Makka na Lip

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Opening 51


Original title: 真っ赤なLip
English title: Bright Red Lips
Artist: WANDS
Episodes: 965~???
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CD Info
Release date: January 29, 2020
CDs: 1
Tracks: 2 (normal ed.)
3 (Conan ed.)
Original Cost: 1,000円 + tax
CD Number: GZCD-7006
GZCD-7005 (Conan ed.)
Record Label: D-GO
Oricon chart peak: #14 (Weekly)
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Makka na Lip is a single by WANDS that was released on January 29, 2020. The titular song is the 51st opening of the anime.

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Conan's opening speech


(The rhythm on my lips is footloose! The rhythm of my detective skills is perfect!)


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Silhouette of Conan
Conan dancing
Montage of Conan dancing
Conan finished dancing

CD info

Normal edition CD track listing

# Song Title Romaji Translation Time
1 真っ赤なLip Makka na Lip Bright Red Lips
2 時の扉 〜WANDS 第5期 ver.〜 Toki no Tobira ~WANDS Dai 5 Ki ver.~ Door of Time ~WANDS 5th Period ver.~

Detective Conan edition CD track listing

# Song Title Romaji Translation Time
1 真っ赤なLip Makka na Lip Bright Red Lips
2 もっと強く抱きしめたなら 〜WANDS 第5期 ver.〜 Motto Tsuyoku Dakishimeta Nara ~WANDS Dai 5 Ki ver.~ If I Hold You Stronger ~WANDS 5th Period ver.~
3 真っ赤なLip -TV size- Makka na Lip -TV size- Bright Red Lips -TV size-




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  1. Lyrics transliterated and translated by Glacierfairy.
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