: 358-359)

Takagi's Last Case (Manga: 450-452, Anime: 390-391)

Jewel Robber's Suicide Case (Manga: 484-486, Anime: 401-402)

Group Date Kidnapping Case (Manga: 511-514, Anime: 431-432)

Fake Wedding Case (Manga: 535-537, Anime: 449)

Sato's Ring Case (Manga: 576-578, Anime: 487)

Hammer Man Case (Manga: 625-627, Anime: 530-531)

Miwako and Takagi about to kiss.

Whistling Killer Case (Manga: 670-673, Anime: 534-535)

Sato and Takagi had agreed on going out to a spa as soon as a difficult case (involving a serial killer whose cases are about to caducate) that they were working on (alongside Megure, Shiratori, and Matsumoto) was resolved. Takagi gets very fired up and decides to work harder than usual; their seniors, however, see it as a terrible signal since officers who behave like that often end up dying in the line of duty, which greatly worries Sato. This bad omen almost becomes true when Takagi ends up being shot, with only a mahjong tile he carried in his pocket saving him from death. Sato is greatly relieved when he survives, and they finally can share a kiss.

White Day Murder Case (Manga: 725-727, Anime: 608-609)

The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love (Manga: 804-808, Anime: 681-683)

Sato jumps from a helicopter to save Takagi.

Takagi is kidnapped by a mysterious man who mistakes him to be Wataru Date (a deceased police officer and Takagi's former mentor) who had made the kidnapper's daughter commit suicide. He is bandaged on a plank of wood and there is a bomb under it. Sato saves Takagi from getting killed by the bomb, and the duo kiss again.

Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 9 (Manga: 869-871, Anime: 748-749)

Embarrassed Sato.

Sato hesitates when thinking about that she's expecting but has lost. Naeko, Takagi and Yumi believe that her period is late... and since Takagi is now her lover as well as her partner, this means she might be pregnant. The thing Sato was actually missing was her red badge which is given to all officers in the 1st Division. The whole pregnancy situation was a huge misunderstanding.

Ramen So Good, It's to Die For 2 (Manga: 930, Anime: 828)

Sato and Takagi put on disguise to catch the culprit at a ramen shop. It's again stated that they're sexually active, as Sato tells Takagi that she plans to work out *intensely* that night to burn out calories (implying that she wants to have sex with him) and is mad when he misses the point of her remark.

Wataru Date's Notebook (Manga: 1079-1081, Anime: TPD)

List of disguises used

Sato has used many disguises over the course of the series with her preference being a simple disguise with wig and sun glasses. However, she is also capable of disguising as other individual if given enough time. These are the known ones used so far.

Non-canon plot overview

Captured in Her Eyes (Movie 4)

Movie4 Case3.jpg

During Captured in Her Eyes, Miwako was a target of a serial killer. She thought she was safe, but when she and Ran went to the bathroom, a blackout in the hotel occurred. A gunman then came into the bathroom, and she jumped on Ran to protect her. However, she was shot several times and put into a coma. This incident caused a large deal of grief for Ran and Takagi, even going as far as to make Ran completely lose her memories. She was given by doctors a 50% chance at surviving due to one bullet stopping extremely close to her heart. Luckily, she survived.

Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie

After the international criminal Lupin III announced his intention to steal a jewel called the Cherry Sapphire, Inspector Zenigata from the ICPO put together an operation to prevent the theft. Miwako eagerly volunteered to join Zenigata's team, relishing the chance to capture her hero. During the operation, she actually managed to handcuff Lupin, but lost him after he electrocuted her. Though weakened from the electrical attack, Miwako pursued him into the subway tunnels underneath the city, but was nearly killed after collapsing on the train tracks. Impressed with her tenacity, Lupin returned and saved Miwako from being hit by the train, before disappearing with the sapphire.

