Miho Komatsu

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Miho Komatsu

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Japanese name: 小松未歩
Gender: Female
Date of birth: March 30, 1974
Place of birth: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Genres: Pop
Years active: 1997-2009
Labels: ZAIN RECORDS (1997)
Amemura O-Town Record (1997-1999)
GIZA Studio (1999-2009)
Website: miho-komatsu.com

Miho Komatsu (小松未歩 Komatsu Miho?), born on March 30, 1974, is a Japanese pop singer. She had been in a band called Keyboard and somehow, a demo tape had been sent to Giza Studio. They signed her, and with her debut single, "謎" (Nazo), she became an immediate success. Four of her songs were included in The Best of Detective Conan (2000), a soundtrack album for the anime which sold over a million copies. At the age of 30, she is still producing an average of about three singles and an album per year.

To date, she has recorded eight albums, twenty-six singles, and over ten videos.

Song themes in Detective Conan

Opening themes

  • Nazo - Opening 3 (episodes 53~96)

Closing themes

Movie themes

In Detective Conan

Miho Komatsu made a cameo in file 293 and episode 238. A mini-disk in episode 158 contain her music.


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