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This page contains many different types of parodies seen in Detective Conan and Gosho Aoyama other works like Yaiba, Magic Kaito etc.

Detective Conan

  • Gomera - a parody of Godzilla.
  • In Kaitou Kid's Miraculous Midair Walk at the beginning of the episode, the movie that Ran and Sonoko were watching is a parody of Ocean's Eleven.
  • In Kogoro's Pursuit of Rage Facenet is a parody of facebook which appeared again in The Tidal Park Comeback Case.
  • In Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 5 The stakeout police van used by the detectives spying on Sato and Takagi had stickers on it show which appears to a parody of Tom and Jerry.
  • In Preview Screening of Fate and Friendship Starblade and Tohto Cinema is a parody to Stars Wars and Toho Cinemas.
  • In The Eleventh Striker, Tokyo Spirits mascot being a blue zebra is a parody from Juventus' stripe zebra in real life since Tokyo Spirits is actually modeled as Juventus F.C.
  • The character Kamen Yaiba is a parody of Kamen Rider, using "Yaiba" instead of "Rider". The name Kamen Yaiba is a combination of a parody of the Tokusatsu TV show Kamen Rider, as well as Gosho Aoyama's previous manga and anime Yaiba.
  • In File 38 The "Butweiser" company and its bow-tie-shaped logo are a parody of Budweiser.
  • In Mystery Writer Disappearance Case, Daigakukan Publishing Company is a parody of Shogakukan.
  • The chocolate bar Chika named Chocolate Shock is a parody of a popular brand in Japan called Big Thunder (The Devil's Circuit).
  • Macademy Awards is a parody of Academy Awards, more commonly known as "Oscars" (The Scarlet Return).
  • In the same episode Johnny Bipp, the winner of Best Supporting Actor on the Macademy Awards, is a reference to Johnny Depp.
  • In File 179 the fashion magazine Haibara reads is Can Can, an obvious parody of Japan's Com Com magazine though in Episode 129 the anime changes the magazine's name to a generic Fashion.
  • In The Nobunaga 450 Case Nobuna Gaizer show was the parody of Super Sentai series.
  • In The Cost of Likes The forensics officers use a parody of a Nikon camera instead written Nekon.
  • In Kaiju Gomera vs. Kamen Yaiba Taiho Pictures is a pun to Toho Pictures, the company which produces the Detective Conan movies.
  • In A Challenge Letter to Shinichi Kudo ~Prologue Until Goodbye~ Yoko Okino's drama is entitled Detective Coin is a pun of Detective Conan.
  • In The Truth Behind the Urban Legend "Pizza-Ya" is in fact inspired by Japan's highest grossing pizza-chain named "Pizza-La but its logo is slightly different from the Pizza-Ya logo. Pizza-La's name is inspired by a pun with Pizza and Godzilla, the eponymous dinosaur that invades Tokyo.
  • In Information Gathered About the Detective Boys The gas station where Higaki works is named "Yotsubishi", a pun from the famous Mitsubishi Motors company. The logo is also slightly modified from Mitsubishi's logo.
  • In File 38 PAPCO Store is modeled after the PARCO Store. It appeared again in Episode 309.
  • In Episode 491, Welcome Burger is a restaurant that copied McDonald's since the logo was similar as the M of Mcdonald's but just put upside down making a W.
  • Nichiuri Television Network is a combination of Nippon TV of Tokyo and Yomiuri TV of Osaka.
  • Both Danny's and Donny's are a parody in Denny’s.
  • Mantendo is a parody of Nintendo in Game Company Murder Case.
  • In File 82 the "Yotsubishi Gas" station is a play on the (once) real Mitsubishi Gas stations, including a fitting four-petaled logo (instead of the usual three-petaled one).
  • In Intersection of Fear The RANSUN Store is puned to LAWSON stores.
  • The Unsolved Cocktail Case: The Black Bunny's Club is modeled after Playboy Clubs.
  • In Epiosde 370: Blay Station 2, likely referencing the Play Station 2.
  • Magic Lover's Murder Case: Huden Harui's name comes from Harry Houdini who was also known as an escape king.
  • The Scarlet School Trip: Naomoto Awards are named after the famous japanese Naoki literary awards.
  • In Episode 652-5: The eye drops's brand is "Rohte" (ローテ) instead of "Rohto" (ロート), a real Japanese pharmaceutical company.
  • In The Professor's Video Site Yeah! site video clip is puned YouTube, and Glegle to Google.
  • In The 36-Cell Perfect Game Ikue's brand of mint chips Prisk is named after the Italian mint manufacturer Frisk.
  • In Kogoro Mouri's Grand Lecture The magazine Caseweek is actually inspired from weekly news magazine Newsweek.
  • In Detective Takagi Finds 30 Million Yen, Janothon's is a parody of Jonathan's which is a restaurant chain in Japan.


  • Ultra Eleven is a super market in Yaoya, seemingly a parody of the Ultra Seven from Ultraman as well as the 7-Eleven chain.
  • Dorai Dorai is a parody of the Japanese Musical Jolly Chimp as well as Clark Kent/Superman.
  • Bushi TV - It's a parody of the real television studio Fuji TV. It also appears in Magic Kaito.
  • Magic File 4: The Osaka Okonomiyaki Odyssey is a loose parody of the American TV series 24. It shows several elements of 24 being used in the episode, including Heiji's introduction (The following takes place on the next day...), a vague copy of line spoken by Jack Bauer (portrayed by Kiefer Sutherland and dubbed in Japanese by Rikiya Koyama, Kogoro's voice actor) before each episode, and the use of digital clock with the ticking sound to imitate the real-time element used in 24.
  • ONY is a parody for SONY.

Magic Kaito

  • Magic Kaito Volume 3 File 20: Green Dream - The magazine Aoko is reading at the end of the last chapter, reporting about Megumi Furuhata's new career, is called "Non-an", a parody of the real Japanese women's magazine Non-no.
  • In Volume 3 File 14 the "TOFU Department Store" is a pun on the "TOBU Department Stores".