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Chiba reporting to his superiors.

Kazunobu Chiba (千葉 和伸 Chiba Kazunobu?, named Detective Chiba in FUNimation english dub, same name as Japanese in Bangzoom!) is a police detective of the Metropolitan Police Department. He has short sassy hair and is one of the only overweight characters in the police department, which he is made a running gag of. He is introduced as a dubbing mistake in episode 138 in March 1999, after Chafurin, who voices Inspector Megure, says the name of his voice actor, Isshin Chiba, by mistake. He is introduced in the manga in September of the same year. Known to work alongside Megure and Wataru Takagi, his appearances increased steadily, and he is frequently seen at the crime scenes of the cases. His duty is mainly to report information outside of the scene to his superiors. His girlfriend is his childhood friend Naeko Miike, who works in the traffic department. He is also good friends with Wataru Takagi, and the only one to support him in his love with Miwako Sato. Learn more ...

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Featured song

Ran riding her bike on the Togetsu bridge in Kyoto.

Togetsu Bridge ~Thinking About You~ (渡月橋 〜君 想ふ〜 Togetsukyō ~Kimi Omou~?) is a single by famous singer Mai Kuraki, known for having sung the most songs for a television show. The titular song is the 55th closing of the anime. It is as well the ending theme of the 21st movie The Crimson Love Letter. It was released on April 12, 2017 by NORTHERN MUSIC, around the same time as the movie, and later digitally on April 19. On September 13 of the same year, the "Kyoto Version" of the song was released, and it was also featured in the album Mai Kuraki x Detective Conan Collaboration Best 21. Its lyrics are written by Kuraki and her producer Akihito Tokunaga. It is her best selling single since 2004, peaking at 2nd on the Japan Hot 100 Chart and 5th on the Oricon Chart.

Its imagery shows Shinichi and Ran in various landscapes of Kyoto.


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