Relationship analysis

Wataru Takagi

Sato and Takagi sharing their first kiss

Since their first meeting, Takagi was revealed to have strong romantic feelings towards her, but it was unknown if Sato felt the same way as she was shown to be quite oblivious to his feelings for her. However as time went on, their relationship slowly grew and they soon became more closer towards each other as Takagi learned more of her past, including the death of her father. Eventually, Sato finally realized her true feelings for Takagi when she was nearly force to marry Shiratori. Their relationship gradually develops as the series continues. However their relationship became threatened when Sato revealed she still hadn't completely gotten over the death of her former love, Jinpei Matsuda. However, after finally confronting the man who killed him and after being comforted by Takagi, Sato was finally able to move on with her life and renew her relationship with Takagi. At present, Takagi and Sato are very much in love, having kissed at least thrice.

Jinpei Matsuda

Matsuda was Sato's former partner and first love.They only got to know each other for a brief period but his death affected her greatly. Before his death, he sent her a message of the next bomb location and a note that he actually liked her.She struggled to put his death behind her but finally managed to do so when she avenged matsuda by capturing the bomber.She also developed a strong fear of Ferris Wheels due to the trauma she experienced when he died.

Yumi Miyamoto

Miwako and Yumi.

Yumi is Miwako's best friend in the headquarter. They are seen together a lot, and Yumi always teases Miwako about her relationship with Takagi. She often tries to bring the two closer together, much to the chagrin of Sato and Takagi. They have been friends for at least 10 years.

Juzo Megure

Inspector Megure with Miwako Sato.

Inspector Megure is like a father figure to Miwako as she said to Takagi in one of the episodes (although Takagi mistook it as a love interest at first).

Conan Edogawa

Miwako seems to admire Conan and consider him an equal (quite surprisingly), like Takagi, usually telling Conan information that is actually forbidden to be leaked to normal citizens.[28]

Ninzaburo Shiratori

Ninzaburo and Miwako

Although Shiratori, initially, had a crush on Sato and attempted to marry her, she views him only as a friend. It is later revealed that the main reason Shiratori had a crush on her was because he believed her to be the "girl of destiny" who changed his life, but later it turned out that the said girl was Sumiko Kobayashi, who bears an extreme physical similarity to Sato. Once this is revealed, Shiratori stops chasing after Sato's affections, and has become very friendly to her. Sato really supports Shiratori and Kobayashi relationship.

Character popularity

  • eBookJapan held a character popularity poll from April 12, 2011 to May 12, 2011 in which readers of Detective Conan (international included) could vote for their favorite character. Sato placed 13th in the poll with 50 votes out of the 5,883 that were cast.[29]
  • In honor of the release of the 800th manga chapter, Shonen Sunday held a popularity poll/contest containing 91 Detective Conan characters to choose from. Sato placed 14th overall with 107 votes.[30]
  • She ranked 7th in the Super Digest Book 60+ "Cutest Detective Conan characters" poll, with 80 votes.

Name origin

Different looks

Episode 146
Episode 402
Episode 661


But kid, remember one thing... The word "justice" isn't a word you can involve in any occasion... it's something we must hold secretly in our heart.

— To Genta

Kidnapping is an extremely vulgar crime, right up there with murder.

