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==== Aftermath ====
==== Aftermath ====
Three days later, Aoko is seen knocking on Kaito's door and shows him a helmet that she recently bought. The two then get on Kaito's bike to go to the zoo Kaito promised Aoko in taking her there. Aoko remembers when Kid's stomach was injured and softly grips Kaito. Kaito tells her to grip tight or he'll lose her along the way. Aoko drops her suspicions that Kaito is Kid and grips him tight happily.</spoiler>
Three days later, Aoko is seen knocking on Kaito's door and shows him a helmet that she recently bought. The two then get on Kaito's bike to go to the zoo Kaito promised Aoko in taking her there. Aoko remembers when Kid's stomach was injured and softly grips Kaito. Kaito tells her to grip tight or he'll lose her along the way. Aoko drops her suspicions that Kaito is Kid and grips him tight happily. Kaito slightly reveal that his injury is still hurt.</spoiler>
== Nonchalant Lupin ==
== Nonchalant Lupin ==

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Volume 5

MKVolume 5.jpg

Release date: July 18, 2017[1]
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-127764-0
Publisher: Shogakukan
Back Cover Image

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List of chapters, List of Heists

Magic Kaito Volume 5 was released on July 18, 2017 in Japan.



The Phantom Lady

Characters introduced

Heist Info

Part 1 (Chapter 29)

Part 2 (Chapter 30)


  • Midnight Crow

    Characters introduced

    Heist Info

    Part 1 (Chapter 31)

    Part 2 (Chapter 32)

    Part 3 (Chapter 33)


  • Sun Halo

    Heist Info

    Part 1 (Chapter 34)

    Aoko and Keiko are talking about Kaito Kid's heist notice. While they are chatting, Kaito appears riding on his bike. It turns out it was his old bike that he crashed and burnt when he got his license. His bike was fixed by Konosuke Jii's professor friend. (presumably Hiroshi Agasa) As Kaito offers Aoko to take her wherever she'd like, Akako throws a bad luck tarot card to Kaito's head. And yet another person interferes four of them, which is Saguru Hakuba.

    Kaito and Aoko visit where the exhibition is and Kaito tells Aoko he's off to the bathroom. Kaito Kid appears before Inspector Nakamori, Aoko, and the priestess and tells them there is no point in stealing it. The priestess provokes him and he and Aoko fall into a pitfall. Kid protects Aoko and finds them in a vehicle. They fall down again and this time, in a white room. He notices the broken glass case that made him got a deep cut. While he is distracted, Aoko removes Kaito Kid's hat and is shocked to see that the thief's identity is none other than her childhood friend, Kaito.

    Part 2 (Chapter 35)

    Aoko chooses to believe that Kaito Kid just has put on a mask, which makes him look like Kaito. They proceed to find a way to get out. Hakuba arrives and brought motorcycle experts. The three discuss what had happened and Inspector Nakamori speculates he's using a signal jammer since they can't track Aoko's phone's GPS. Meanwhile, Aoko who's with Kid follows the instruction of the text they find on the ceiling. The door opens up and it's a room of cushions. Right after they got in, Kid suddenly passes out.

    Meanwhile, Hakuba is searching for the location of the two and receives a call from Akako. Akako tells him that they are in a high white room. Aoko discovers blood on Kaito Kid's stomach. She then remembers a memory from when she and Kaito were still kids. She searches for the only different cushion and turns it around. A door with a lot of keyholes with a message on the handle appears. Kid who is barely conscious quickly understands the situation.

    Part 3 (Chapter 36)

    Kid solves the message and Aoko helps him get up as he is doing what the puzzle instructs them. Aoko notices that Kaito Kid is just like Kaito Kuroba. She later suspects Kaito Kuroba. Just as Kid finishes the puzzle, he passes out again.


  • Resolution

    Nonchalant Lupin

    As a bonus, the volume included the 1987 one-shot manga Nonchalant Lupin (さりげなくルパン Sarigenaku Rupan?), which was the prototype story for the Magic Kaito series. This story had previously been included in one version of Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories.


    While sneaking around the school late at night searching for the answers to the final exam, Kaito Lupin stumbles across a list for "Illegally Accepted Students" for his school. To prevent a scandal from happening and to put Kaito in his place once and for all, Headmaster Tsubura teams up with the Gurikouji Financial Group's Kenzou Gurikouji. Gurikouji is currently being investigated by Aoko's father, Inspector Holmes, regarding the group's drug trafficking and gun smuggling. Tsubura and Gurikouji intend to trick Kaito's friend, Aoko Holmes, into believing Kaito might be expelled from school and blackmail her into marrying Gurikouji's son, Ken. By doing this, Gurikouji would gain control over police investigations and Tsubura would finally remove Lupin from the school. Aoko reluctantly agrees and it's up to Kaito to crash the wedding and steal her away somehow.


  • Trivia




    United States of America


    Haneda Airport

    Harry Nezu arrives in Tokyo and gets interviewed early during chapter 31 at the Haneda Airport, which is situated in the Ōta Ward.

    Nagekomi Temple

    The Nagekomi Temple associated with the Sandei Shrine is modeled after the Nageire Temple in Gosho Aoyama's home prefecture Tottori, as was also confirmed by him in his comments accompanying these chapters. The in-story explanation is that the Nagekomi was directly built after the image of the Nageire (which is denied by the priestess Niwano Yasuyo).

    National Museum of Nature and Science

    The unnamed museum from the very beginning of chapter 31 and the whole of "Sun Halo" (chapter 34-36) is modeled after the National Museum of Nature and Science in the northeast of Ueno Park in the district of the same name, Ueno, in the Taitō Ward of Tokyo.

    Route of the truck in "Sun Halo"

    The route the truck takes and Saguru Hakuba re-creates thanks to the SNS messages in chapter 35 leads through a couple of real places:

    1. Futaba Town(jp) (Itabashi Ward, 3 hours ago)
    2. Nishihara Town(jp) (Shibuya Ward, 2 hours ago)
    3. Miyazawa Town (part of Akishima, 1 hour ago)
    4. Nishiki Town (part of Tachikawa, 1 hour ago)
    5. Hinode Town (57 minutes ago)

    He concludes that the next turn must be to Lake Sagami or Okutama, being correct with the latter, where Kaitou Kid and Aoko Nakamori are kept in a temple in the Okutama Mountains.

    Unnamed skyscraper from "Midnight Crow"

    The skyscraper in Tokyo where Kaitou Kid and Kaitou Corbeau have their duel with the organization in is modeled after the look of the Yokkaichi Portbuilding (四日市港ポートビル) in the City of Yokkaichi, in reality located in the Mie Prefecture.


    In "The Phantom Lady"

    In "Sun Halo"



    Detective Conan

    The Kudo residence is a remodel of Akako's house in the fourth Magic Kaito Omake


    • Aoko Nakamori's mobile phone in chapter 31-36 is an ONY brand smartphone model. The name originally comes from Yaiba and was a play on words with SONY and "Oni", since the products were created under the possessed Takeshi Onimaru's reign over Japan, during which he and his minions created some "demonized" versions of real companies and brands and were later taken over to Magic Kaito, Detective Conan and their derivatives.

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