Mayuko Kanba

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Mayuko Kanba

Staff Mayuko Kanba.jpg

Gender: Female
Date of birth: April 18

Mayuko Kanba (かんば まゆこ Kanba Mayuko?) is the mangaka in charge of Hanzawa the Criminal, a spin-off/self-parody of Detective Conan, which is published in the Shōnen Sunday S magazine. Previous works by her include Bareteru yo! Jamboreene, Nishikida Keibu wa Dorobō ga Osuki and Meikyūiri Tantei. She depicts herself as a caricature of herself wearing sunglasses/a mask concealing her eyes. A running gag in Hanzawa the Criminal is that her alter-ego is the one responsible for Gosho Aoyama's death in every corresponding volume of Detective Conan.

The fluffy dog appearing in the series furthermore seems to be based on an actual dog she owns.

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