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This is a list of minor characters in Detective Conan whose one time appearance in a manga case or episode made a notable impact on the plot of the main storyline or influenced the main characters in some way. This list excludes main characters, main law enforcement, the canon Black Organization, and mystery people related to the arc (e.g. Eisuke or Araide).

Sometimes characters on this list may have other minor background appearances, but those appearances generally aren't significant to consider them as recurring characters. Characters who have made multiple appearances in the manga are listed on minor recurring manga characters and those who have reoccurred in the anime or movies are listed on minor recurring anime characters

Family members

Picture Name Keyhole Notable case(s) Role & background
Genji Kojima 60px.jpg Genji Kojima Volume 63 The Culprit is Genta's Dad Genji Kojima (小嶋 元次 Kojima Genji?) is Genta's father.
Midori Megure 60px.jpg Midori Megure Volume 29 Megure's Sealed Secret, White Day of Betrayal Midori Megure (目暮 みどり Megure Midori?) is Inspector Megure's wife.
Mrs. Sato.jpg Mrs. Sato N/A Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 4 Mrs. Sato (佐藤さま Satō-sama?) is Miwako Sato's mother. She is voiced by Chikako Akimoto.
Misae Yamamura 60px.jpg Misae Yamamura Volume 52 Sonoko's Red Handkerchief, The Witch Enshrouded by Fog Misae Yamamura (山村 ミサエ Yamamura Misae?) is Misao Yamamura's grandmother, who sometimes gets involved in cases that he is working on.
Mrs. Hondou 60px.jpg Mrs. Hondou N/A Clash of Red and Black Mrs. Hondou (本堂さま Hondō-sama?) is the deceased mother of Hidemi and Eisuke Hondou. She worked as a former housekeeper at Okudaira mansion. She lived separately from Hidemi and Ethan who both went on different paths. Eisuke who lived with her until her death went to live with his father, Ethan Hondou.
Sugihito Enomoto.jpg Sugihito Enomoto N/A Files 641-642
A Present from the True Culprit
Sugihito Enomoto (榎本 杉人 Enomoto Sugihito?), age 28, is Azusa's older brother. His surname comes from Mikiko Enomoto. He is voiced by Hiroyuki Shibamoto.

Law enforcement

Picture Name Keyhole Notable case(s) Role & background
Jinpei Matsuda 60px.jpg Jinpei Matsuda Volume 36 Parade of Malice and Saint, The Trembling Police Headquarters: 12 Million Hostages Jinpei Matsuda (松田 陣平 Matsuda Jinpei?) was a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department bomb squadron who died on duty three years ago.
Kenji Hagiwara 60px.jpg Kenji Hagiwara N/A The Trembling Police Headquarters: 12 Million Hostages Kenji Hagiwara (萩原 研二 Hagiwara Kenji?) was a member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department bomb squadron and Jinpei Matsuda's explosive disposal partner. He died in the first of a series of bombings seven years prior to the current timeline. He is voiced by Shin'ichiro Miki.
Masayoshi Sato.jpg Masayoshi Sato N/A Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 3 Masayoshi Sato (佐藤 正義 Satō Masayoshi?) was Miwako Sato's father and a Senior Superintendent (Rank 4) in the Tokyo MPD.
Chosuke Takagi 60px.jpg Chosuke Takagi N/A Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 6 Chosuke Takagi (高木 長介 Takagi Chōsuke?) is a Tokyo police detective.
Wataru Date 60px.jpg Wataru Date Volume 77 The Life-Threatening Broadcast of Love Wataru Date (伊達 航 Date Wataru?) is a deceased police officer who was Takagi's mentor and Furuya's friend.
Barney N/A Barney (バーニー Bānī?) was a CIA member. After the death of Ethan Hondou's former middle man, Hidemi Hondou enter the Black Organization to get Barney in to be the new middle man. But due to an error, Hidemi made, Ethan committed suicide to save his daughter. Barney arrived seconds after and called out 'Hondou'. When he noticed that Gin and Vodka were present, he committed suicide to avoid being captured.

