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The cover of the first volume released in Japan by Shogakukan on June 18, 1994.

The manga was first serialized in the fifth issue of Shōnen Sunday in 1994, written and drawn by Gosho Aoyama, and has appeared there since. The first tankoubon was also published by Shogakukan in 1994; it has spanned 74 volumes[1] and continues today. The manga has been highly popular in Japan; the tankoubon has received multiple first places in bestselling lists.[2]

Viz Media publishes Case Closed manga in the United States and Canada while Gollancz published the manga in the United Kingdom using Viz Media's English translation. However, the company stopped after 15 volumes, and now Viz handles UK distribution.[3] Other than the adaption of character names used in the anime version, there is no significant change between the English translations and the Japanese versions. Currently, there are 41 known English books in stores, as of January 12th, 2012.[4]



Volume 1-10 - Chapters 001-100

Volume 11-20 - Chapters 101-200

Volume 21-30 - Chapters 201-306

Volume 31-40 - Chapters 307-413

Volume 41-50 - Chapters 414-521

Volume 51-60 - Chapters 522-630

Volume 61-70 - Chapters 631-740

Volume 71- Current - Chapter 741-784

Volume 71-Current

Chapters not yet included in a Volume

  • File 785: The Mistress' Unwritten Confession (奥様の告白文 Okusama no kokuhaku bun?)
  • File 786: The Parent-Child Optical Illusion (親子の間の錯視 Oyako no ma no sakushi?)
  • File 787: Kogoro-san is a Good Man (小五郎さんはいい人 Kogorō-san wa ī hito?)
  • File 788: The Real Sleeping Kogoro (本物の眠りの小五郎 Honmono no nemuri no Kogorō?)
  • File 789: The Kogoro Imposter's Great Deduction (偽小五郎の名推理 Nise Kogorō no mei suiri?)
  • File 790: The Object of Detective Chiba's First Love (千葉刑事の初恋の人 Chiba keiji no hatsukoi no hito?)
  • File 791: Do You Not Remember? (覚えてませんか? Oboetemasen ka??)
  • File 792: Could You Possibly Be... (君ってもしかして… Kimi tte moshikashite…?)
  • File 793: Private Eye (プライベートアイ Puraibēto ai?)
  • File 794: Genome (遺伝子情報(ゲノム) Idenshi jōhō (genomu)?)
  • File 795: Destined to Re-Enter The Flames (炎へと回帰する運命 Honō e to kaiki suru unmei?)
  • File 796: The Meeting At Columbo (コロンボでの待ち合わせ Koronbo de no machiawase?)
  • File 797: Intertwined Lies and Mysteries (縒り合わせられた嘘と謎 Yori awase rareta uso to nazo?)
  • File 798: Detectives' Nocturne (探偵たちの夜想曲(ノクターン) Tantei-tachi no yasōkyoku (nokutān)?)
  • File 799: A Child's Curiosity and a Detective's Inquiry (子供の好奇心と探偵の探究心 Kodomo no kōkishin to tantei no tankyū kokoro?)
  • File 800: When Objects Collide (立体交差の思惑 Rittai kōsa no omowaku?)
  • File 801: The Person Who Never Smiled (全然笑わない人 Zenzen warawanai hito?)
  • File 802: Don't Make That Kind of Face... (そんな顔をするな… Sonna kao o suru na…?)
  • File 803: A Misconstrued Conclusion (曲解の結末 Kyokkai no ketsumatsu?)
  • File 804: The Present From Detective Takagi (高木刑事からの贈り物 Takagi keiji kara no okurimono?)
  • File 805: Wataru Brothers (ワタル・ブラザーズ Wataru・Burazaazu?)
  • File 806: The Inherited Shadow of the Dawn (継承された旭影 Keishōsareta kyokuei?)
  • File 807: The Strongest Senpai (最強の先輩 Saikyō no senpai?)
  • File 808: The Late Grave Visit (遅くなった墓参り Osoku natta hakamairi?)
  • File 809: Traces of Having Been in the Room (部屋にいた痕跡 Heya ni ita konseki?)
  • File 810: Froth, Steam and Smoke


The following are Detective Conan manga publishers and their respective countries.

Country Language Publishers
Flag of Japan Japan Japanese Shogakukan
Flag of Canada Canada English Viz Media
Flag of US US English Viz Media
Flag of UK UK English Gollancz Manga, later Viz Media
Flag of China China Simplified Chinese Changchun Publishing House
Flag of Republic of China Republic of China (Taiwan) Traditional Chinese Chingwin Publishing Group
Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong Traditional Chinese Edko Publishing Ltd.
Flag of Singapore Singapore Simplified Chinese Chuang Yi
Flag of Indonesia Indonesia Indonesian Elex Media Komputindo
Flag of Finland Finland Finnish Egmont Kustannus
Flag of France France French Kana
Flag of Germany Germany German Egmont Manga & Anime (EMA)
Flag of Italy Italy Italian Star Comics
Flag of Malaysia Malaysia Malay and Simplified Chinese Tora Aman
Flag of South Korea South Korea Korean Seoul Munhwasa
Flag of Spain Spain Spanish and Catalan Planeta DeAgostini
Flag of Sweden Sweden Swedish Egmont Kärnan
Flag of Norway Norway Norwegian Egmont Serieforlaget
Flag of Thailand Thailand Thai Vibulkij Comics
Flag of Vietnam Vietnam Vietnamese Kim Đồng Publishing House

Detective Picture Book

The Detective Picture Book, fully titled Gosho Aoyama's Detective Picture Book is a special feature in each volume of the Detective Conan manga. Each volume features information on a famous literary or film detective as well as a story recommended by Aoyama.

Detective Conan Special

Detective Conan Special manga volumes consist of short stories drawn by Gosho Aoyama's assistants. The stories found in the Special volumes hold no bearing on the plot of the main storyline.

Magic Kaito

Magic Kaito is a shōnen manga series by Gosho Aoyama, about a thief named Kaitou Kid. Aoyama stopped work on the manga after three volumes due to the fact that he started Detective Conan, which was an instant hit. Aoyama wrote a few extra chapters for Magic Kaito which were put together and released as a 4th volume in 2007.


Y∀IBA, also known as Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba, is the second manga series created by Gosho Aoyama. The story was about a young samurai and his adventures in modern day Japan. There have been numerous references to it in Detective Conan.


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