List of Non-Recurring Characters in Anime

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I prefer the list format, like in the following pages:

List of notable case characters

List of minor recurring manga characters

List of minor recurring anime characters

List of minor recurring movie characters

with the same type of information and categories of Picture, if any, Apearance or appearances, and notable roles or information.

Unfortunately, I am unable to do that format, however, if anyone want to transfer these characters into that format on this page, I would appreciate it.

I changed the list categories, however, if anyone thinks any of these people, should be in a different category, they can be swapped.

I appreciate any help to make this page perfect.

I have the characters on the episode, movie, etc linked to this page, and at the same time, I linked each character to the episode that they appeared in, and that includes for each appearance, since some people are not considered recurring, however they did appear in a second episode in some form, whether background, poster, cameo, etc.

I frequently wonder when I look at the people, if they appear in another episode, and there is really no way for me to know, with ease.

Family and Relatives


Family and Relatives of Friends, Co-workers, & Relatives


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