— Episode 432 Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 7



Sato's RX-7
  • Sato drives a red series 6 Mazda (Ẽfini) RX-7. It used to be white, but she painted it red so it would be more visible in the fog.
  • Sato has a habit of shrieking while drifting without pulling the handbrake, as she feels that shrieking helps make it easier. But she finds it embarrassing, though. This habit caused the "Mountain Witch" story to happen, as people reported the the witch would drift using a white FD and scream really loud.
  • It is likely that Sato's driving style is inspired by Takumi Fujiwara, the protagonist of the manga / anime Initial D. (with one difference that Sato drives an FD, while Takumi drives a Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86 panda).
  • Sato is a fan of Lupin III and has stated that he was her first love.
  • Sato dislikes any shiny and expensive jewelry. This fact was used by Yumi to trick some of Sato's admirers to buy expensive jewels for her that Yumi herself finds nice. [31] However, Sato currently wears a ring that Takagi had bought for her, not realizing that he intended it to be an engagement ring.[32]
  • Sato dislikes expensive restaurants, and once denied an offer made by Inspector Shiratori to go eat at a French cuisine.[33]
  • A running gag in the series is how whenever she and Takagi go on a date, they are stalked by other police detectives who have crushes on her.[34] Previously, this 'Miwako Sato's Line of Defence' was led by Inspector Shiratori.[35]
  • A script Error in the English Dub of Movie 4: Captured in Her Eyes referred that Sato died from the shot in the restroom (which, in fact, she does not and remained critically injured in hospital until her fate is known at the end of the film). This creates continuity error, as beyond that point, others characters in the Dubbing version continued to make reference that she died until the news of her recovery reaches the policemen at the end of the film.
  • Sato is bad at drawing. [36]
  • Sato, Takagi and Yumi are the only Police Officers to take Conan seriously, usually treating him as an equal.
  • Her last name Satō (佐藤) is written with the characters for 'help' and 'wisteria'. Written with different characters, Satō (砂糖) can also mean sugar. In a flashback showing the first encountering of her and Takagi, he uses this as a pun and refers to her as 'Inspector Sugar'.
  • Her first name Miwako (美和子) is written with the characters for 'beautiful', 'peace' and 'child'.
  • Sato doesn't know that the whole police department all have a romantic attraction to her...or is at least trying to ignore that...
  • According to Gosho in Super Digest Book 80+, Miwako is the faster driver than Yukiko.
  • Miwako appeared to not know what White Day was until she learned it from Yumi.
  • According to Gosho in JUSTICE PLUS Super Digest Book, she taught herself her driving techniques.
  • According to RECIPE PLUS Super Digest Book she can't cook.

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Kanagawa Prefectural Police Jugo YokomizoChihaya Hagiwara
Hokkaido Prefectural Police Inspector NishimuraDetective Tamura
Kyoto Prefectural Police Fumimaro AyanokojiDetective Kurumazaki
Shizuoka Prefectural Police Sango YokomizoTomonori Ogawara
Other Prefectures Misao Yamamura (Gunma) • Tsuyoshi Shikatsuno (Nara) • Tamekichi Matsushiro (Gifu) • Shoji Terabayashi (Chiba) • Ayami Ogino (Saitama) • Detective Motohashi (Yamanashi)
Japanese Intelligence Agencies Rei FuruyaYuya KazamiHiromitsu Morofushi (deceased)
Primary Tokyo MPD Cases Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story OneMPD TwoMPD ThreeMegure's Sealed SecretShinkansen Transport CaseMPD FourSerial BomberMPD FiveMPD SixJewelry RobberyMPD SevenFake WeddingMPD EightHammer ManThe Scar that Evokes the PastInspector Shiratori, Memories of the Cherry BlossomKobayashi-sensei's LoveA Video Letter of First LoveCo-Investigating with a First LoveThe Life-Threatening Broadcast of LoveThe Ex-Boyfriend Living Next to a Crime SceneMDP NineTaiko Meijin's Match of LoveChiba's Difficult UFO CaseThe Marriage Registration's PasswordThe Target is the Metropolitan Police Traffic Department
Other Significant Police Cases The Osaka Double Mystery (Osaka) • Festival Dolls Dyed in the Setting Sun (Tokyo-Theft) • The Red Horse within the Flames (Tokyo Arson) • Furinkazan (Nagano) • A Dangerous Party of Two & The Mansion of Death and the Red Wall (Nagano) • Heiji Hattori and the Vampire Mansion (Osaka) • The Scarlet Return (NPA) • The Darkness of the Prefectural Police (Nagano NPA) • A song named ASACA (PSB NPA) • Captured in Her Eyes (Tokyo) • Crossroad in the Ancient Capital (Kyoto) • The Raven Chaser (Tokyo, Kanagawa, Shizuoka, Nagano, Kyoto, and Chiba)
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