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The cover of the first volume of Magic Kaito released on May 15, 1988.

Magic Kaito (まじっく快斗 Majikku Kaito?) is a shōnen manga series by Gosho Aoyama, about a thief named Kaitou Kid. Aoyama stopped work on the manga after three volumes due to the fact that he started Detective Conan, which was an instant hit. Chapters of the Magic Kaito manga have been released in Shōnen Sunday since then, and have only been collected into a forth and fifth volume in February 2007 and July 2017 respectively.


Kaito Kuroba, a normal teenage high school student, stumbles across the secret of his father's death: his father was not only a magician, but the famous phantom thief Kaitou Kid, and was killed by an organization for reasons unknown. Taking up his father's mantle in an attempt to bait the killers, Kaito performs a number of thefts and eventually learns that his father died for interfering in the organization's quest to find the Pandora Gem. Pandora is said to glow in the light of the moon, and beneath the moon and a certain comet, will shed a tear granting immortality to whomever drinks it. Kaito then decides to search for Pandora as Kaitou Kid and destroy it, in order to prevent the organization from obtaining their goals.

There are also many other characters who seek to interfere with Kid heists. Inspector Ginzo Nakamori, the head of the Kid taskforce, is responsible for capturing and unmasking Kaitou Kid to bringing him to justice. His daughter Aoko Nakamori, Kaito's love interest and classmate, wishes to unmask Kid herself so that her father would not have to work as hard. Akako Koizumi, a witch and classmate, uses real magic to try to steal Kaito's heart. Saguru Hakuba, a high school detective from Britain and classmate, try's to unmask Kid through direct challenge. Later on both Akako and Saguru aid Kaito by giving him hints and warnings before heists to prevent him from being caught so they can catch him themselves.


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Picture Name Role
Kaito Kuroba 60px.jpg Kaito Kuroba Main character of the story. A high school student with a mischievous attitude and a knack for performing magic tricks. Kaitou Kid's secret identity.
Kaitou Kid 60px.jpg Kaitou Kid Kaito Kuroba's alter ego. A master thief known to use magic tricks and send warning notes to the police before a heist.
Aoko Nakamori 60px.jpg Aoko Nakamori Kaito's childhood friend and love interest.
Ginzo Nakamori 60px.jpg Ginzo Nakamori Aoko's father who's in charge of the Kaitou Kid taskforce.
Saguru Hakuba 60px.jpg Saguru Hakuba A high school detective from England determined to catch Kaitou Kid.
Akako Koizumi 60px.jpg Akako Koizumi A witch currently at the same school with Kaito who wishes to win the heart of Kaitou Kid.
Konosuke Jii 60px.jpg Konosuke Jii Toichi and Kaito's loyal assistant.
Chikage Kuroba 60px.jpg Chikage Kuroba Kaito's mother. She was once a thief known as Phantom Lady.
Toichi Kuroba 60px.jpg Toichi Kuroba The original Kaitou Kid and Kaito's late father. He was a world-renowned stage magician.

Unnamed organization[edit]

Picture Name Role
Snake 60px.jpg Snake Primary antagonist of the story. A mysterious agent responsible for the death of Toichi Kuroba, he and his gang of subordinates violently target big jewels. According to Conan, Kid, and the Crystal Mother, he is internationally referred to as "Jackal", but this is unconfirmed in the manga.
Magic Kaito Boss 60px.jpg Magic Kaito Boss The mysterious boss of the criminal organization, he/she seeks to obtain Pandora and achieve immortality. His identity is unknown. In the Magic Kaito specials, the boss is shown giving orders by email. Only the back of the boss' chair is visible and he/she does not speak, so this person's physical characteristics are completely unknown. He/she exists in the manga, but is only alluded to in speech as "ano kata".
Magic Kaito Sub-boss 60px.jpg Magic Kaito Sub-boss A chubby old man who is the second-in-command. He tells Snake which jewels to target.
Spider 60px.jpg Spider An anime special only character who works under their second-in-command.


Volume 1-5[edit]

You can also view this list as Magic Kaito Manga Listed By Heist.

Chapters not yet included in a Volume[edit]


Magic Kaito 1412 TV series logo

Magic Kaito 1412 TV Series[edit]

In celebration of Detective Conan's 20th manga anniversary Shonen Sunday announced a new anime adaptation of the Magic Kaito manga. It began being broadcast October 4, 2014 and it was animated by A-1 Pictures and it was stated that it will be a "completely new work". The show's official website is http://www.ytv.co.jp/magickaito/. The production company's website for the series is http://a1p.jp/works/magickaito/.

Magic Kaito specials logo

Magic Kaito TV Specials[edit]

The manga was first adapted into a series of TV specials titled Magic Kaito: Kid the Phantom Thief (まじっく快斗: KID THE PHANTOM THIEF Majikku Kaito: Kid the Phantom Thief?). It's debut episode aired on April 17, 2010 on Animax before reairing on Nippon Television Network a few days later. The remainder of episodes aired between August and December of the following two years.



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