Magic Kaito Volume 5

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Volume 5

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Release date: July 18, 2017
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-127764-0
Publisher: Shogakukan
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Magic Kaito Volume 5 was released on July 18, 2017 in Japan.


The Phantom Lady

Characters introduced

Heist Info

Part 1 (Chapter 29)

Part 2 (Chapter 30)


  • Midnight Crow

    Characters introduced

    Heist Info

    Part 1 (Chapter 31)

    Part 2 (Chapter 32)

    Part 3 (Chapter 33)


  • Sun Halo

    Heist Info

    Part 1 (Chapter 34)

    Aoko removes Kaito Kid's hat, shocked to see that the thief's identity is non other than her childhood friend Kaito.

    Part 2 (Chapter 35)

    Aoko choose to believe that Kaito Kid just has put on a mask, that makes him look like Kaito.

    Part 3 (Chapter 36)


  • Nonchalant Lupin

    As a bonus, the volume included the 1987 one-shot manga Nonchalant Lupin (さりげなくルパン Sarigenaku Rupan?), which was the prototype story for the Magic Kaito series. This story had previously been included in one version of Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories.


    While sneaking around the school late at night searching for the answers to the final exam, Kaito Lupin stumbles across a list for "Illegally Accepted Students" for his school. To prevent a scandal from happening and to put Kaito in his place once and for all, Headmaster Tsubura teams up with the Gurikouji Financial Group's Kenzou Gurikouji. Gurikouji is currently being investigated by Aoko's father, Inspector Holmes, regarding the group's drug trafficking and gun smuggling. Tsubura and Gurikouji intend to trick Kaito's friend, Aoko Holmes, into believing Kaito might be expelled from school and blackmail her into marrying Gurikouji's son, Ken. By doing this, Gurikouji would gain control over police investigations and Tsubura would finally remove Lupin from the school. Aoko reluctantly agrees and it's up to Kaito to crash the wedding and steal her away somehow!


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