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| english-name        =
| english-name        =
| image              = Magic Kaito Boss Profile.jpg
| image              = Magic Kaito Boss Profile.jpg
| age                = Unknown
| age                = unknown
| gender              = Unknown
| gender              = unknown
| date-of-birth      = Unknown
| date-of-birth      = unknown
| relatives          = Unknown
| relatives          = unknown
| nicknames          = Ano okata/That person<ref>Magic Kaito, chapter ''Blue Birthday'', page 19.</ref>
| nicknames          = Ano okata/That person<ref>Magic Kaito, chapter ''Blue Birthday'', page 19.</ref>
| aliases            =
| aliases            =

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Magic Kaito Boss

Magic Kaito Boss Profile.jpg

Age: unknown
Gender: unknown
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Nicknames: Ano okata/That person[1]
First appearance: Special 5 (shadow)
Appearances: 2 (shadow)
Japanese voice: None as of yet

The Magic Kaito Boss is a character of unknown gender who is as mysterious as the boss of the Black Organization. This character is the boss of the Magic Kaito Organization. In the anime, we can see during a videochat with Snake and Spider that the boss wears gloves even when using his own PC. Also, the boss only contacts his subordinates via chat in the anime special. He is not seen or heard by other members.


The highest ranking member of the Magic Kaito Organization after finishing a conversation with the sub-boss via video chat.

Almost nothing is known about this mysterious character. However, it must be stated that in the anime special the boss contacts the other members via chat and that he gives orders not in Japanese, but in English.



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  2. ^ Magic Kaito, chapter Blue Birthday.
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