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This list includes ciphers, riddles and puzzles that have appeared in Detective Conan series. It may contain spoilers about puzzles solutions.


Digital devices & Number ciphers

Episode 14

  • Calculator numbers when read upside down yields English letters (see also: Calculator spelling).
  • In the case the cipher was 3,135,134,162. When read upside down yields "291 Heisei E".

Episode 105

  • L, N, R are the initials of Light, Night, Right.
  • 1100: is read as hyaku no o meaning the king of the beasts which is the lion.
  • 330 = is read as Misao.

Episode 123

  • 9109: When seperated to 9-10-9 and read in kanji will be: Tsukumo which is the name of the culprit.
  • 110: Japanese police number.
  • 2003: when readed in digital device vertically looks like "MOON".
  • 0: in weather symbols, a non-shaded circle means clear weather.
  • 00: in weather symbols, two circles inside each other means cloudy weather.
  • 096: reads in kanji: marunikuru meaning a black circle, which indicates a rainy weather.
  • 5656: reads in kanji: goru goru, which is the sound of the lightning.

Episode 163

  • Dancing men cipher.
  • Caesar cipher.
  • Hiragana cipher.