Friends and acquaintances

Picture Name Keyhole Notable case(s) Role & background
Asai Narumi.jpg Seiji Asoh N/A Moonlight Sonata Murder Case Seiji Asoh (麻生成実 Asō Seiji?), age 26, is the Tsukikage island doctor from Tokyo.
60px Satoru Maeda N/A Night Baron Murder Case Satoru Maeda (前田 聡 Maeda Satoru?) is a karate champion who is admired by Ran. He's her main inspiration in the world of karate. He met her as well as Conan and Kogoro during the Night Baron case. He's voiced by Taro Arakawa.
Kaori Shinmei.jpg Kaori Shinmei N/A The Mystery Writer Disappearance Case Kaori Shinmei (新名 香保里 Shinmei Kaori?), age 22, is the daughter and literary heir of the famous mystery story writer Nintaro Shinmei (Jonathan Nantz in the Funimation Dub), author of the Detective Samonji novel series. While she is not featured again following the resolution of her father's disappearance case, she continues his literary work, which makes several subsequent appearances within the Detective Conan storyline. In the Funimation Dub, she is Katie Nantz and is voiced by Cynthia Cranz.
Fusae Campbell 60px.jpg Fusae Campbell Volume 40 Gingko-Colored First Love Fusae Campbell Kinoshita (フサエ・キャンベル・木之下 Fusae Kyanberu Kinoshita?) is Agasa's long lost love and an accessory fashion designer with a ginkgo leaf-themed brand.
Kyosuke Haga 60px.jpg Kyosuke Haga Volume 46 The Dissonance of the Stradivarius Kyosuke Haga (羽賀 響輔 Haga Kyōsuke?), age 32, is a skilled musician, capable of playing a Stradivarius, and also had perfect pitch.
Natsuki Koshimizu 60px.jpg Natsuki Koshimizu Volume 54 Three Days with Heiji Hattori Natsuki Koshimizu (越水 七槻 Koshimizu Natsuki?) is a high school detective from Fukuoka.
Junya Tokitsu 60px.jpg Junya Tokitsu N/A Three Days with Heiji Hattori Junya Tokitsu (時津 潤哉 Tokitsu Jun'ya?) was the high school detective from Hokkaido.
Makoto Okuda.jpg Makoto Okuda N/A Murderer, Shinichi Kudo Makoto Okuda (屋田誠人 Okuda Makoto?), age 19.
Minerva Glass 60px.jpg Minerva Glass Volume 71 Holmes' Revelation Minerva Glass (ミネルバ・グラス Mineruba Gurasu?) is an excellent tennis player from London, England.
Apollo Glass 60px.jpg Apollo Glass Volume 72 Holmes' Revelation Apollo Glass (アポロ・グラス Aporo Gurasu?), age 8, is Minerva Glass's younger brother. Apollo's father was German and his mother, Juno Glass, is English. His father died in a traffic accident before he was born.

While watching a tennis match, Apollo received a note from a mysterious person who would turn out to be Hades. While looking for Sherlock Holmes, he met Conan, who said he was "Holmes' Apprentice", who took the note to investigate it. Later on Apollo went to his older sister to tell her about "Holmes' Apprentice". Eventually Apollo accompanied Ran and Kogoro as they investigated in London.

Suguru Itakura 60px.jpg Suguru Itakura N/A On the Trail of a Silent Witness Suguru Itakura (板倉 卓 Itakura Suguru?) is a famous CG graphic designer/games system engineer and Vermouth's acquaintance.
Hikaru Hinohara 60px.jpg Hikaru Hinohara Volume 79 Heiji Hattori and the Vampire Mansion Hikaru Hinohara (桧原 ひかる Hinohara Hikaru?), age 24, is a maid working for the Torakura household.
Tohei Benzaki.jpg Tohei Benzaki N/A Jodie's Memories and the Cherry Blossom Viewing Trap Tohei Benzaki (弁崎 桐平 Benzaki Tōhei?), age 35, was a man who attended the Cherry Blossom Viewing celebration.
Motoe Benzaki.jpg Motoe Benzaki N/A Jodie's Memories and the Cherry Blossom Viewing Trap Motoe Benzaki (弁崎 素江 Benzaki Motoe?) is Tohei Benzaki's pregnant wife.
Yuzuki Fukui 60px.jpg Yuzuki Fukui Volume 81 Kogoro in the Bar Yuzuki Fukui (福井 柚嬉 Fukui Yuzuki?), age 26, is a bartender working at Blue Parrot bar. She was Kogoro's client in one case.
Natsuko Shibuya.jpg Natsuko Shibuya N/A The Scarlet Return Natsuko Shibuya (ナツコ澁谷 Shibuya Natsuko?) is a teacher from Haido Elementary School and was friend with Jodie since Natsuko learned her how to speak Japanese.

Non-Canon Black Organization

Picture Name Keyhole Notable case(s) Role & background
Arrack 60px.jpg Arrack N/A Special Volume 26 Arrack (アラック Arakku?), real name Amylin (アミリーン Amirīn?), is a Black Organization member.
Generic 60px.jpg Generic N/A Special Volume 26 Generic (ジュネリック Junerikku?) is a Black Organization scientist.
Blackbeard 60px.jpg Blackbeard N/A Special Volume 35 Blackbeard (黒髭 Kurohige?) is a Black Organization scientist.
Antonio Gomez 60px.jpg Antonio Gomez N/A Shogakukan Learning Series Antonio Gomez (アントニオ・ゴメス Antonio Gomesu?) is a Black Organization historiographer focusing on Oda Nobunaga that was exclusively in volume 3 of The Mysteries of Japanese History. Conan uses his kick enhancing shoes to kick a desk into his face.
Kate Lauren 60px.jpg Kate Lauren N/A The Great Deduction of Three People Kate Lauren (ケイト=ローレン Keito Rōren?), age 30, is a Black Organization member.


Picture Name Keyhole Notable case(s) Role & background
Weapon Smuggler.jpg Weapon Smuggler N/A Roller Coaster Murder Case The Weapon Smuggler is an unnammed businessman that practiced contraband weapon dealing and was witnessed by Black Organization members. In order for them to keep quiet, he goes to a rendez-vous with Gin and Vodka to exchange money for informations. He is voiced by Shinpachi Tsuji.
Café Poirot Master 60px.jpg Café Poirot Master N/A The Forgotten Cell Phone The Master of Café Poirot only appears in the anime version of The Forgotten Cell Phone. He likes mysteries. He is voiced by Jun'ichi Kanemaru.
Akimi Kirino sv29.jpg Akimi Kirino N/A The Detective Girls!? Akimi Kirino (桐野あきみ Kirino Akimi?) is the Detective Girls Leader.
Emi Matsushita sv29.jpg Emi Matsushita N/A The Detective Girls!? Emi Matsushita (松下えみ Matsushita Emi?) is a Detective Girls Member.
Hitomi Takeshita sv29.jpg Hitomi Takeshita N/A The Detective Girls!? Hitomi Takeshita (武下ひとみ Takeshita Hitomi?) is a Detective Girls Member.
Chotaro Shinki.jpg Chotaro Shinki N/A Clash of Red and Black Chotaro Shinki (信喜朝多郎 Shinki Chōtarō?) is a Haido Central Hospital patient that appears in Clash of Red and Black. He was hospitalized for a bone fracture in his right leg and was a potential Black Organization member until they found out he was just a normal person. He has a grumpy attitude and doesn't like when Conan bursts into his room.
Chugo Nishiya.jpg Chugo Nishiya N/A Clash of Red and Black Chugo Nishiya (西屋忠剛 Nishiya Chugo?) is a Haido Central Hospital patient that appears in Clash of Red and Black. He was hospitalized for acute lower back pain Black Organization member until they found out he was just a normal person. Compared to Chotaro, he is much more receptive to Conan's questions even if he had difficulty to lean his back.

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